Thursday, 13 March 2014

eyeball rings review!

annyeong! ★o★

so, i have received a bombardment of products in the last couple of days - 5 in one day!

but i promise that i will spread them out over the next week and few days.

because i have a LOT of homework to do at the moment, i'm going to start with a small item that arrived before all the rest so obviously it gets priority.... 

well, let's get into it!

New Harajuku Bloodshot Blue/Green Eyeball Ring Personalized Costume Rings Punk Rock Jewelry 2pcs/lot R029 Free Shipping

Sherry's Shop on
-> here is the image from the store! (one of the images at least...) 

and *drum rolllllllll*

my images!

$3.68 USD  / $4.06 (for two rings)

well, as you can see i've chosen blue eyeballs instead of green - mostly because my eyes are blue and i thought it would be cute! also, in my little package i got this yellow band thing which is cute because it's got little ears - i'm not entirely sure what it is but i've been wearing as a bracelet - cause why not?


<- here is the back! and as you can see they're totally adjustable and that's great because i can wear them on practically any finger. thumbs included!! - and that's exciting.

i'm very happy because as you usually are when you buy something off the internet without seeing it before you aren't sure if the q
uality is going to be great or whatnot - but i'm really very happy with the solidity that these rings are built with. they feel sturdy and trustworthy and they are!

I did receive two rings but shortly after opening them the cat jumped on my bed and one has temporarily rolled to freedom - but i found it after i'd taken the photos and since i'm putting off homework i thought i would just post some selfies of me wearing both on instagram or on tumblr.


so , here are my crazy selfies (with only one ring! thanks Snow!) 

i apologize for my post college face!

but i do really love these rings and this seller is amazing with a huge stock of amazing jewellery and harajuku accessories and who doesn't need those?!

i really love the rings, they have a cool real looking lens over the pupil colours that makes it so, so, so real looking and it catches the light just like actual eyes do!  which super dooper awesome....


you won't have to wait long for a new post because i have items LINED UP!

next will be on the awesome new Ariel (Little Mermaid) jumper / sweater that arrived the other day.

keep on the lookout for it.

mini xox

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