Friday, 24 October 2014

armageddon expo rundown !! :D

heyyaaaaa everyone!!

okaaaayyy the weekend past was Armageddon Expo Melbourne for 2014! and boyyy i'm still tired from it! I attended both days and it was my first time at a convention with heaps of cosplays to choose from to wear! as you most likely saw in my previous post about my cosplaying plans! 

For the Saturday it was the debut of my glamorous Ursula and I was pretttyy happy with how it went! I decided not to wear the hoop skirt as it would've been difficult to walk around the floor with it and i had enough trouble with the skirt as it was with it's length really! 
My Little sister as San :D
photo by Glen Flynn
Super cool Steampunk Ariel I met  :3

somethings i wasn't happy with in regards to the costume was the way the body paint i had rubbed off on everything despite me setting it with hairspray and everything. it was coming off like crazy. and because we were driving in (which was a first for me for a con!) i couldn't get my hair up as i usually did with it being a tear drop shape off my head and instead had it in more of a bulb kind of shape. 
- i was rather sad about that.

On the saturday i bought an adorable little Moogle beanie! :D i'm sure you can tell that i'm totally obsessed and in love with moogles and it's such a cute little beanie with a pom in the middle and everything. love it to bits i wore it pretty much the entire time i was at home after my shower!
And i also bought a hard copy of the batman comic- The Killing Joke which i'm totally head over heels so in love. so so so in love.
mah moooooogggllleeee <3

AAANNDD then there's Sunday! I found it rather quiet for Armageddon Expo it always seemed so busy and things and especially in comparison to the Saturday it was really quiet. I was in my Arkham City Harley Quinn cosplay and I was pretttyy popular! i got some really amazing photographs of me infront of the Gotham City Police Mug shot thing ... ? dunno what to call it! and  just after i'd had my mug shot taken I was approached and asked if I would get into the Gotham City Police car they had on display - so it looked like they'd arrested Harley!! of course i said yes and jumped in eagerly! it caused a bit of a stir and heaps of people came over to laugh and take photos!! then the girl put some handcuffs on me too to make it look more dramatic :3 gosh it was such fun! after the crowd had dispersed a bit I was let out XD 

Photo from Scholarty (facebook) and Warner Bro's Entertainment
Photo by Brent Layton

on sunday i was lucky enough to convince my little sister to pitch in and buy me an Oblivion Keyblade :D it's wood and it's really good quality! and i've added it to my growing collection of wooden blades and things from video games and what not which i plan on biggering and biggering and biggering so exciiiited!

in conclusion the weekend was aaammmaaazziiinngggg i'm so sad it's over!!! i've had post convention blues since i got home on sunday which is lame! but there will be more next year and i've got heaps of time to get something awesome together!

keep an eye out for the tutorial post of how i made my sister's San cosplay from Princess Mononoke! 

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until next time

mini xox

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

cosplay update + armageddon expo cosplay plans!

ayo friends!
sorry been so long without a post but i've been busy with college majoring and cosplay making as well as preparing for cheerleading nationals with my team!

but this is a special post as i'm so excited to post about the cosplays i've been working on and have planned for Armageddon Expo 2014 which is THIS FREAKING WEEKEND!
i'm so super excited as this is the first convention that i will be attending both days and even more excited to have two cosplays to wear one each day!

i was kinda amazed in that this time around i had some costumes to choose from! :D amazing!

i really love going to conventions in costume because i feel more included in everything while i'm there - so awesome :D

so! for Armageddon Expo ( )  i will be attending on Saturday in my Ursula the Sea Witch cosplay!!! This is the first cosplay i've had a part commissioned and that was my skirt.
i'm pretty excited too that for this cosplay i am able to use my own hair - with a heap of hairspray XD 

that's just the Saturday! On Sunday i will be wearing one of my favourite cosplays which is my Harley Quinn arkham city cosplay !! i really love wearing it because again i made most of the elements of the costume and again i get to use my own hair! :D 
i'll be redying the ends of my hair with her signature red and black dip dye :D and i love dying my hair!
i'm more than sure you've seen pictures of this costume but here are some anyway XD
this is the old version but one of the only pictures i have of just me really... T_T

thanks Pocket Designs for this photograph - check them out of facebook

aaaannddddd of course i will be soon be posting the entire progress of how i made my little sister's San (Princess Mononoke ) cosplay! :D it's the second cosplay i've ever made from start to finish entirely by myself :D  with only a little bit of cheating! :D 
so keep posted for that and of course a rundown from Armageddon Expo after we go :D 

mini xox