Tuesday, 12 January 2016

2016 Cosplans & Life Plans! ◕‿‿◕

* this will be a video soon too* 

ayo there ya'll!

today i just wanted to post quickly about the [somewhat planned] happenings for the new year. not very sure how many of the things that are planned now will happen and / or stay as mentioned for the year. writing it all out here is mostly just helping me organize a little bit :P


friday night this week is the first Beta Bar event of the year and I will be attending as Minnie Mouse for the Disney themed drinking! 

the sunday soon following will see me in my Original Design of a Frost / Queen [thing] for the Midsummer Faerie Rade through melbourne's CBD.
you can see my video of last years costume rundown and the actual event here : www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BpPUwvb22U
i will be rocking the new crown i made following a tutorial by Glam&Gore on youtube.

also in planning currently is a photoshoot [finally] of my Umbreon Gijinka that i wore last year to Oz Comic Con and entered in my first cosplay competition!
I got a lot of cool Hall Shots from the event but I would really love to get a proper shoot with it, especially after all that hand sewing! [i wont lie i could have chosen a better pic of my face, but this one was a good pic of the costume itself!]

aside from planning photoshoots i have got a list of cosplays i would really like to make this year and the thing i find really exciting is that they're all a bit of a challenge. I have a truly terrible habit of just making things up as I go when it comes to making things but with some of the things i'd like to do this year, making it up is actually out of the question.

some things you will hopefully be seing from me this year is 

Kiki - Kiki's Delivery Service
Geisha Sub Zero - Mortal Kombat (original design)
Imperial Fire Lord Azula - Avatar the Last Airbender (inspired design i saw by someone else)
Season 3 Azula - Avatar the Last Airbender
Sailor Scout Elsa - Frozen (design by Drachea Ranmark)
Daedric Armoured Archer - Skyrim 
Yuna - Final Fantasy X
Hinata - Naruto Shippuden (dreaming of having a naruto to cosplay with too T_______________T #soalone)

throughout the year too I'm hoping to make a lot more Youtube Videos but at this stage I've no idea what to really do them on..
should i film more of the making of costumes? more conventions? behind the scenes shoots? I JUST DUNNO! IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF PLEASE COMMENT OR SOMETHING CAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA.

until the next blog post you can keep updated with my shenanigans in these places [ all links are on the side too!]

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until next time - wherever that is!

mini xox