Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Harajuku Fashion Walk Melbourne OOTD!

on sunday the 27th of december we took part in the second ever harajuku Fashion Walk in melbourne!
and we had a super amazing time!

it was my littler sisters' first time getting dressed up in any kind of harajuku inspired outfit and i decided to let her take the reigns mostly in terms of what kind of outfit she wanted to wear. [then i'd wear something contrasting]
after some tumblr and googling research she decided on a more decora/colourful sort of co-ord and hit up my wardrobe to find somethings she liked.
afterwards her make up and wig styling was done by me!

we opted for a black shirt under her high waisted lilac mullet skirt - both from KMART. 
Also from KMART was the pink denim jacket that she had decorated with various badges i've been collecting from conventions and so on.

The wig is a blue long wavy one i bought to use for my Charizard Cosplay - with a small amount of decora bows from asian $2 stores in greensbourough + a Moogle bow i bought at a convention.

Her Hello Kitty face mask i bougth in a packet of many at Daiso. Jewellry is all mine - collected over the years and the Gun was bought then spray painted and bejeweled by Lily for this day especially!


as she'd decided to go in more of the colourful spectrum i found it easier to use what was left in my cupboard for more of a pastel goth, every day wearable look, that really fit in with melbourne's black-loving aesthetic!

I wore, for the first time ever, my Anime Eyes crop from ebay (you'll find a post about it from earlier this month) I wore this because it was a pretty warm day in the city and it is fucking adorable.

The black and silver wig i'm wearing is also featured in a previous online haul post! 
ONE OF A KIND - beanie also bought from Ebay to pay a small tribute to my love G-Dragon.

Black mullet skirt from the teenage girl section in KMART. 
[if you're sharp, you'll notice that it's the exact same skirt that my sister was wearing just in a different colour]

Pink Circle Wonka sunglasses from Hello Sweetie.
For a while during the day also, i was wearing a black long cardigan a friend leant me so i didn't get my pearlescent white skin touched by the sunlight.
Eyelashes from Daiso, make up from various places.
Pink skull bracelet from Off Ya Tree.
Rings from Lovisa.

We're both wearing Matte Black fake fingernails from KMART ($4 a packet!!)

Any questions about anything in the outfits or anything else please feel free to contact me

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Wig, Anime Tears and Batman!

ayo all!

i've just recieved two awesome packages after i finally went back to shopping on ebay after being obsessed with aliexpress for such a long time!! and it's greaaaat! let's get straight into the new things!

first off is this amaazing wig that i bought from ebay seller hohfashion 

priced at $20.99 (including shipping) 

usually i don't buy things that have extra shipping costs but i was just so in love with this wig that i had to have it regardless!

i've honestly been wearing it since i bought it and i love how beautifully soft and high quality it is!
i will definitely be buying more wigs from this seller, especially if they're all this soft and comfortable to wear!!

secondlyyy i found another amazing seller called 365-buy-2011  
again, as you all know i don't usually buy things with shipping costs buuuuttt i'm so keen to get back into the harajuku fashion way of dressing everyday and so i took a risk for these two items - and boy it paid off!

i'm always really worried when i buy things like this online because i don't have a small chest and i'm always thinking that it wont fit over my boobs or it will look ridiculous. 
 partnered with these worries i also don't have a flat stomach ( or at least a stomach that i'm confident in showing in anyway) 
aaannndd with crops i'm so nervous that if i wear them people will judge me all the time..

however i partnered these two shirts with a high waisted skirt and looks pretty good! ( actually wearing in the wig picture above!) 

angles are everything... ahahahaha! 

i've got  few more things on the way! so keep posted for more pastel goth / harajuku style things! SO READY TO BE BACK IN THE AMAZING FASHION! 

if you're angry because i hardly type reviews at the moment then you can see where i post often on
youtube (strangely enough!)

Thursday, 30 July 2015

eeveelution cosplay challenge!


a little while ago I challenged myself to make a cosplay in a very limited amount of time. Before the Cosplay Picnic on the 18th of July I was hoping to completely design and make a cosplay from materials and things i already had around the house.

with the pokemon party at Beta Bar coming up the next week i kind of fell into the creation of an Umbreon cosplay. i've always loves Gijinka designs and thought it was about time i actually did a good one.

inspired by the designs of Kinpatsu Cosplay's Umbreon Gijinka i searched my house like crazy and found things i needed and got to work!

this cosplay marked a lot of firsts for me.
my first proper Gijinka.
my first wig styling.
my first cosplay made in less than a week! 

which is why i've challenged myself to the Eeveelutions Cosplay Challenge! [i'm not sure if it is a thing or not] 
The idea has come from the creation of this cosplay and has been inspired too by Jessica Nigri's cosplays of all the eeveelutions! 

cosplay picnic video here!


Umbreon needs a few fix ups and things before it's photoshoot [within the next few weeks]
and then it will be worn for another shoot beside the Espeon which i'm making next! 
The plans have begun and I'm hoping to wear it to Animaga at least one day - that doesn't give me a VERY long time for crafting as I have a lot of cheerleading and {now} work during my days!

well, updates to come.

mini xox

Friday, 12 June 2015

Uchiha Itachi Leggings Review! ♥‿♥

 ayo there everyone! i know i said this would be sooner but i got totally caught up in the making of my Chibi Moon punk cosplay for Oz Comic Con!
but alas, here it is. The review of my favourite item of clothing in my cupboard at the moment.
My Uchiha Itachi digital printed leggings.

I will admit that I'm a MASSIVE Itachi fangirl and if you don't believe me I baked a cake for his birthday a few days ago.

anyway! moving on!  of course i saw these leggings and i was like: holy fuck i need these in my life. so i bought them without hesitation. the size i bought is a L but they're a bit baggy around my calf and lower leg area so i definitely could have gone for a smaller size.

Regardless of this I'm super impressed with the quality of the digital printing. On some other leggings i have the pictures are fuzzy or blurry around the edges but these ones are pretty darn sharp and i'm super pumped about that! this is the store that i purchased them from and i will without a doubt be buying more from then in the future! 

the price was around 11 AUD with free shipping (i never buy anything without it!) 

I'm currently considering getting a second pair of these just because I hate the idea of losing the pair i have to a horrible accident or wearing them out... 

 on a side note one of the best things i found in these is the detail, Itachi's fingernails are painted black and the main crow on the knee has a red eye (Shisui's Sharingan!) ahhhhhhh i can't stop fangirling over these and they're so soft and amazing and i need at least fifty million more pairs.

so, if you're an itachi fan i suggest you snap some of these up while you can because otherwise I will buy all of the pairs available. 

Coming up in a few weeks is Oz Comic Con and i will be making a vlog of the day as I will be celebrating my birthday there with my friends so, keep an eye out for that!

don't forget you can find me on all these sites -> all links are on the right!

until next time!

mini xox

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Sailor Moon, Batman & a Little Black Dress! product review! ◕‿‿◕

ayo everyone!
i was recently feeling kinda down and i decided that, of course, the best way to cheer me up was to buy things...
and i did.

As usual i headed straight to as it's my favourite place to buy awesome things for even more awesome prices!

In my wish list and cart i found a whole lot of things i had saved there earlier so I thought, "hey, why not?"

and i purchased them.

batman skirt top right ! 


firstly, here's my eternal sailor moon dress! aaaaanddddd it's so fantastic! it's super silky soft and it's a great length. the thing i was most worried about is that sometimes with digital printing on this kind of material the whites don't end up as white as they should be. I was however, pleasantly surprised as this white is as white as a sheet of paper! love it.

secondly is my favourite of the three at the moment which I'm actually wearing right now as i type the review. this batman skater skirt is fantastic. again, super soft and amaaaazzzzingglllyyy sharp digital print which is again something i didn't expect. there is a small section on the back where the patter runs out and there's a small strip of white but it doesn't bother me at all ! Love love love love it. 


This purchase was a little different for me as it's not something i would usually buy. I should have bought a bigger size still. but i like how this looks. it's pretty much my first dress of this design or kind soooo now i know for next time that a larger size would be better for me. in the first picture you can see that i'm wearing my bra and the straps are seen but i kinda like how it looks. 

all of these are products are from the one store :

you will note that i buy a lot of stuff from here because i've found that for their prices the products are really great. 

there will be more as i'm planning on ordering some figurines in the not too distant future!
but my next review will be about my Uchiha Itachi leggings! :3 aahhh i love love love them.

until then you can see more of my things in these places :

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mini xox! 

Sunday, 31 May 2015

San Photoshoot!

hey everyone! 
the first day of my big weekend is over and boy i'm exhausted!

Saturday started off with a nice adventure out to the Yarra Valley to shoot my San cosplay! 

The cosplay i originally made for my little sister who didn't take it home with her when she left... rude.

soooo i fixed it up and added to it to make it better-er and thought to myself "hey, i know a great place to shoot this" 

So after gathering my guuurrrllsss and having a sleepover with WAY too much candy we headed off to Badger Creek to shoot!                                                                                           

I was very cold. I really need to start doing cosplays with, i don't know, maybe pants?!
Anyywaaaayyyy we went straight to work because we were so excited about the location and probably on a sugar high. 

after trekking through the bushes and being assaulted by ferns and sticks we had a small break and decided we'd brave the creek area for some cool shots! aaaaandd of course it wouldn't be a complete without someone getting wet. My toes were wet but that was nothing compared to Belly who miscalculated as she was stepping along the stones and managed to get herself into a position where she had to take two massive steps through the freezing mountain water to get to a safe rock.  She was a bit too confident i assume. XD

After the river we tried some crazy jumping shots just to shake up the dynamic but they were harder than we had thought so we gave up pretty quickly. Aaaaaannnddddd then we thought: "hey we have the red facepaint!" 
so to finish off the day we went with a sort of post battle San and got some cool pictures of that! :3 
Really looking forward to seeing the photos and the videos we took while we were there! I will be editing the behind the scenes videos within the next few days and you will be able to see that on my YouTube channel - MoogleMini! (who would have guessed that would be what it was called?!)

keep posted here as i continue my cosplay journeys :3 

mini xox 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

cosplay update! may! ◕ ◡ ◕

heeeeyyyy gurrrrllll! 
Pretty hectic this week trying to balance out the making of multiple costumes and the transitioning between two houses!  With some materials I need being in one house when it really needs to be in the other to be used! struggling!
Two planned photoshoots this weekend with two very different cosplays! 
Saturday is the spontaneously planned shoot of the San cosplay I recently fond while packing up my old house. The costume, I originally made for my little sister to wear to Armageddon in 2014. After finding it again in a box I decided that I would fix some imperfections and do a shoot with some friends! Pretty excited for this one!
On Sunday night I will be heading into the CBD with two friends to shoot our Punk renditions of some D.C BATMAN villains! I will be rocking a genderbend punk Joker that i've been working on all week for another event which takes place on saturday night!
many things happening! Two shoots should also mean two new videos! So should be super fun!
mini xox
p.s here's some sneak peaks of the Punk J! :3

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Miss J Makeup tutorial!

heya there!
thought i'd do a little write up kind of tutorial thing on how i designed and decided on my make up for my female joker cosplay which i'm going to be wearing to Neko Nation Melbourne !!

fiiiirrssstttt are the things you need for the tutorial in list form!

-> White facepaint
-> Setting powder (+ setting spray is optional!)
-> Black eyeshadow
-> Black eyeliner pencil
-> Green cosmetic glitter
-> Green eyeshadow
-> Red lip liner
-> Red lipstick
-> falsies
-> mascara

OKAY here we go!

ONE) paint your face white ! I used snazaroo white body and face make up cake which i bought online and set with mac cosmetics transparent powder!!! If i had any sealing spray i would have applied this after this!

TWO) With black eyeliner, line your water line and small amount underneath it. 

THREEE) taking the black eyeshadow on a smallish brush from the corner of your eye draw a straight line up to the top of your eyelid real estate! (just under the brow bone in my case!)
Fill this is in with solid blank


FOUR) carefully undo your glitter and start applying it in a straight line down the outside shape you created with the black eyeshadow! If you like you can leave it like that, OR, you can do as i decided which was add more glitter all over the lid! 


FIVE) on a new brush or whatevz, sometimes i use my fingers! you take the green eyeshadow and use it to map out your desired eyebrow shape! ( you can see in this picture i didn't do this because at the time i couldn't find my eyeshadow!)
if you're spray painting your hair green try and match the shadow to the hairspray colour!

SIX) now the lips. with the red lip liner, outline your normal / desired lip shape extended the corners out in an UPWARDS small flick. (again you can go as long as you like!)
if you wish to you can use a darker liner than your lipstick.

SEVEN) go over your lined lips with a red lipstick of your chosen shade! 
i chose a very bright Jack Nicholson sort of shade! 

EIGHT) to finish, curl your lashes and add faslies! (in my picture i just carefully applied some glitter to my own lashes!) 

and that's it!

for my hair i will be getting some lime green hair extensions and placing those throughout my hair and throwing my front section up into a simple quiff!

i've had a lot of practice with quiffs for cheerleading! 

i will be posting again in the future once i've gotten the entire costume together!!!

good luck with your make up! 

comment a picture if you give it a shot!

mini xox

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Supanova Expo COSPLANS !!!

ayo everyone! 
long time no write i'm real sorry about that! i would usually say i've been busy buuuut i really haven't been.
hah. derp.

anyway, just a quick write up with some pictures and things of my cosplay plans for this weekends Supanova Pop Culture Expo! 
i will be attending both saturday and sunday which is super exciting :3

On Saturday (11th) I will be debuting my Dead Fantasy Rinoa cosplay which I decided to make after the passing of Monty Oum earlier in the year. (My wings aren't on in this picture because i need help to put them on and i was home alone T_T) 

On Sunday (12th) I will be wearing my Dark Magician Girl cosplay again :3 this will be it's second wear to a convention after it's debut last year at animaga.  I haven't yet decided if I'm going to try and fix the silly front arrow on it yet but we'll see how i'm feeling.
What I'm most excited about for this year is that after over a years worth of convincing my Mum is coming to a convention. IN COSPLAY. Here's how we'll look :D 

That's pretty much it for this quick post- Just sharing the cosplay so if you're there you'll recognize us! If you do see us don't feel shy about coming and saying hello!! I love hugggs and while it'll be a tad hard in my Rinoa cosplay I will try my hardest to cuddle you and we'll have a selfie afterwards! :3

After supanova will be posting / or filming haven't decided a small run down video about how everything went and all about the fun that was had.

don't forget you can find me on all sites of social media.
twitter : @mooglemini

see you at supanova!

mini xox

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay update! :3

as most people know by now i'm making a Rinoa Heartilly cosplay. i am doing the version animated by Monty Oum in his youtube series Dead Fantasy.
i'm sure lots of people have heard that he passed away recently and i decided to do this cosplay as a tribute to him.

you can see me talking about it here -> Monty Oum - Tribute Cosplay

since announcing this i've made some progress for the cosplay and i hope to wear it to Supanova before wearing it to the meet melbourne cosplayers will be having in Monty's honor. 

so! the progress!

i made a tutorial and you can find it on youtube! [it was a very hot day and i was having a bit of a crisis while making this!]

first thing i made was my Silenced Tear!! as usual i started with reference pictures - which there was no shortage of! then a paper template which i simply transferred onto foam board!
i made the middle parts of my silenced tear from clear cellophane where i ironed a few layers together. to attach it to my arm i simply glued some elastic straps on the bottom.

Due to waiting for paint to dry and things the whole amount of time to make was about 3 hours! not bad!

 It was a long time before i was really inspired to look for the material for the skirt and duster cloak sort of thing. And i was disappointed to find that in all the fabric stores i searched i couldn't find a sort of knit material that Rinoa's appears to be made of... lame as fuck.
so i settled for something that was at least the right colour! The arm bands and duster cloak are made of jersey which i bought from spotlight!  I also slipped on my Silenced Tear just for a quick test! All was well... except how blonde i am! i made it up as i went along and all up including my tumblr break it took about an hour. i'm not entirely satisfied yet as the bottom part (to me) hugs my legs too much and i'd prefer it behind them so i will give it a little fix.

due to me doing the design in the Dead Fantasy series i also have to tackle a huge cosplay hurdle for me... wings! i remade my wing frames out of stronger wire and so far i'm just super happy with how the framing and shaping went! i will be filling the inside of the wing in with cardboard and more wire for extra strength before covering in white material and then eventually, feathers. At this stage I'm looking at making my own feathers somehow... 
i'm following a tutorial made by axcelleration cosplay (you can find on youtube!) she is super duper incredible and really motivating so check her out!

i've made my wings quite narrow so i wont be hitting people with them as i travel around the convention. but if they do end up being too much of a nuisance they are easy to take off. simply just pull them out of the back of the collar of the costume. 

That's all i have for now so hopefully this weekend i can find a box and make some more progress on the wings as well as get my shit together and make the skirt and put the small wing pattern on the back of the duster. 

to see more of my progress and cosplay related things you can find me everywhere...






until next time!

mini xox

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

mooglemini 2015 cosplay plans!

ayo everyone!

today i'm just posting a quick blog about my current cosplay plans for the year of 2015!!! weeew!

at this stage i've already done one cosplay related event and it was super fun and so i'm really looking forward to the rest of the year!

next week i will be attending a naruto meet in the city (a really casual meet) and i will be wearing my casual Naruko with my new headband and new wig - both of which i'm super excited about! this time i'm also hoping on drawing / somehow putting naruto's seal on my tummy which i freaked out about last time so i just didn't do it.

over all the meet should be heaps of fun and i will be filming a vlog of the meet as well as a getting ready video for that :3

More exciting than all of that is the upcoming Cosplay Formal! link -><-
I missed out on last years C.F and so this year I am more than super determined to go! :D 
and i've got my costume all planned out.... weeewww!!!  i will be attending as a Formal Charizard from Pokemon (as i'm sure you all know!) I've attached my mood board for everyone to check out :D 
I'm going to be making some ISIS wings for the costume just because i think that'd be a nice touch.

that's all for this update!
in case you missed it i'm trying really hard to get a youtube account going so if you have some time check that out here!

if you're having withdrawals from me you can also find me at all these places! 




mini xox

Monday, 19 January 2015

Midsummer Faerie Rade - rundown!

ayo everyone!! 

this is my first post for a cosplay event for the year!

this sunday passed was the day of the  Midsummer Faerie Rade 2015! it was a sort of last minute costume get together for me because i didn't realise how close the event was as i was thinking about it!

After stressing for a bit about what i was going to wear I played with some character creators as to what kind of look i was thinking of making and wanted to wear then it was off to spotlight! 

I wasn't wanting a complicated costume or anything really cliche faerie and at the time I was busying myself with the making of this bow that after a small time ended up being my main prop for the costume. Made from foam board and super glue then decorated with pink gem stones and pink glitter for some more interesting design. 

A sort of archer fae kind of design then came to be my costume design and direction and within three days I had a costume that i would be able to wear comfortably and happily for the day!

After the costume and bow were completed i was inspired for a make up test and then it was all decided! and off the Faerie Rade on sunday!
Had a really wonderful day meeting some wonderful people with awesome costumes and it was just a nice day all up.

A nice lady came up to me at one point and gave me a small bag saying mine was one of her favourite costumes for the day. In the small bag was some chocolate coins and a necklace that matched my costume! I was so touched!

Below is my favourite photo from the day that i've seen so far! MFM Photography has a real eye for capturing costumes and I often bump into him at events and conventions though i don't think he recognizes me because my costumes area always so different! 

keep posted as i'm planning a picture tutorial for making your own foam board bow and maybe even some bamboo arrows as i did. 

If you haven't already check out the interview i did with Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep!!

remember you can also find me on 

til next time

mini xox