Friday, 26 December 2014

batman shirt review! :3

was so excited about christmas and cosplay and naruto and everything :S
sorryyyyyyyy but here we go!
better late than never, neh?

i ordered this totally awesome batman and the joker shirt before i went away and it arrived and it's way better than i originally thought it would be!
it's probably the best quality of anything i've ever bought for cheapness over the internet!!!

this is the shiiiirrrttttt <3 and i seriously totally loved the print because i freaking love the Joker soooo... yeaaa i had to get it!!

when i ordered it i didn't really pay too much attention to how long it was XD but i really like how long it is because i can wear it as a (totally slutty) tshirt dress when i go to bed and i'm lazy or when it's too hot to wear pants which is always in australia XD 

sorry about the crinkley-ness! 

i included this close up picture because i thought it was incredible that the pattern matched so well with the back and the front! ahaha it's like batman is all complete! :D

as you can totally see the store picture and my picture are so freaking similar i was so excited about this item because it was so close to what was actually being sold to me and i bought it for super cheap from aliexpress.... and i had such low expectations to be honest.
but BAM! awesome shirt.

keep posted as i will be posting tomorrow - i promise.
about the white corset i was ordering for my o.c white rabbit costume :3

also! as a bonus because it was christmas..
HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM CHRISTMAS NARUKO :3 mwaaah mwaaah!(those are kissing sounds)

mini xox

Sunday, 21 December 2014

gameboy jumper review!

ayo blog!!

today i'm talking about one of my latest buys  which as usual i got ages ago and haven't posted about because i'm a dork.

but i was intending on posting it sooner but then i got all caught up in naruto again and my feels were everywhere (as you can imagine if you've read it all!)

so here we go!

this is the picture from the store of the jumper : 

i think this jumper is super cuute! i was expecting a different main material as this one is kind of silky if that makes sense... but it is cosy wosy and i like that in a jumper :3

keep an eye out for more posts coming soon!

:3 tomorrow there will be another one and it will be more detailed i promise! today i'm just soo snoozy... no excuse i know but... yeah

mini xox

Friday, 12 December 2014

hiatus over -> update! ◕ ‿ ◕

ayo everyone!
i'm back from my totally unintentional hiatus just in time for Christmas!
and while i do have some products to review, i thought it could wait for just another small amount of time while i do some revamping for the visuals of the blog for Christmas as well as some preparations for the new year! ◕ ‿ ◕

i'm not sure if people remember that i bought many items and posted about them in my last post - which was far too long ago as i've had these items for what seems to be forever!!

for the new year i'm hoping that i can maybe work up the courage to do some vlogs... not sure exactly what they'll be about but i'm working on it!
also hoping to get my shit together for a hell of a lot more cosplay related things so tutorials, shoots, photographs and of course general updates.

◕ ‿ ◕

that's all for now so,
please keep updated for the new and exciting things coming this way!

next post will be about these items which i've ordered from my favourite websites -!

so until next time (i'm preparing and it should be tomorrow!) 

mini xox

Sunday, 2 November 2014

~incoming for november!~

ayo all! :D 
just a quick update on what i've ordered this week !!

i decided to lash out a tad and get myself somethings because i was having a bit of a sad week after my last convention of the year and the stress over my final year major exhibition which is coming up and i don't feel prepared for in the slightest!
so of course it was time for some retail and cosplay therapy! yay!

here we are with the orders for this shipment!

first off are two things i required for some in progress cosplays! the first is for a picnic i will be attending with my housemate and hopefully some other friends - The Annual Gothic, Steampunk and Victorian Picnic!! :D facebook event here if you're interested!
and the second one if for an upcoming (currently) secret cosplay that i'm hoping to have done for supanova next year in April. I'm sure that i'll have it done beforehand but i would like plenty of time to get it just the way i'd like it!! 

and of course there are the items i've bought because i've either had my eye on them for a while or just wanting something new for my wardrobe... which is out of control really i have to throw heaps of stuff out... but before that... here's more stuff to add to it!! 


and i've already recieved notifications about all of these items being shipped so i'm pretty excited about getting them :D
keep posted for pictures and things for when they arrive sometime this week!
ALSO keep posted for pictures of the picnic which is happening NEXT saturday- 8th of november!

until then,

Friday, 24 October 2014

armageddon expo rundown !! :D

heyyaaaaa everyone!!

okaaaayyy the weekend past was Armageddon Expo Melbourne for 2014! and boyyy i'm still tired from it! I attended both days and it was my first time at a convention with heaps of cosplays to choose from to wear! as you most likely saw in my previous post about my cosplaying plans! 

For the Saturday it was the debut of my glamorous Ursula and I was pretttyy happy with how it went! I decided not to wear the hoop skirt as it would've been difficult to walk around the floor with it and i had enough trouble with the skirt as it was with it's length really! 
My Little sister as San :D
photo by Glen Flynn
Super cool Steampunk Ariel I met  :3

somethings i wasn't happy with in regards to the costume was the way the body paint i had rubbed off on everything despite me setting it with hairspray and everything. it was coming off like crazy. and because we were driving in (which was a first for me for a con!) i couldn't get my hair up as i usually did with it being a tear drop shape off my head and instead had it in more of a bulb kind of shape. 
- i was rather sad about that.

On the saturday i bought an adorable little Moogle beanie! :D i'm sure you can tell that i'm totally obsessed and in love with moogles and it's such a cute little beanie with a pom in the middle and everything. love it to bits i wore it pretty much the entire time i was at home after my shower!
And i also bought a hard copy of the batman comic- The Killing Joke which i'm totally head over heels so in love. so so so in love.
mah moooooogggllleeee <3

AAANNDD then there's Sunday! I found it rather quiet for Armageddon Expo it always seemed so busy and things and especially in comparison to the Saturday it was really quiet. I was in my Arkham City Harley Quinn cosplay and I was pretttyy popular! i got some really amazing photographs of me infront of the Gotham City Police Mug shot thing ... ? dunno what to call it! and  just after i'd had my mug shot taken I was approached and asked if I would get into the Gotham City Police car they had on display - so it looked like they'd arrested Harley!! of course i said yes and jumped in eagerly! it caused a bit of a stir and heaps of people came over to laugh and take photos!! then the girl put some handcuffs on me too to make it look more dramatic :3 gosh it was such fun! after the crowd had dispersed a bit I was let out XD 

Photo from Scholarty (facebook) and Warner Bro's Entertainment
Photo by Brent Layton

on sunday i was lucky enough to convince my little sister to pitch in and buy me an Oblivion Keyblade :D it's wood and it's really good quality! and i've added it to my growing collection of wooden blades and things from video games and what not which i plan on biggering and biggering and biggering so exciiiited!

in conclusion the weekend was aaammmaaazziiinngggg i'm so sad it's over!!! i've had post convention blues since i got home on sunday which is lame! but there will be more next year and i've got heaps of time to get something awesome together!

keep an eye out for the tutorial post of how i made my sister's San cosplay from Princess Mononoke! 

until then you can find me on these social media sites : 

and of course twitter as mooglemini :D

so check them out!

until next time

mini xox

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

cosplay update + armageddon expo cosplay plans!

ayo friends!
sorry been so long without a post but i've been busy with college majoring and cosplay making as well as preparing for cheerleading nationals with my team!

but this is a special post as i'm so excited to post about the cosplays i've been working on and have planned for Armageddon Expo 2014 which is THIS FREAKING WEEKEND!
i'm so super excited as this is the first convention that i will be attending both days and even more excited to have two cosplays to wear one each day!

i was kinda amazed in that this time around i had some costumes to choose from! :D amazing!

i really love going to conventions in costume because i feel more included in everything while i'm there - so awesome :D

so! for Armageddon Expo ( )  i will be attending on Saturday in my Ursula the Sea Witch cosplay!!! This is the first cosplay i've had a part commissioned and that was my skirt.
i'm pretty excited too that for this cosplay i am able to use my own hair - with a heap of hairspray XD 

that's just the Saturday! On Sunday i will be wearing one of my favourite cosplays which is my Harley Quinn arkham city cosplay !! i really love wearing it because again i made most of the elements of the costume and again i get to use my own hair! :D 
i'll be redying the ends of my hair with her signature red and black dip dye :D and i love dying my hair!
i'm more than sure you've seen pictures of this costume but here are some anyway XD
this is the old version but one of the only pictures i have of just me really... T_T

thanks Pocket Designs for this photograph - check them out of facebook

aaaannddddd of course i will be soon be posting the entire progress of how i made my little sister's San (Princess Mononoke ) cosplay! :D it's the second cosplay i've ever made from start to finish entirely by myself :D  with only a little bit of cheating! :D 
so keep posted for that and of course a rundown from Armageddon Expo after we go :D 

mini xox

Saturday, 27 September 2014

sailor moon purse review!

hiya everyone!!

so today was a truly amazing day at Animaga in Melbourne! and i will be creating a short blog about that shortly! expect it tomorrow or after... but not too much after i promise :D 

buuutt this post is all about my current purse / wallet that is totally amazing and super kawaii.

2014 new Hot Sailor moon Tsukino Usagi cosplay wallet harajuku women girls kawaii long style purse Free Shipping


it is a really great buy! it's pretty strong which is something i didn't expect! i've bought purses similar to this one and within a really short time of buying it the area about the push stud was tearing but that is no to be seen at all in this purse and i've been using it every day pretty much since i bought it.

these pictures were taken the day it arrived and as you can see i've already put my things in it! most importantly my Dark Magician Yu-Gi-Oh card.

but yes, this is a really amazing purchase. and it's super cute and i get heaps of compliments when i use it. 

more reviews to come :3  and a run down of todays escapades at Animaga.

see pics of my costume here - > 

mini xox

Thursday, 25 September 2014

keyblade necklace review

sorry this is really late and behind and everything but i had a cheer competition and then i've been working my a$$ off to get my Dark Magician Girl cosplay ready for saturday! those ontop of college work i've been really swamped!!

but here we go!

as you would have seen in a previous blog i purchased a Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Keyblade Necklace from aliexpress!!

aaannnddd i love it! i love it so much i wear it everyday. seriously i do!

Anime Kingdom Hearts Sora Key Blade Keyblade Pendant Necklace

i purchased it for $5.00 AUD annnnd oh my gosh what a bargain! 

here are my pictures of my beautiful keyblade : 

when i first ordered it i didn't even notice the little diamonds on the handle. but i love it all so so much.

it's so simple yet so amazing and i really suggest everyone who is a square enix / disney fan checks out Kingdom Hearts if you haven't already!

and has some really amazing (good quality!) products for really affordable prices.

so make sure you check it out :D

here's a super bonus for just this blog - i've been working super super hard on my dark magician girl cosplay and i'm nearly done! and thank goodness because animaga is THIS saturday! i will be making a video blog of our experiences at the convention as it's going to be it's first year ever! :D

so keep posted for that... if you're interested in seeing more cosplay stuff you can check out my facebook page!

or my instagram

or my twitter  

my next post will be about this amazing Sailor Moon purse i purchased earlier in the month! :D 

mini xox

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

little twin stars phone case review! ^-^

ayo everyone!

all my little packages have arrived!! :D 

hooraayyy!!! :3 and we're going to start with the phone case! :3 i didn't really need a new case but i was pretty keen to get one of those cases that protects the screen also!

so, first off this is the product picture on the site and the items listing on aliexpress:

New Lovely Cute Little Twin Stars Cartoon Leather Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

$9.26 AUD

you may notice that it's not the same images as the one i posted in the previous blog! and that is because the seller contacted me saying the one that i had originally wanted was unavailable and said i could choose a different one!

here are my images of this gorgeous little case! 

seriously this case is just totally adorable, affordable and great! it's made really well and the magnet is really strong. it has two little card sections in the left side so you can put maybe your license and money card in there if you want to go out without a bag! genius! and totally cute!
love it!

if you are looking for a cute case the item listing that i posted above has other patterns also available for galaxy Note! :3

be sure to wait for my next blog on my keyblade necklace! :3

mini xox

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

contact me ! ☆* o(≧▽≦)o *☆

ayo allll!!

today i thought i would just make a post about where you can find me on social media - incasepeopleareintersted.

on all sites i update with pictures of new fashion buys, cosplay related things, kawaii things and nerd and geek related things i've purchased! 

i do try not to double up on things in most places... but sometimes things are just too good to not share everywhere!

so let's start offff with

☆facebook:  this is a really new page that i just made recently, i really wanna get my stuff out there so if you could clicky n like that'd be great! even better if you share! 

☆instagram: i've got a heap of misc photos on my instagram, including photos of the day and cosplay updates! 

☆tumblr: / now, i have two tumblrs as you can seee! the first one (mooglemini) is my fashion inspiration blog where i reblog outfits and things i reallly love. the second tumblr (miniwebbcreative) is the tumblr where i post my photography and mixed media work - including both college and personal works. 

☆linkedIn: i'm really new to linkedIn - in fact to be honest i had to make one for an assignment at college, but i'm more than happy to follow people back if they're interested! 

☆twitter: my twitter is pretty much exactly what you expect from a twitter... really cosplay and blogspot orientated :3

that's all i can think of just now .... :S 

i went shopping at minotaur today and i bought many wonderful things! expect a post about that tomorrow or in the days to come! - still waiting for my wallet, phone case and necklace that i wrote about the other week!

also lots of progress at the moment on my ursula cosplay! so look around! (there's already some pictures on my instagram and facebook!)

mini xox 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

cosplay update! ☆* o(≧▽≦)o *☆

ayo gg!

weeew!! i feel like i've been really inactive for a while and it's because of many reasons, but mostly at the moment i'm just waiting for my orders to arrive! 
and i'm trying to save money. and i'm at uni. and i was really sick for two weeks. and i'm trying to get a job. and i'm sad. and ..... well enough of that. 

So! i think it's time for just a general post about how my cosplays are going at the moment! 

i'm currently in the process of making my first from scratch cosplay ever! Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!  and boy is it turning out to be hard! DX 

i've stopped for the moment because i've reached a point of the costume where i don't really know where to go from there... so i'm just gonna show some photographs and some little comments about the things i've been doing! 

heere we gooo: 

firstly of course this is Dark Magician Girl! :D 

i have absolutely no idea how the hell to make her hat and those boots are freaking huuuuuuge!!!

i've had some trouble with my cape being too heavy as well so i've got to figure something out there...

got to make the arm guards and the wand/staff also. I have plans for the staff / wand it's just the arm bands i'm still thinking about! 

anyway, here's how it's looking at the moment!

there are a few creative decisions i had to make while designing and creating!

 one is that i've made my body suit with longish shorts because it's impossible to see what she's wearing aaand it just makes me more comfortable! 

I've got to remake the arrow on the back because mine is super lame, as well as make the arrows for the front and line the crotch arrow with pink.

if i can find a way to make the gem for the ches and line that sort of lip of material that would be great! but as i'm new to sewing cosplay i guess i'm having some issues with those kind of things! XD

well.... i know it's been a small update but it's been an update nonetheless!!! 

annnddd something great has happened! my skirt and corset for my Ursula cosplay has arrived!!! //squeeeee//

keen to get it on soon with or without a make up test!! it'll have to happen eventually! XD

keep contacted by following my blog, instagram, facebook and my twitter!

xox mini