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☆AU - Shopping Spree. face mask sheet review☆

herroo ^.^

so, in my last review i'm sure i mentioned that i received some complimentary gifts from AU - Shopping Spree when i ordered my hologram pony clutch bag ! 

that can be seen here - > 

moving on! the first gift i received from AU - Shopping Spree that i'll be reviewing was one that i legit used as soon as i had opened the package and found it inside! 

so, today's review is about this glorious product:
Etude House: I Need You Mask Sheet (Pearl Extract) 
we'll be starting off with the usual - > store's product shots and details!

"Essence mask contains pearl extract that promotes natural skin glow. Tension fit design for improved facial adhesion and comfort."

this product is worth $3 AUD and is made in Korea!

here are my pictures!  good ol' trusty samsung!

so, here we can see that the packaging is exactly as pictured  and i think it's really cute. it's pretty simple which is what you want really when buying skin care products - the front is simple and not confusing or overwhelming. 
and on the back there is the directions, ingredients etc etc.

it's very hard to use one of these and not look like a serial killer or something...

anyway, i'm afraid in my rush to use this mask i forgot to take before photos of my skin and what the product was like inside the packet and things. Anyway, this was my first time using one of these and i'm very happy with how it went! though at one stage i wasn't sure if i had a small face or if these things are made quite large - but i loved the cooling feeling of it against my skin. 

The mask itself smelt nice and wasn't really heavily scented  - which often throws me off some beauty products.

This product was amazing and really damp and it was incredibly soothing on my skin which was pretty upset from wearing lots of make up recently.

Something i really loved about this mask was how i could feel it working on my skin as i wore it for the 20 or so minutes. 
I could feel my recently cleaned pores closing and my skin tightening and absorbing all of the moisture from the mask.

here is my skin after around 30 minutes and i'd rubbed the remaining moisture into my skin - it felt plump, cool and hydrated to an extreme i really appreciated on this day! 


so, make sure you're all around this week for i'm intent on getting some more reviews out soon! including my second complimentary gift from AU Shopping Spree - some lovely lashes for my beautiful blues!

and of course i've got some posts on some clothes that arrived a couple of weeks ago!

unfortunately i have not yet received some items and they're causing me some worry so i'll have to send some emails and things...
and another unfortunate thing is that my new sunglasses arrived all bent and screwed up... so i've got some work to do other than homework!

but remember, there are things that have arrived and they're great! so keep your eyes and ears out for them within the week! 

mini xox!

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