Friday, 26 December 2014

batman shirt review! :3

was so excited about christmas and cosplay and naruto and everything :S
sorryyyyyyyy but here we go!
better late than never, neh?

i ordered this totally awesome batman and the joker shirt before i went away and it arrived and it's way better than i originally thought it would be!
it's probably the best quality of anything i've ever bought for cheapness over the internet!!!

this is the shiiiirrrttttt <3 and i seriously totally loved the print because i freaking love the Joker soooo... yeaaa i had to get it!!

when i ordered it i didn't really pay too much attention to how long it was XD but i really like how long it is because i can wear it as a (totally slutty) tshirt dress when i go to bed and i'm lazy or when it's too hot to wear pants which is always in australia XD 

sorry about the crinkley-ness! 

i included this close up picture because i thought it was incredible that the pattern matched so well with the back and the front! ahaha it's like batman is all complete! :D

as you can totally see the store picture and my picture are so freaking similar i was so excited about this item because it was so close to what was actually being sold to me and i bought it for super cheap from aliexpress.... and i had such low expectations to be honest.
but BAM! awesome shirt.

keep posted as i will be posting tomorrow - i promise.
about the white corset i was ordering for my o.c white rabbit costume :3

also! as a bonus because it was christmas..
HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM CHRISTMAS NARUKO :3 mwaaah mwaaah!(those are kissing sounds)

mini xox

Sunday, 21 December 2014

gameboy jumper review!

ayo blog!!

today i'm talking about one of my latest buys  which as usual i got ages ago and haven't posted about because i'm a dork.

but i was intending on posting it sooner but then i got all caught up in naruto again and my feels were everywhere (as you can imagine if you've read it all!)

so here we go!

this is the picture from the store of the jumper : 

i think this jumper is super cuute! i was expecting a different main material as this one is kind of silky if that makes sense... but it is cosy wosy and i like that in a jumper :3

keep an eye out for more posts coming soon!

:3 tomorrow there will be another one and it will be more detailed i promise! today i'm just soo snoozy... no excuse i know but... yeah

mini xox

Friday, 12 December 2014

hiatus over -> update! ◕ ‿ ◕

ayo everyone!
i'm back from my totally unintentional hiatus just in time for Christmas!
and while i do have some products to review, i thought it could wait for just another small amount of time while i do some revamping for the visuals of the blog for Christmas as well as some preparations for the new year! ◕ ‿ ◕

i'm not sure if people remember that i bought many items and posted about them in my last post - which was far too long ago as i've had these items for what seems to be forever!!

for the new year i'm hoping that i can maybe work up the courage to do some vlogs... not sure exactly what they'll be about but i'm working on it!
also hoping to get my shit together for a hell of a lot more cosplay related things so tutorials, shoots, photographs and of course general updates.

◕ ‿ ◕

that's all for now so,
please keep updated for the new and exciting things coming this way!

next post will be about these items which i've ordered from my favourite websites -!

so until next time (i'm preparing and it should be tomorrow!) 

mini xox