Thursday, 9 April 2015

Supanova Expo COSPLANS !!!

ayo everyone! 
long time no write i'm real sorry about that! i would usually say i've been busy buuuut i really haven't been.
hah. derp.

anyway, just a quick write up with some pictures and things of my cosplay plans for this weekends Supanova Pop Culture Expo! 
i will be attending both saturday and sunday which is super exciting :3

On Saturday (11th) I will be debuting my Dead Fantasy Rinoa cosplay which I decided to make after the passing of Monty Oum earlier in the year. (My wings aren't on in this picture because i need help to put them on and i was home alone T_T) 

On Sunday (12th) I will be wearing my Dark Magician Girl cosplay again :3 this will be it's second wear to a convention after it's debut last year at animaga.  I haven't yet decided if I'm going to try and fix the silly front arrow on it yet but we'll see how i'm feeling.
What I'm most excited about for this year is that after over a years worth of convincing my Mum is coming to a convention. IN COSPLAY. Here's how we'll look :D 

That's pretty much it for this quick post- Just sharing the cosplay so if you're there you'll recognize us! If you do see us don't feel shy about coming and saying hello!! I love hugggs and while it'll be a tad hard in my Rinoa cosplay I will try my hardest to cuddle you and we'll have a selfie afterwards! :3

After supanova will be posting / or filming haven't decided a small run down video about how everything went and all about the fun that was had.

don't forget you can find me on all sites of social media.
twitter : @mooglemini

see you at supanova!

mini xox