Friday, 12 June 2015

Uchiha Itachi Leggings Review! ♥‿♥

 ayo there everyone! i know i said this would be sooner but i got totally caught up in the making of my Chibi Moon punk cosplay for Oz Comic Con!
but alas, here it is. The review of my favourite item of clothing in my cupboard at the moment.
My Uchiha Itachi digital printed leggings.

I will admit that I'm a MASSIVE Itachi fangirl and if you don't believe me I baked a cake for his birthday a few days ago.

anyway! moving on!  of course i saw these leggings and i was like: holy fuck i need these in my life. so i bought them without hesitation. the size i bought is a L but they're a bit baggy around my calf and lower leg area so i definitely could have gone for a smaller size.

Regardless of this I'm super impressed with the quality of the digital printing. On some other leggings i have the pictures are fuzzy or blurry around the edges but these ones are pretty darn sharp and i'm super pumped about that! this is the store that i purchased them from and i will without a doubt be buying more from then in the future! 

the price was around 11 AUD with free shipping (i never buy anything without it!) 

I'm currently considering getting a second pair of these just because I hate the idea of losing the pair i have to a horrible accident or wearing them out... 

 on a side note one of the best things i found in these is the detail, Itachi's fingernails are painted black and the main crow on the knee has a red eye (Shisui's Sharingan!) ahhhhhhh i can't stop fangirling over these and they're so soft and amazing and i need at least fifty million more pairs.

so, if you're an itachi fan i suggest you snap some of these up while you can because otherwise I will buy all of the pairs available. 

Coming up in a few weeks is Oz Comic Con and i will be making a vlog of the day as I will be celebrating my birthday there with my friends so, keep an eye out for that!

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until next time!

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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Sailor Moon, Batman & a Little Black Dress! product review! ◕‿‿◕

ayo everyone!
i was recently feeling kinda down and i decided that, of course, the best way to cheer me up was to buy things...
and i did.

As usual i headed straight to as it's my favourite place to buy awesome things for even more awesome prices!

In my wish list and cart i found a whole lot of things i had saved there earlier so I thought, "hey, why not?"

and i purchased them.

batman skirt top right ! 


firstly, here's my eternal sailor moon dress! aaaaanddddd it's so fantastic! it's super silky soft and it's a great length. the thing i was most worried about is that sometimes with digital printing on this kind of material the whites don't end up as white as they should be. I was however, pleasantly surprised as this white is as white as a sheet of paper! love it.

secondly is my favourite of the three at the moment which I'm actually wearing right now as i type the review. this batman skater skirt is fantastic. again, super soft and amaaaazzzzingglllyyy sharp digital print which is again something i didn't expect. there is a small section on the back where the patter runs out and there's a small strip of white but it doesn't bother me at all ! Love love love love it. 


This purchase was a little different for me as it's not something i would usually buy. I should have bought a bigger size still. but i like how this looks. it's pretty much my first dress of this design or kind soooo now i know for next time that a larger size would be better for me. in the first picture you can see that i'm wearing my bra and the straps are seen but i kinda like how it looks. 

all of these are products are from the one store :

you will note that i buy a lot of stuff from here because i've found that for their prices the products are really great. 

there will be more as i'm planning on ordering some figurines in the not too distant future!
but my next review will be about my Uchiha Itachi leggings! :3 aahhh i love love love them.

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