Tuesday, 27 January 2015

mooglemini 2015 cosplay plans!

ayo everyone!

today i'm just posting a quick blog about my current cosplay plans for the year of 2015!!! weeew!

at this stage i've already done one cosplay related event and it was super fun and so i'm really looking forward to the rest of the year!

next week i will be attending a naruto meet in the city (a really casual meet) and i will be wearing my casual Naruko with my new headband and new wig - both of which i'm super excited about! this time i'm also hoping on drawing / somehow putting naruto's seal on my tummy which i freaked out about last time so i just didn't do it.

over all the meet should be heaps of fun and i will be filming a vlog of the meet as well as a getting ready video for that :3

More exciting than all of that is the upcoming Cosplay Formal! link ->cosplayformal.com<-
I missed out on last years C.F and so this year I am more than super determined to go! :D 
and i've got my costume all planned out.... weeewww!!!  i will be attending as a Formal Charizard from Pokemon (as i'm sure you all know!) I've attached my mood board for everyone to check out :D 
I'm going to be making some ISIS wings for the costume just because i think that'd be a nice touch.

that's all for this update!
in case you missed it i'm trying really hard to get a youtube account going so if you have some time check that out here!

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mini xox

Monday, 19 January 2015

Midsummer Faerie Rade - rundown!

ayo everyone!! 

this is my first post for a cosplay event for the year!

this sunday passed was the day of the  Midsummer Faerie Rade 2015! it was a sort of last minute costume get together for me because i didn't realise how close the event was as i was thinking about it!

After stressing for a bit about what i was going to wear I played with some character creators as to what kind of look i was thinking of making and wanted to wear then it was off to spotlight! 

I wasn't wanting a complicated costume or anything really cliche faerie and at the time I was busying myself with the making of this bow that after a small time ended up being my main prop for the costume. Made from foam board and super glue then decorated with pink gem stones and pink glitter for some more interesting design. 

A sort of archer fae kind of design then came to be my costume design and direction and within three days I had a costume that i would be able to wear comfortably and happily for the day!

After the costume and bow were completed i was inspired for a make up test and then it was all decided! and off the Faerie Rade on sunday!
Had a really wonderful day meeting some wonderful people with awesome costumes and it was just a nice day all up.

A nice lady came up to me at one point and gave me a small bag saying mine was one of her favourite costumes for the day. In the small bag was some chocolate coins and a necklace that matched my costume! I was so touched!

Below is my favourite photo from the day that i've seen so far! MFM Photography has a real eye for capturing costumes and I often bump into him at events and conventions though i don't think he recognizes me because my costumes area always so different! 

keep posted as i'm planning a picture tutorial for making your own foam board bow and maybe even some bamboo arrows as i did. 

If you haven't already check out the interview i did with Android Dreaming of Electric Sheep!!

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til next time

mini xox