Saturday, 1 March 2014

★ march - inspiration! ★

hihi ! mini here!

so, i've recently decided that on the first of each month i will do a post on a person or something in particular that has been a huge inspiration in regards to creating my own style and 

as you saw in February i did a post on my inspiration from Andi Autumn  <- link clicky!

and so today, being the first of March i am doing just that again but today's inspirational role model is... 

★Juria Nakagawa★

okay, now i can assure you i'm not the only person inspired by Juria, she is a huge fashion icon in her homeplace Japan!

i first found out about Juria following the photographs taken at -
i follow them on facebook and twitter!

okay, so there are a lot of photos here i know! haha, but to me she is just so darn amazing and her style.... gaaaah makes me melt
starting off, the same as last time, with: 

  what i love 

okay, so there is an outrageous amount i love about this girl and i will start with her hair! 

i adore bright colours for hair and i love it even more when it's done on the actual hair of the person and not by wigs!

this pink colour here is something i've always dreamt of having in my hair ->

i'm very excited to spread my love for this girl everywhere! now, look at her adorable pose! i love that she is constant with this.

i find that lots of models just do whatever, i love that Juria has a constant pose that she goes to for most of her photos! - espcially these four.. ahahaha

now, onto her clothes and fashion sense... 
as you can  see in these four images taken by the people...

she is more inclined to show off her bottom half rather than the top half - this is something i've noticed in asian cultures as opposed to showing off cleavage and things it's just not classy.

i really love her collection of amazing tights and shoes!

i love how she's has merged lolita sorts of lacey clothes and 'punked' them up into a sort of but not quite pastel goth style.

along with the love i have for the way she dresses i also really admire how she uses accessories ...

i love the gothic type of necklaces she rocks, typically with the cross on them.

and i truly love the gothic punk chunky cuffs she has that are bracelets... with the spikes makes them better because spikes are awesome.

how did i discover her?

as i mentioned earlier, i discovered her by seeing her picture on the facebook page 

how does she inspire me?

well, as i've been drabbling this entire post the fashion sense of this Juria is outstaaaanding!
it's at a stage that i am so envious of that i feel like i could never be as good. but as she is an inspiration i hope that i can draw some sort of styles she rocks and be able to somehow work it into what i want to dress and present myself like.

okay, so that's all for this months inspiration post! i have a package at the post office so hopefully tomorrow - or sunday ish i should have a new product review up... please check it out..

i hope y'all enjoy this post and look for more in the future... ^0^

mini xox  

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