Monday, 3 March 2014

white boots review!

mini herrre! :3 heehee!

so the first item has arrived from my massive orders list and it's these!

these white platform boots were ordered from ->

COWEE E-Commerce Co. LTD on aliexpress

the items description: 

Free shipping +platform boots with a single high-heeled thick heel platform shoes vintage women's shoes ankle boots martin boots.

the cost was 19.99 US 
or $22.41 AUS

the package arrived, a standard not very exciting - cheap to send international bag with the shoes inside a plastic bag inside.

while i'm used to my items arriving like this sometimes i would like a bit of something else in my packages - maybe like a little pamphlet about the store? i dunno... something else... but i also just like the briskness of receiving what you wanted without any jargon - i'm just hard to please like that.

regardless of the appearance of the package i was excited for the arrival of these shoes!

here are my images of the new arrivals !

... so, here they are! cuties!

in these photographs they look a little bit more cream than white - but i can assure you they are rather white!

something i didn't notice in the sellers photographs is the inside material ...

unexpected and welcome surprise !!

the laces aren't the same as the ones in the image provided by the seller but that's easily remedied... just change the laces!  i'm thinking of changing mine to black... because i think the contast will be really cool.... anyway i digress!

so, the feel of the shoes... 

the slope of the heel is steeper than i imagined and this with the super fluffyness of the inside makes my foot slip forwards so my toes hit the end somewhat when i walk, but it's not terrible!

another reason for this is because i'm hesitant when ordering shoes online and i usually order the size above mine just in case - and so i can wear super thick or lots and lots of socks in winter...



anyway, as you can see here - i am wearing the shoes!

simply with jeans as that's what i was wearing at the time ahahah - i do intend to wear them with stockings and socks so i will probably post an image of that at some stage in the not too distant future ... if not here then on my instagram maybe - mooglemini
or tumblr - where i'm also mooglemini

pretty much you can find me on any social media site as mooglemini...

it's how i live.

anyway, keep posted (as usual!) for more reviews coming possibly this week!
and my last post here about my inspiration for march 2014 ! -> Juria Nakagawa !!

lots of loves and cuddles and kisses 


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