Monday, 28 April 2014

Supanova Pop Culture Expo HAUL!


so, i know it's been about two weeks or so since i went to Supanova in Melbourne for 2014, but I thought it was about time i did a little share on the items I bought this year!!

As you should know from reading my other post on my two days at Melbourne Supanova (if you haven't seen it you can read it here!) and i had a truly magnificent time (as i always do at conventions!!) AND i'm still surprised at the fact that i left Supanova (after two days!) with money! it's CRAZY! seriously unheard of for me!! But i am definitely not saying that I didn't spend money... cauuuuuse i did.... i really did... 

now before i start i had such a tiring two days at supanova that all the stores have kind of blended together into one... and despite the fact that i collected business cards from everywhere i still can't really connect which products are from where so i'm really sorry about that! but i will post links down the bottom of all the stores i DID purchase things from! *excuses i know! i'm sorry!!*

and to start off the list i'll show you my cutie patootie little donut plush/pillow!

 here it is! aaaah so cuuute!!
i saw this plush and i literally felt like i just had to have one! it wasn't until i'd bought it and was showing my house mate at home that i realised it has a cute little face! and that made me love it more!
it's really great quality it's super soft and i carried it around like a giant bracelet for most of the day with my arm through the hole! it was really funny! there were two other colours i think, green and brown (like chocolate icing!) but i saw the purple one first and it was the most appealing to me!
the only thing that was kind of negative about it was that the man who was running the stall was really ... unenthusiastic and rude, i was standing there literally holding my money out in front of me and he just sat down and ignored me until i started yelling "HEY!" at him.... i love the plush and everything it's just that it was a big of a downer on the day... 

 anyway, moving on! next on my list of purchases from Supanova isn't something you'd really expect! while we were walking around all the stores to have a bit of a browse to compare prices and get a look about the variety of things for sale we came across a booth that was selling fudge! and there was a huge selection of flavours and you could have a little taste of them! i have a huge weakness for lemon flavoured things and i saw one sign labelled "Lemon Meringue" and naturally, i had a taste. AND BOUGHT THREE PACKETS! oh jeeeez it was totally amazing! two are pictured because i already ate one! 

 okay, next up is this perfectly adorable little ring that i purchased! it says "SWEET" and i again just saw it and needed it.
it's really great (i think) because it's on an adjustable ring-thing so you can wear it on all different fingers and adjust it accordingly! 
the word itself is made out of a rather strong plastic-y material and i've hit it a couple of times and things and it's taken no damage or anything! and it's an adorable pinkish lavender colour that isn't really pictured well because of my yellow room lights!
(i promise my photos will be getting better soon when i'm less lazy!)
but yeah i'm really in love with this ring and it's become one of my daily wears!

speaking of rings.... i bought more! we found this one store that was called "A Pocketful of Macarons" and i went crazy in my head. this stall was totally out of control full of adorable pastel goth / decora / fairy kei styled accessories! i thought my head was going to explode from too much kawaii! i had such  tough time choosing what to buy that i ended up getting a little present pack ... kinda like a showbag that had mystery gifts in it! there were three bags to choose from and i chose this pink polka dotted bag! inside i got two rings, a pair of kiwi earrings and a lemon candy! (YAY LEMON!) and i seriously couldn't be happier! sorry for no close ups of the rings! one is a little pinkish apple! and the other is a rilakkuma! 

next image is really just a lot of items in one photograph... these items are from miscellaneous stalls but all in one picture. 
firstly, my two little badges! i've been a fan of collecting badges for a while but i haven't really done it actively instead i just buy the occassional ones at conventions or when i see one that i really like. I bought three at supanova this year and i love them all! the first is a small pudding with a kawaii face (of course!), the second is a green floppy disk, also with a kawaii face and the third which is pictured below is a bit of a sciencey joke one saying "neuroscience is sexy"... which it is. (From Visage N Vice)

also in this picture is my two bow rings! i saw the little red one my friend bought from this vendor and i was so excited i bought two! just like what i loved about the SWEET ring i purchased, and for that matter the other two rings, these two bow rings are on adjustable bands! i really love the simplicity of their designs. simple black and white bows one with stripes and one with spots. again i'm sorry for the lack of close up photos. 

from the same store i bought a charmander dog tag. with a totally adorable chibi charmander from pokemon! i bought a bulbasaur one for my house mate as she was unable to come with us on the day T_T and i thought it would be cute. the bulbasaur one is on a green dogtag and is drawn in the same chibi style as charmander! 

and finally there is my sailor moon necklace! i've been wanting to get something like this for a long time! Sailor Moon was one of the first animes i ever watched and it has such a huge sentimental value to me as well as being totally flippin awesome! to this day i wish i was a magical girl and inside i think of myself as one anyway! 

and that is the end of my purchases! i'm really proud of myself for not going crazy and buying everything i saw that i liked... that's a huge step for me! 
i was hoping to buy an Oblivion or Oarthkeeper keyblade from Kingdom Hearts but the only ones there were wayyy to expensive and while that made me sad i'm sure i'll be able to find another one some other time... :3

here are links to stores / stalls that i visited at supanova! - amazing artist!

unfortunately i had to dispute some items i had ordered (which i think i said already) and they're not coming but i am hoping that now all the public holidays are over for a while my packages will start arriving soon! 
and when that happens there will be more reviews coming up!

thanks for reading! 

mini xox

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

☆AU - Shopping Spree. Faslies Review! ☆

hullo ya'll!

today i'm here for a terribly over due review of a complimentary gift from AU Shopping Spree!


anyway! what i have is a beautiful set of TONYMOLY lashes, made in Korea for an amazingly stunning price of $5!!!

firstly - as you know by now i'm sure...
store product picture from the website! 
you can find the product in the side menu by clicking on 
"Beauty Products: Eyes""

some photos that i took then!  ta-daa ~~

i really love the little pattern on the box because at first they look like little dots but close up they're little diamond stars - if that makes sense...

i really love the pink behind the lashes too bcause white is so boring but the pink is that little bit of excitement! :3

plus i love pink so... yea :]

the back is all in korean !!! 
i love the korean writing system! i think it's just so adorable and cute! - aside from that the packaging i feel it a little bit too big - although i feel that about most eyelash packets... they always have too much space at the bottom i feel by at least a centimetre (sometimes more with other packets)...

 <- just a quick close up of the packaging showing the pink of the eyelash tray a bit more!

also included in the packaging is a small lash glue - i really love this in eyelash packets! i think it's especially good for people who are either buying their first packet of lashes or are unsure about wearing them or don't wear them very often! It's really great for those people :]

now! onto the actual lashes!

the lash style (i'm pretty sure ) is called Pin Up lash because of the varied lengths of the individual lashes - but these are a bit different from a classic pin up lash style because they have a small criss cross section of smaller lashes at the base for the look or fuller and more fuller lashes!

these lashes are rather natural in comparison to the ones i usually wear, i'm quite a false eyelash collector. i've been using them for years for calisthenics and now for cheerleading and i've recently begun wearing them on a nearly a daily/weekly basis.

awkward selfie timeeee!!!

//please excuse make up less face// 
so this is the look of the lashes up close- they look a bit odd because i'm not wearing eyeliner with them, but you can see how they make the base of the lashes thicker, and seem more full - especially when you curl them with your own and add mascara - which i haven't done here -which i probably should have.... but you can still see the effect the lashes have... kinda..

here is a close comparison of the right with the lashes and the left without - just my natural lame lashes.

so i've had to cancel two items i had ordered due to no communication from the seller - which i do not tolerate at all...

but i have got some other things on the way ... so hopefully! *pray for me*

and so those should be... arriving soon... 

so until then..

be cool / warm depending on the weather where you are.... gosh awkward ending...

now i'm going...

mini xox

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

=^-ω-^= Supanova Pop Culture Expo Blog!

hey hey yo!

so, i'm pretty behind on blogging because last week i was super busy with preparing for Supanova and college work...

but i put lots more effort into Supanova to reward myself in doing well in a previous assignment and because a friend is making a film about me for her uni course! - when it's done i will link you to it!!

so, first off Supanova Saturday!
an early start and a long corset tightening session! Finally by about 10am I was ready and in the car with Casey chowin' down some maccas hashbrowns and we were on our wayyyy :]
We parked near the showgrounds because we needed to carry the filming gear - i did like all the work - gawsh casey!

Well, we had arrived and had met up with the rest of the filming crew, we set up just near the door to the main exhibition building (building 04) where we could see and ask people to come and be filmed for an interview part of the documentary!

While some people were being interviews i would run off and ask some people to photograph their cosplays and things - i had a really awesome day interviewing people, meeting some Lolita's which is something i'm trying to get into, making friends, photographing cosplayers and laughing at Casey's stress. 

During one of our interviews with cosplayer Tom, we were confused when another camera crew ran up to us and started filming our interviewing... and then suddenly they were filming Casey as she was doing the interview and then he ran behind us and began to film the back of our heads... 
After we had finished our interview they poached cosplayer Tom and interviewed him also! When Tom had left they said that we had a really good spot and set up because where we were people would come to us out of curiosity and things... then they asked us where we were from (as in filming coporation or channel or something like that) 

We told them we were filming for a University Assignment but some of the crew were doing internships at channel 31.... we asked them where they were from and they said the ABC (australian broadcasting corporation) .... we were so shocked!
And later on when we were told that we were on the news! And because the ABC guys had stayed around in the area we were set up in we are in the background of most of their interviews and shots ! Hilarious! I've taken some terrible photos with my phone off the screen - stupid i know... but hey it was really amusing!


you can watch that video here ->

and you can see the photos i took on the day here ->

after a big night's rest and a quick break at MoogleMummy's house it was off to bed with Karina in order to prepare for day two! 

Supanova Sunday ! -> I was cosplaying today as Fionna from Adventure Time! and during the saturday i was almost tempted to bring out my Harley Quin cosplay again instead because i saw so many Fionna's walking around on that day... but in the end i went with Fionna because i'd worked hard on my sword and there is a hole in my Harley pants... and cbz fixing them over night! XD

We took the train in on Sunday which is my preferred way to travelling to conventions in melbourne mostly because parking is expensive and finding a place to park is rather difficult...

We were originally going to meet up with friends at Flinders Street Station but due to some sadtimes they were late... While waiting for them a group of people came up to me and one of them was just brandishing his hands in the air and saying "WOW" at my costume! it was really nice of them because i wasn't feeling great about the cosplay because it's simple and stuff... but yeah... thanks random people ! 

after standing around in the station for a while my friends; Pikachu, Sailor Moon, Casey (not in cosplay... just as herself) and I decided that after we finished pulling faces in the photos people were not so sneakingly taking of us we would just catch the next train.... and we did! ~

And finally we were at Supanova! We bought our tickets and headed inside - I hadn't bought my camera this day because we were mostly planning on buying soft toys and jewellry! And my lord did we!! 

anyway.. moving on about the day! From distance and through the crowds we saw Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn from Adventure Time) and Veronica Taylor (Ash from Pokemon) as well as heaps of other stars such as; Freema Agyeman, John DiMaggio, Hynden Walch and Eric Stuart.

I bought a lot of adorable decora sort of style accessories as well as some nerdy things and a cute little donut plush pillow! i will be doing a post about all the things i bought in a future blog :3 with links to the stores that they are from and what the stall was like + the seller :] i would really love to work in one of those one day... a little accessories stall at supanova or something like that i would really like that ... maybe if i can make friends with someone who makes them.. or start making them myself... ohhh that made me feel all nervous...

After a very long two days it was finally time to get on the train and head home ... i'd taken photos with other cosplayers, friends and of course some selfies for competitions and just general fun !! The one above was my entry into a competition being run by a small store called Chubby Turtle... i didn't win though T_T but i still got a stamp :3

I cannot wait until the next convention that i will be attending - it will most likely be Oz Comic Con in July as i have a cheer competition and my twenty-first birthday and college so it'll be hard for me to get a new cosplay going... maybe i should re-wear my Harley Quinn since it was a very popular and fun one to wear! 

well! got sometime to think about it! 

until the next blog! - a review of some sort ! i've got lots to do! 

mini xox

Monday, 7 April 2014

i went to Daiso! ★^O^★

ayo everyone!

so today ... i went to daiso!  i know it was such a trap but i had to get some storage things because my everything is all over the place!
and while i was there i found many, many things that i decided i needed for ... reasons!

let's get started!

firstly! i purchased six small, stackable container things with little drawers in them. in green and pink! three of each colour.
and another small set of drawer thingies in light blue with little yellow handles! - pretty cute and already full so i need to go and get more of them! :]

here they are! on my bookshelf and totally full of makeup and false eyelashes... i have a bit of a problem! but it's mostly that i'm so pale that i can't find bb creams or foundations that match my skin tone and with that no pressing powders either... which is lame.. but i am determined!

okay! so first off i found this huge adorable pink check bow! i really loved the look of it because i have a huge liking for pink check print! 

i mean, you always see check in pink or green or white and green but i feel that pink is just really attractive for check print! 

and i got it in a huge bow with a hair tie so my lazy days where i am late and don't have time to do my hair it will still look cute ! :]
 and secondly i bought two of these little soft dotty pattern bows - again on hair ties! so that i can have twin buns of adorableness! 

the material is super duper soft and cute and red and classic polka dot colour and pattern!

i've been eyeing these for a really long time and so i'm really feeling good about buying them - even better about buying two! 

Aside from buying hair accessories, i've purhcased a leave in conditioner thing... "hair essence" and i'm excited about using it because i've recently my hair has truly been hating me because of bleaching T_T but hopefully that will go well for me! :3 

 while continuing my journey through daiso searching for a wall pocket hanger - which i unfortunately could not find ... i came across these amazing, out of control fluffy socks! and i just had to have them! especially with winter coming up in my chilly house and room ! 
what really stood out aside from the length and fluffiness of them and that's the light specks of colour in the fabric!

 <- i had to add a close up because i had to share the cute little specks colour that are in the socks that make them not just look patchy or dirty! they're so so sooooofttt and they're just over my knee it may just be because i have short legs.... =/

i've done a review on some daiso products before and i just have to stress that these are the best face wipes i've ever used and i have started to buy them in multiples i love them so much... they have like lemon in them and they're super fresh to use and smell amazing and are super effective at getting dirt and make up off your face and leave it feelin amazing.

 so, this time at daiso i bought something different! 
i bought an eyeshadow pallete!
and that's not all... it's sparkly!! super sparkly and glittery and fantastic!

i tried to do one of those swatches i see make up artists and people doing but i didn't do well.


but the colours are really cute and they do show up despite how they look in this photo here .... but still... i hope you get what i'm talking about..

so! another sucessfull daiso trip - as all daiso trips are really...

but i do need to go back and collect some more storage thingies !
i need something i can hang necklaces of and store/show my headband collection on... so... yeah... and maybe i can find something like that there... ? who knows! 

don't forget that i will be at supanova melbourne this coming weekend so if you see me let's get a picture! and i will be posting a review of the weekend on sunday night or another day afterwards...

anyway, until next time! 

mini xox

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

★ april - inspiration! ★

hihi dear friends! it is the first of the month! which means a new inspiration post! 
and today's blog will be about ★Minori★

if you missed last months inspiration blog post about Juria Nakagawa you can read that here!

i have a feeling this is going to be a very long post as today's inspirational subject, Minori,  is one of the biggest influences on me not only in ways of fashion but also in my art and appreciation for new styles and things. 

okay, introductions!
Minori is a Shiro-Nuri artist and designer in Tokyo who is often photographed by the Tokyo Fashion Blog. 
Minori is well known for her dedication to Shiro-Nuri - the fashion of painting the face in pure white make up and her extravagant and formal attire ranging from lolita inspired to traditional kimono styled fashion.

what i love
when it comes to what i love about Minori, the list is practically endless! I will have to start with the unique and jaw breaking detail she puts into her outfits and make up daily!  i've found from studying and researching not only for this post but in general out of interest (and obsession) that nature is without a doubt one of the biggest influences on her make up detailing and accessories which is amazing. the way she is able to combine her influences like nature and things into her daily wear is truly amazing and inspiring to me. 

aside from Minori's outrageous talent for make-up you cannot talk about her incorporation of influences and styles without looking at her clothes.
Minori is probably mostly known for her wearing of lacy garments and it's true that these are mostly what her outfits are made up of- but that's not all!
some of my favourite outfits of Minori's have been not as lolita styled as her usual or mostly known outfits have been.  

as you can see in these two outfits there is indeed lace but it's not the prominent design element.

i'm truly inspired by Minori's ability to create amazing outfits combining such an array of styles from what i can see and name i'd say that in these three outfits there are elements of steam-punk/Victorian era fashion, lolita, pirate-y fashion, fairy kei, jacobean stylings, as well as touchess of a number of gothic styles. 


where did i discover her?
honestly, i have forgotten where my first encounter with Minori was but i have a strong suspicion that is was through Tokyo Fashion Blog - whether though it was on their facebook, instagram or tumblr i'm not certain.

but i can definitely say it was a love at first site feeling and you too can find Minori's works and outfits and interviews and other things at these places ->  

how does she inspire me?
i'm fairly certain i haven't stopped saying this since the post started!

Minori is a huge inspiration for me in terms of combining different styles into a new one and this goes for both make up and clothes, accessories also. 

On top of all the inspiration and ideas Minori has given me just by being herself, she has also created in me a new aspiration to be as true to myself and unique as i am and wish to express through such ways as outfits and make-up just as she does.  This message from Minori is sent in her interview video with Tokyo Fashion Blog " Minori's World - Japanese Shiro-Nuri Subculture Interview & Photo Shoot"  (watch that here

where Minori tells to the camera that the only way to succeed in what you want is to do it and believe in yourself and keep at it despite what other people think of it.  in order to remind myself of this i watch this video at least once a month or as much as i need the encouragement - because it seems to mean a lot to me to see that someone who has become as famous as her felt the same way i do and did. 

aside from being an amazing designer in terms of fashion, Minori has utilised these skills she has into art and photo pieces and these have truly inspired me in terms of what i want to create in my own photography which i will hopefully be able to undertake this year at college. 

aaaand that's all i can currently think to say about dear Minori and her amazing style.

i don't seem to be able to put into words the kind of influence this woman has in and over my mind but i'm sure if you look around and watch that video i linked just above you will fall in love also.

there are two items that i'm still waiting for the arrival of, if they take any longer i will have to message the sender - they're both coming form the same online store so i'm sure they'll be somewhere... :/ right?

also i will be attending Supanova on the 13th of April (in melbourne) in cosplay (Fionna the Human from Adventure Time) and i'm hoping to post a blog about that and my experience when i get home - including a haul i'm sure!

lots of love until then guys.

mini xox