Sunday, 9 March 2014

slytherin leggings review!

heya friends!

so, on thursday i received another package! weeew!

HOT! SEXY! Womens Fitness SLYTHERIN LEGGINGS Galaxy Milk Supernova Sale Women Digital Printed Pants Free Shipping S106-374

US $7.75 - AUD $8.55 - mmmm dat model XD

The Black Pearl aliexpress store !

this was my first order from this particular seller and boy am i impressed! :3

okaaaayy so here are my pictures of the product! 
sorry they're lame it's 1:14am and i've been real out of it 
all day  
moving on!
 so, here they are! i'm afraid i was too excited about the arrival that i didn't take a photograph of them in their packet but still... here they are anyway...

so pretty and so super soft!
 i never really liked leggings especially on myself but these days i'm overcoming a huuuuuge mental block thing and wearin whatever da hell i want. 
including these!

they are super dooper soft as i mentioned and sliding them on is like an amazing soft glove.

i really love the sharpness of the print of the slytherin badge / symbol thing - i've forgotten the word - insignia?

anyway i love the feel of the material which like i've mentioned is super soft... 

  really happy with this purchase! like i said t at the beginning this is the first order i've made from this store and gawsh i am so impressed with the quality for the price!

and i'm sorry again for the awks mirror selfies ahaha my house mate wasn't here T_T

i'm also sorry about the bad lighting i've gotta start doing this in the day time instead of so late at night! ahhaha

okay, so i really, really recommend this seller because they have some really amazing products but for REASONABLE prices - and free shipping (super important selling point for me)

there's a few more things from the store that i'm interested in including maybe - > a joker swimsuit/body suit aaaand an adventure time dress.... but for a while i gotta resist spending money!!

until my next post ya'll
keep cool             mini xox

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