Thursday, 30 July 2015

eeveelution cosplay challenge!


a little while ago I challenged myself to make a cosplay in a very limited amount of time. Before the Cosplay Picnic on the 18th of July I was hoping to completely design and make a cosplay from materials and things i already had around the house.

with the pokemon party at Beta Bar coming up the next week i kind of fell into the creation of an Umbreon cosplay. i've always loves Gijinka designs and thought it was about time i actually did a good one.

inspired by the designs of Kinpatsu Cosplay's Umbreon Gijinka i searched my house like crazy and found things i needed and got to work!

this cosplay marked a lot of firsts for me.
my first proper Gijinka.
my first wig styling.
my first cosplay made in less than a week! 

which is why i've challenged myself to the Eeveelutions Cosplay Challenge! [i'm not sure if it is a thing or not] 
The idea has come from the creation of this cosplay and has been inspired too by Jessica Nigri's cosplays of all the eeveelutions! 

cosplay picnic video here!


Umbreon needs a few fix ups and things before it's photoshoot [within the next few weeks]
and then it will be worn for another shoot beside the Espeon which i'm making next! 
The plans have begun and I'm hoping to wear it to Animaga at least one day - that doesn't give me a VERY long time for crafting as I have a lot of cheerleading and {now} work during my days!

well, updates to come.

mini xox