Monday, 17 March 2014

hologram pony clutch review!

ayo gg!!

i have a new produuuct and it's aweessommme!!

so, i ordered a have received (super fast) an adorable little clutch bag that is in the shape of a unicorn... and it's made of hologram material - what up awesome?!

Hologram Pony Clutch - $32.00 AUD

as you can tell by the stamps in the images - this bag/clutch is from ->

AU - Shopping Spree! 

now, let's look at my photographs taken with my trusty samsung s3.... :3

 here is that darn adorable love heart tissue paper again! - my favourite!
and in this package i got an adorable little magnet with the logo of the store - the little pug face!
and a tagline - "keep calm and shop online" which gave me stiches from laughing so hard because... well that is so my life.

 also, i got two gifts for my to review...  which i will be posting later in the week ;D

 the first thing that got me excited about this bag is how fantastic the colour / hologram is! look at that darn shine! 

soo maanyyy pretty colourssszzz!!!!

i was also a bit surprised about how small it was, i will admit i was expecting something a tad bit bigger because, now i have to be honest, when i ordered it I didn't actually look at the dimensions and information about the product - i was actually just obsessed with the fact it is a shiny, colourful, pony (unicorn resembling) bag. and well, i needed that for... reasons.

here is a top view of the zip - and a new angle that shoes just how small the zip is my phone is probably the biggest thing that'll fit in this bag.

also! one thing about the zip is it's a tad temperamental, i think this is because it's still such a new bag, the thing is that when doing the zip up you have to make sure all the zipper teeth are horizontal to eachother and not sticking up slightly , otherwise the zip gets stuck and doesn't do up... that's my only irritating thing and it's going to fix itself.

okay, so it's advertised as a clutch and that's fine - but personally i'm ecstatic it came with a shoulder strap! and it's not just a plain boring strap it's made of the same magical hologram material as the main bag - which is awesome.

now, this actually arrived the other day and i took it to a house party on friday night, and wow the response was huuuuge!!
quick detail of the mane! 
it was catching the lights and showing it's amazing colours and moments and constantly through the night people were asking "mini, is that a bag?!" 
and i was repeating myself over and over about yes and i bought it online and it's awesome and i love it and no it's not too small and all these things. but people loved it! they thought it was the cutest little thing they'd seen in ages if not forever!

i've got heaps of photographs because i'm so obsessed with it! ahahha, i'm sorry! notsorry

if you're looking for an adorable little bag or clutch, trust me you are looking at this!

it's really great because it stops me carrying around all these things i don't need when i'm... well, like friday at a house party and all i need is my license, my phone and my keys.  

give me more of these bags! 

  selfies to finish! also, here's a sneak peak of my new hair colour! dark silver!

i think everyone should have one of these bags. ideally i would like another that has twice the holding size as this one - then i could use it for simple lectures at college... I'll have to look for something like that


more reviews this week including the 'complimentary gifts' i received from Aushoppingspree for reviewing! 

anyway, until next time! 

mini xox

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