Friday, 28 March 2014

little 'rebel' mermaid sweater review!


this is a review of my newest mindblowingly awesome jumper!

this is the store image of the jumper - 

EAST Knitting Fashion Y-210 Black 2013 women Harajuku Pullovers New Arrival mermaid Fish digital print Sweatshirt Tops

from the store - 

and you may remember (or not) i've bought from them before and loved it - so i returned and finally purchased this jumper which i've had my eye on for a while! 

i bought in a size L so it would be cosy and the sleeves would reach over my hands for extra warmth - mmmm snuggly!

however, despite buying a size L it's a bit smaller than how i'd imagined and hoped... it's most likely because of the difference in sizing internationally and i'm not exactly as small as i wish i was... but hey, who is these days?

anyway, let's get some product pictures goin'!

 wew! doesn't it look so great?! *geeking out* i'm super impressed with the quality of this pullover! 
+ sorry for the lame picture -> my sheets are black and the jumper is black and you just see what's happening ahahah derp.

my favourite detail of the product is the tattoo that says "Rebel Mermaid" because it's just so perfect for Ariel for obvious reasons - but still... gets me every time!

despite my fiddlesticks with sizing i love the feeling of this jumper and wearing it is rather nice. it's made of two materials - the sleeves are a different sort of material that is shinier and a little coarser than the main body of the jumper but it's nice and not terrible feeling at all... 

here i ammmm wearin' ma sweaterrr :3 
+ ma derpin' face.

anyway, that's all i really have to say in this review of the jumper.
it's cute. 
i ordered the wrong size.
it's amazing despite that.

now more products still on their way and i have some complimentary lashes to review also!

on top of that it's almost the first of april which means I will be writing a new blog post on someone who is inspirational to me :3

keep your eyes peeled

mini xox

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