Sunday, 2 November 2014

~incoming for november!~

ayo all! :D 
just a quick update on what i've ordered this week !!

i decided to lash out a tad and get myself somethings because i was having a bit of a sad week after my last convention of the year and the stress over my final year major exhibition which is coming up and i don't feel prepared for in the slightest!
so of course it was time for some retail and cosplay therapy! yay!

here we are with the orders for this shipment!

first off are two things i required for some in progress cosplays! the first is for a picnic i will be attending with my housemate and hopefully some other friends - The Annual Gothic, Steampunk and Victorian Picnic!! :D facebook event here if you're interested!
and the second one if for an upcoming (currently) secret cosplay that i'm hoping to have done for supanova next year in April. I'm sure that i'll have it done beforehand but i would like plenty of time to get it just the way i'd like it!! 

and of course there are the items i've bought because i've either had my eye on them for a while or just wanting something new for my wardrobe... which is out of control really i have to throw heaps of stuff out... but before that... here's more stuff to add to it!! 


and i've already recieved notifications about all of these items being shipped so i'm pretty excited about getting them :D
keep posted for pictures and things for when they arrive sometime this week!
ALSO keep posted for pictures of the picnic which is happening NEXT saturday- 8th of november!

until then,