Monday, 26 May 2014

harajuku clock bag review! ♥‿♥

♥‿♥ heya everyone!

i'm back with another product review today! yay!

so, recently my handbag broke T_T i was rather upset because my mother had bought it for me and it had all these keys on it and a key pattern on the inside and i was really attached to it. since it broke i was going without a handbag really and using any bag i could really find and so it was time to get a new one.

and i did!

i found an adorable little bag that is enough to carry all i need when i go out! 

links and store description 

so this bag i really love and i actually recieved it a while ago but i've been so happy using it that i've forgotten that it was new and i should blog about it!

i'm super happy with the look and the material and everything about this purchase! it was cheap but it's not made cheap - which is something that really stood out for me.
and of course, free shipping! :3

so i really love this bag, if you hadn't noticed.

and what i really love is the gothic sort of font and design of the clock on the side!

one of the greatest things for this bag is inside it has a small zip pocket which is a perfect fit for my phone or cards or ipod or whatever you feel like putting in there! 

the store that i bought this from also sells the product in white with gold detailing!

but i recently found and image of a similar product that had grey / silver -ish detailing which i would have more likely purchased but this product is great too! 

i'm afraid i'm becoming addicted to online shopping again!

but worse than that is the fact that i may be becoming a hoarder for cute things! 

oh nuuu ! X3

haha i don't really mind! as long as i'm happy with everything i have right? 

and i'm pretty sure i'm getting there at the moment which means a lot to me :]

little by little everyone! little by little!

everyone should really check out this seller because they have a huge range of bags! whether you're after something cute and small or larger and able to fit more things... seriously though, check it out.

until next time lovelies! ♥‿♥

mini xox

New 2014 Vintage one shoulder cross-body bag clock bag HARAJUKU circle bag casual messenger bag women's handbag small bags

Price: US $9.90 / piece 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Pink Diamond Flower Style Butterfly Pearl Phone Case Review!

heya everyone!

so i know that this wasn't included my list of things to review but that is because i didn't expect it to arrive before i'd done the other reviews!
but now that it is here i just have to review it because i need to share my excitement and happiness about this item!

so on with the show!

i got a new phone at the end of last year and i was a bit bummed that i had bought so many covers for my old one and would have to buy new ones! you will see in some of my mirror photos the simple hello kitty cover i had and i did love it don't get my wrong but it was time for a change and i needed something less simple!

so i had a look on, my new favourite shopping destination pretty much! and i found something that i could not resist!

and here we go! : 

New Fashion Pink Diamond Flower Style Butterfly Pearl Case Cover For SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 Cute Cartoon Jewellery
"Sunny Case Store"
$7.75 AUD

 So i was super duper excited to get this and as soon as i did i practically ripped it open! 

 so it was packaged up really well ! in two layers of bubble wrap over the initial packaging and i was really glad of that because with everything i'm always worried that something will go wrong during the shipping process.

but not today!

so, i am truly in love with this product! the designs are perfect and the colours are perfect and it looks great on my phone and i'm just obsessed! 

whenever i'm around friends i start saying "Stop what you're doing and look at my phone case!" and they're getting a little bit sick of it to be honest, but i just cannot get enough of this phone case!

the colours in my images are different from the store one above because of the lighting in my room (stupid tungsten lights!) but i can't get enough of it! 


something i really, really love about this delivery was that in the package came a smaller packet with glue and some spare jewels in case any are lost from the case! so you can fix it without it being ruined or anything!
oh my gosh people, i cannot get enough of this phone case!! seriously!!! i'm obsessed! 
i can't stop touching it and looking at all the little sweets and shapes on the back! 

i was a little worried that it would be hard to press the buttons on the side of the phone with the case being so 3 dimensional but there is heaps of space there and it's actually easier to press the buttons in this case than it was in the other one i had!

so i'm sure that i will be showing you more images of this in the future because i just love it.

i love it.

this case... i love it.

i love it.

aaaand that's all i have to say really about this product, i love it.

i hope to be posting another blog tomorrow on one of my favourite bags at the moment! keep an eye out!
+ buy one of these phone cases!

mini xox

i love it.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

california dream barbie sweatshirt review!

heya guys!

so here i am to start the reviews of the products i've gotten recently! and there should be four hopefully within the next two weeks! 

and i will be starting today with the receiving of an item i've had my eye on since i saw a similar one on a model that i really like! 
so eventually i found it at a price that i thought was acceptable and so i went ahead and ordered it!

so here is the product we will be kicking off the reviews with for the next fortnight!


California Dream Barbie Sweatshirt
$12.58 AUD 
fits size 8-10 AUS

i ordered this one from and it is a really great buy!

there was a really short time for delivery despite of course me living in freakin' australia which always feels like there is forever and a half between order and delivery but this arrived really quickly.

i'm really pleased with this sweatshirt - i wore it for the first time out the other week and i got a few compliments on it ! which is always nice right?

here are some awkward photos of me after i got home from my day of wearing my jacket! 

i apologize for the awkward face!

but you can see that the jumper is a really comfortable fit without being too tight - however i personally would have liked it a whole lot more if it was a bigger because i really like baggy clothes. however while that is my personal preference for clothing - especially sweatshirts, hoodies and jumpers, the sizing of this item is good also! 

while i found the product to be really amazing the only thing i found a tad off was the pink colour and that was because i see it not even as a classic barbie pink which was a bit of a "eh" moment for me.

however, the product is really comfortable and it's not expensive and it's really awesome and people really like it!

so i have nothing else to really say about this sweatshirt! it's exactly what i thought it would be and exactly what it looks like in all the pictures! i've not had any trouble with stitching or anything and i'm not really sure if i'm expecting any because the creation of the item seems real tight and things..

so to finish up here's just some pictures of the product ... :3

so, this is just the first of four total reviews i have at the moment! 
aaand i ordered something new recently so i hope you're all ready for that!

until then! <3 luff
mini xox

Sunday, 18 May 2014

amazing find! store spotlight! ♥

heya all! EXCITING NEWS!   (≧◡≦)

i know in my last post i said that i would be doing the reviews of the products that had recently arrived from my aliexpress order! and i will be doing them i promise it's just that i have found a really amazing store that i feel people need to know about!

while on pinterest the other night doing homework (i know it sounds strange but it's true!) i came across a website under some really adorable products and so after a while of it spamming my feed i was like : FINE i will look at this site!

and oh em gee! 

it's full of totally kawaii products and things that you see and just need - usually for no reason!
and the icing on the cake is FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING !

so, here i am at 4am freakkking out trying not to scream and squeal with excitement! 
i decided, it's time for sleeping we can look again later!

and i did again! just now! and i'm so impressed with this stores range and importantly how easy the site is to use!

i've gotten this far through the post and realised i haven't said the stores name! - how's that for excited?!
the online store that i am talking about is called and they stock really adorable items from Japan and Korea ranging from magazines and manga to bags to candies and snacks! with many other cute things in between!

aside from just having their own website this store can be found on pretty much every aspect of social media! - which i will link down the bottom!

i just thought it was important that people knew this store existed and checked it out.
i will without a doubt be ordering things from here in the future! - great for presents! - so look out for reviews and squealing! 

until later this week !

mini xox


p.s don't forget you can find me on all these sites also! just @mooglemini!

<3 ♥ <3 

Saturday, 17 May 2014

>ω< quick update!

hiya! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

just a quick update to say that i've got four items i've recently received and there will be posts on those coming really soon! 

i've just mostly been having issues with motivation and that kind of thing because i'm finishing uni this year and i'm kind of becoming anxious about what i will be doing next year when my 'education is completed'.

i'm thinking i would like to get into fashion writing and that sort of area so i'm hoping i will be able to find an internship or that sort or even just general review writing for next year.

also hoping to travel to Japan with my friends in the early part of the year but since i haven't got a job really i'm hesitant and feeling upset that it may not happen... 

so yes, lots on my mind right now that is kind of unnecessary but still making me nervous and so that is why i haven't posted recently! 

but! it is all going to change soon as i mentioned before i have got some items that are ready to be reviewed and shared with the world!

until then you can find me on tumblr, instagram, pinterest and twitter!
all as mooglemini

lots of love.

mini xox

p.s here are some of the products i have received and will be reviewing soon!


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Pond's flawless white BB+ review

hey all!

this is my first make up review (of sorts) and unfortunately it's not an entirely positive one.

i have been using a brand called Pond's for a while. i love the skin care and cleaning range they have called Flawless White (because i'm pale) and i have found that it has worked well for me for a while.

while doing some research on buying a bb cream i found that Pond's Flawless White range had a bb cream and as i had used the brand before as i mentioned i thought it would be a really good option for me so i went ahead and i bought a tube of their Pond's Flawless White BB+ Cream in light.

and sadly i'm disappointed.

this specific range from this brand claims to be made for pale people and i've found that it doesn't match my skin tone at all and no matter how much or how little i use the cream is far too dark.

this image to the left just now doesn't shot it as much because of the brightness of the lights in my room - which as i mention below is one of the reasons i went so long assuming it wasn't that much of a difference to my skin colour.

my friend who has olive toned skin could wear this day to day and i cannot.

aside from the fact that it is too dark for a 'pale' person the actual cream itself is really really thick and cakey. and again no matter how little i use of the product my face is not only the wrong colour but it feels heavy and looks full on cake face. as pictured here on the right, this was just a small small amount of product and it was super cakey and thick.

what's more on the packet of this product (as pictured above) it claims that it is a whitening expert and i used the product for a good couple of weeks before making this review to test it and i have to say that i have seen no result of this .

i used the product despite my colour difference as i assumed at first it was the lighting in my room and house that made it look different and dark as my lighting situation isn't great.

but alas no it wasn't my lighting situation.

and so as a result i've decided that i will no longer use this specific product from the Pond's range Flawless White and i'm actually rather deterred from using other bb creams made by the brand. however, i still am a fan of the results i've gotten from the skin care range of the Flawless White... pictured here!  

i really like the wash and the two moisturisers
one is for day time and one for night time.
they're really great and i encourage people who are pale and would like to stay that way to use it.
another thing is that it makes your face feel really wonderful ... 

aside from that...

if anyone knows some good bb creams for pale people could you please link me because i could really use some help! thanks!

i hope you like my new little watermarks and the new look of the blog! i feel better about it now!

don't forget to keep an eye out for more blogs to come!


mini xox

Thursday, 1 May 2014

★may - inspiration!★

heya there everyone! 
i can't believe how fast this year is going! s:
panicking a bit about college work !! 
but we must prevail! and we shall start with the monthly inspiration post! you can click >here< to check out last months post about Minori. 

 and today we will be talking about the stylings and products of 

Sebastian Masuda

 creator of 6%DOKIDOKI!!

6%DokiDoki is a boutique in Harajuku which has been one of the key players in the spreading of 'kawaii' fashion, style and culture around the world. 

What I love
I have a huge admiration for Masuda as i really admire his beliefs about fashion, culture and styles and how they belong to everyone.  I just cannot put into words how i feel when i have to describe what i love about him and his brand but if i had to narrow it down it would have to be the colours and the designs of the accessories, clothing and everything! (and the two shop girls Yuka and Vani!! planning some inspiration posts on them in the later months!)

Where did i discover him? 
i discovered Masuda's work originally in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's music video for Pon Pon Pon, 
in which the room Kyary is in was created by Masuda with items from his own collection! such a kawaii room! so bright and colourful and amazing! though i will admit that when i first saw Kyary's video i didn't know it was by him but after becoming more and more interested and addicted to Kyary i discovered her connection to Masuda and his brand. c:

How does he inspire me?
as i mentioned in the what i love section, i admire and am inspired by his feelings towards the sharing of the fashions and styles from Harajuku with the rest of the world and vice versa. I am so touched in his sharing of his brand throughout the world and his passion for his work as well as dedication to it. he recently did an art piece in New York and he travelled there to meet people and everything to see it done properly and so fans could meet him and the Yuka went too (i think Vani also) and it's just really amazing to see someone who is still dedicated to doing what they love after such a long time. 

one of my favourite shoots and interviews with Sebastian is here this video is really inspiring to me and the things that he says make me feel included in the Harajuku Fashion Culture despite being halfway across the world. 

if you like what you see here or are intersted in learning more and seeing the store and more about it, there are some amazing videos about Sebastian and the 6%DokiDoki brand here

and just to finish off are just some more links where you can find and support the 6%DokiDoki brand c: as always thanks for reading and i hope you keep an eye out for more reviews and blogs to come this month! i'm really hoping to spread out into more information about fashion things and whatnot so yeah... watch this space!

mini xox