Friday, 21 February 2014

incoming products #2 ◕‿◕✿


i've gone crazy again in finding new things to buy when i should be saving money for korean and travelling.... *sigh*

anyway, too late now cx

here is what you will be seeing reviews for in the future ... starting with what is still expected from my last purchase party - >

eyeball ring 

purple tinted circle glasses

white boots                             black mesh skirt              


purple strapped skirt

here's what i've ordered yesterday !!  (i have no self control!)

black cut off tee 

                              punk ariel jumper

black lace skirt 

                                        middle earth leggings


slytherin leggings 

                                                yellow flying eyeball skirt


haha i'm sorry!!!  

gotta try and pace myself with my spending ! 

so keep posted! - reviews are coming! 

in fact! i have a package at the post office so i will post a review on whatever that package ends up being when i collect it!

until then...

mini xox

☆AU - Shopping Spree. Contacts Review #2 ☆

hihi! mini here!

today i was lucky enough to receive a free package from AU Shopping Spree  in thanks for my last review on my green lenses!

 -> read that here!! 

anyway, yes! i was very excited for this gifts arrival!

here are some pictures of my package - i live in the same country as the store stock so it's really nice for once not having to wait weeks for my products to arrive! it also allows for things to be more adorable packaged which i love.

here is my envelope with my special little "complimentary gift" sticker

the pug is just so adorable!

shopping is without a doubt my cardio!!

when i'm not cheerleading of course!

here is my adorbale little package with the complimentary sticker again - the cutesy little pug again. i've never been a dog fan but pugs - get me everytime!

the same cute and simple wrapping tissue paper as last time, but with added totally kawaii rose paper tape! ->

here are my lenses! i am really thankful that they took notice of my blue eyes for these circle lenses. ^-^

and they look really great! clean and sealed in their containers which is promising - just like they were last time.

the blue is really nice because it's a little bit more sky than the grey of my eyes (in most light situations) and there is a bit more depth and excitement to my eyes when i wear them!

but what i love best is how much bigger they make my eyes look! my house mate ensures i didn't need my eyes to look any bigger... but i disagree big eyes are always wonderful!

anyway!! here is a comparison photograph .....

the left obviously, is with just one contact in and isnt the size difference amazing!?

and then my beautiful fullness with both contacts!!

ahhhhhh i have so much love for them!!!!!!! 

so that's my review of these beautiful, amazing contact lenses.

i really love them and i'm so thankful for them! 

i'm really excited to look at more of the products in the store other than the contact lenses now that i've stocked up! excited!

everyone should definitely check out their site and products!

i've just ordered another huge selection of items and clothes! so keep posted!

mini xox

Sunday, 16 February 2014

platform sneakers review!

hihi mini here!

today i finally received my dream shoes (。♥‿♥。)

i've always wanted some classic black and white converses - but with a twist of some sort...
maybe thigh highs? - don't really like the way they look on my thighs 

and since i'm really short why not platforms?! 

image from the website:

$20.27 AUD

i've been seeing platform shoes everywhere at the moment! they are especially common where i get most of my inspiration from; tokyo and hong kong street fashion!

what i like about these shoes is the simplicity in their design, i know it's very much like converse but they're (unfortunately) not converses (also, i have too many pairs of converses that are healthy!)

they're not weighted down heaps by studs and complicated bits and bobs they're exactly what you see- simple and classic.

i ordered my shoes from: 

Shenzhen Sunweb Technology Ltd.

here are my pictures :

 so, these shoes arrived unlaced in their box, but the laces were provided and that was super great because the lace length isn't the same as usual / normal shoes. they are in fact shorter, and that is the length of the laces in the box with the shoes! 


the first thing that surprised me about these shoes was how light they are! 
i have two other pairs of platforms and they're both rather heavy - i think it's the material the soles of the shoes are made of and these ones are super light! which is great because when you're wearing our platforms around for hours and hours while walking in the city your feet do get tired ... :( 

but not with these!

after realising how light the shoes were and throwing one at my house mate to prove so i admired the real black of the black canvas the shoes are made of.

the material is really very black, which is what one worry of mine was - that the material wouldn't be dark black but more of a grey or ashy black if you know what i mean..

but that wasn't something i had to worry about because the shoes aren't a flimsy black! 

and of course after admiring the shoes i put them on!

and boy was that an amazing idea! the shoes are really soft soled which i guess has to do with how light the material used for the bottom is.
they are also a little big too big for my feet (again, because of little me!) in most areas as least...
but that's fine because in winter i can wear big thick socks with them and i can wear socks over my tights as well ... which i love doing! so great!

the platform on the bottom is about 4cm high (just over an inch)
and made out of a type of foamy-plastic i guess... but it's easy to walk on and the grip is pretty good on most surfaces i've come across... 

overall i am really happy with the shoes and am thinking of investing another pair in the future.

i really encourage the purchasing of them by others and i intend of buying more from this seller - most likely.

so, there is a lot of purchases incoming so keep in touch ;D

mini xox

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

★ feb - inspiration! ★

hihi! mini here!

so, i felt a tad awkward waiting for such a long time for my items to arrive ... so i thought that i would do a post about my most inspirational person recently and so, here that is...

for the last couple of months i have to say my biggest fashion (and dream lifestyle) inspiration comes from this girl - "Andi Autumn"

                                                                                       ☆what i love

firstly, i absolutely love the combination of fairy kei and street style plus decora accessories that she wears.
i love her hair and the style of wigs she wears - they're like, the same wig but differently styled and i really love the variety of hair styles she wears. 
she wears plaits and the long sleek blonde look, but frequents more quirky styles like the twin buns and crazy-luscious curls or pony tails that stick straight up!

i totally adore the way she does her eye make up and her contacts and her co ordination in her outfits.

(these are my favourite photos of her - so far)


                                                                          ☆how did i discover her? 

i came across Andi's amazing fashion sense through tumblr, where i came across a picture of her with a huge(r) inspiration of mine Eva Cheung (aka: Eva Pinkland). as soon as i saw her i was obsessed... outrageously obsessed i immediately had to find her on every social media outlet possible.... #fangirlmuch


                                                                       ☆how does she inspire me?

aside from her amazing style, make up skills, shoe collection, jacket assortment and awesome hair i love what i've seen of her lifestyle in hong kong.
she seems to be able to dress so eccentrically but the outfits always suit her, hair make up and all.... 



okay, so that's my first inspiration blog post about my inspiration from Andi Autumn, i will try and post one every two months maybe, or every month depending on how inspired i am at the time ^.^

okay, so until my items arrive - peace out.

mini xox

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

incoming products ◕‿◕✿

hihi mini here!

hey guys, just a quick update - now i'm home from queensland, about the items that i am currently expecting and should be arriving soon! 



eye ball ring!

white boots.

platform sneakers - seriously dream of mine.

black mesh skirt

braces skirt

lennon glasses - in purple

i'm expecting these items within the next couple of weeks so keep in contact and feel free to message me or whatever as well as find me on other sites !

i love messages so feel free to drop me one anytime 。♥‿♥。

mini xox

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Go To Hell T-Shirt review!

hihi mini here!!

so as i mentioned a couple of posts ago i had bought a t-shirt that said go to hell! with an adorable picture of a unicorn surrounded by bright colours! aaaanddddd - it melted in australia's "totally amazing" 40 degree heat!


i was really thankful when, after sending my review to the store i bought it from  moooh!! - on storenvy, i received an email saying that when i bought my new shirt i would get a discount. 

and so i quickly took up that offer because - well who wouldn't?  i was really upset about losing the other one which was one of my favourites.

anyway, i re-purchased the shirt in the colour of 'lavender'

as pictured, it is awesome.

and it's bright and colourful and big and awesome. 

and it was free shipping - my favourite selling point.

the original cost of the shirt is ...

*looks it up*


- however i got a certain amount refunded to me thanks so much to the store owner! ;D

now, what i really love about this shirt is how colourful it is!

the print is really vibrant but doesn't manage - somehow - to take away from the brightness of the lavender of the shirt.

here i am rockin' it, today when it arrived today! - + a peak at my new tattoo!

seriously lovin' it.

excited to wear it all the time - see how vibrant it is!

this time i swear to keep it away from excess heat and i suggest others do the same because recently my house mate and i have realised that patterns printed in this plastic-y sort of material on clothes melt together lots.
it happened to my batman underwear and singlet in the wash - when we washed them in hot water.

so, yea, keep an eye out for that happening and wash in cold or medium water and keep out of extreme australian heat!

still expecting more products in the coming weeks, i'm off to queensland this weekend but i shall return!

so, until then... 
well, you know, continue with your business...

mini xox

Monday, 3 February 2014

AU - Shopping Spree. Contacts Review!

hihi! mini here!

i have discovered a new seller of wonderful things!
and as a bonus they're in my country! - say whaaat?

AU - Shopping Spree

after finding the store i was really happy to find that i had found it in time for australia day specials! weew aus!

and so, i have purchased some green contacts which i have wanted my entire life for a fantastico price of $14.00 - with free shipping within australia as a celebration for australia day. (26th of january for those who don't know)

i've always dreamt of having some sort of piercing green eyes and finding this product called "Vivid Green" sounded terribly promising to fulfil that dream to some sort of degree. 

i was really excited about finding the store, especially the contacts, mostly because as i said it was in my country as well as having reasonable prices and cool products. super exciting.

it was a pleasant surprise finding my package in my letter box so soon. i didn't expect it because practically everything i order ships internationally which can take up to and more than two weeks to arrive. 

the package contents were really adorable! 

here is what was in my envelope/ parcel!i was given a small case for the contacts
a little advertising piece 
and a little picture of a pug that says 
"shopping is my cardio" - hilarious

the contacts are comfortable and truly amazingly coloured  "vivid green" 

here is the comparison image next to my blue babies.

these are the second pair of contacts i have purchased but the first i've purchased over the internet and i'm not unhappy - which is nice.

the one thing i'm confused about with these contacts is that the pupil space (is that what it's called?) is very large...
i don't know whether this means i have small pupils or something, but in most lighting situations you can see a huge amount of my natural blue under where the should be green.

i have decided that this is kind of cool, and if i wear the lenses out at night and things my pupils with be bigger anyway, so the blue will not be seen as much anyway.

however, i am not put off... i still really enjoy the green and intend to buy from the store again :]

overall i find this product satisfying and give them a 7/10

i've recently gone shopping mad .. and am expecting upwards of 8 or 9 items.
stay tuned c;

mini xox