Sunday, 1 May 2016

Welcome to Moogling Kupo! [new house!]

i'm gonna buy this
heyo everyone!

i've recently bought and finally moved into my first house and i thought it would be fun to show people a bit of how it's beginning to look! 
my goals for the house is to make it a real homage to all the different but hella important aspects of my life. including my geeky pop culture love, video games, cosplay and kawaii / japanese fashion and style.
so it's a bit of an interesting mix really! 

here's how things are going so far!!

starting with my bedroom! currently in here i have all my really expensive figurines and things until i have a glass case which i want to display them in, in the future! (once i have the money to buy one!)
i'm super lucky to have a king size bed and this is the awesome doona cover my mummy bought me in congratulations for the house!
there is one that i have my eye on at the moment however which is the one below. 
i'm totally obsessed with astronomy and the galaxy and it would make me so happy to lay in this as i watch the stars outside my window.
again, it's just a matter of saving up enough money to finally get the house to how i dream it to be.
as an added bonus of course I have a cute little balcony (both the bedrooms do) and i have great views of the sunset and incoming storms which we experienced last night - was cray!

next is the living room! in here i'm hoping to have all my cool cosplay and video game things on display as well as all my consoles and eventually my figurines.
some of my favourite things that i've started with this room is the flowers that i like to have around and, of course, the beginnings of my weapons wall! (currently holding Frostmourne, Oblivion Keyblade and Squall's Gunblade. Will soon be adding my Jack Frost Staff!)

because the house is small that's pretty much everything really... 

but i do have a small kitchen and a fridge featuring ghost in the shell magnets and game of thrones magnets.
i'm sure without any doubt it will end up being covered in paraphernalia similar to the rest of the house X3 everything that is in the living room however is visible in the open kitchen / living area so the general area will have a similar feel!

excited to keep things going and growing my collection of nerdy things as well as expand my cosplay creativity in my own space!

hoping to be posting again soon so hang around.
i know i'm not hella reliable with posting here so you can also find me posting here: