Thursday, 30 January 2014

//late// East International Knitting Co.,Ltd. products review!

hihi! mini here!

recently i discovered a new and wonderful place for shopping for - well everything!

after adding an obsessive amount of things to my wish list i decided to lash out and purchase a list of things from this seller - and gawsh was i excited to find them all, let alone receive them!

all the items i purchased were from one seller and that seller is: East International Knitting Co.,Ltd. 

anyway, the items in this i've had for just over a month now *before Christmas arrival*
and they've since been added to my favourites in my wardrobe and i will start with this one since i wore it today!!

<-product shots from the store are on the left. 
$11.99 AUD

 okay, things i love about this jumper ... well i naturally have to start with the colour! it's spectacular - while in this image it does appear a little darker than it is in reality (that was a bit upsetting because i'm still making the transition from wearing black 24/7 to wearing other colours), however i am still glad that i purchased something so colourful.
wearing it is really nice, the material is soft enough for the item to be worn without something under it - like a singlet or anything.

the thing that made me buy the sweater was the stylised cuts in the sleeves and in the middle, i'm a sucker for ripped and ruined looking clothes so this was a huge selling point for me!! 

something really fun about this item is that when the wind blows sometimes it goes into the little holes in and it's kinda a nice feeling c:

second item is totally amazing, i'm still freaking out that i got it! c:

$12.55 AUD
this is where you find out i'm a huge nerd :x

i've always wanted a something to represent my fandom of the lord of the rings and hobbit series' without paying out the nose for it... and then i discovered these wonderful, wonderful things.

the bodysuit fits all sizes, is super soft and the details on the ring are pretty much perfect. however there is not as much contrast in the ring as there is in the image from the site... to be expected really...

i wish the bottom was more of a boy shorts kind of shape rather than a bikini shape, but that's personal preference...

i like to wear mine under shorts or high waisted jeans or a skirt. 

following on with the fandom purchases i also purchased this dress of a map of middle earth ...

$11.99 AUD
i really like this dress because it's an accurate representation of the map of middle earth 

along with this the dress is comfortable - not "too" short (haha not really a problem)

i'm fairly sure it's made out of the same, if not similar, material to the body/play suit of the ring and that is a super soft silky kind of fabric that slides over your skin in such a relaxing way ... mmmmmmm 

the only thing i don't like about this dress is that i wanted it to be a tad bigger and less body hugging - just cause of personal reasons ... though i do love it and wish i could wear it all the time!

the next product is something that i adore to extreme limits, i have began using it practically daily because i didn't realise how perfect it was for all the things i need to carry all the time!

$10.49 AUD

how can anyone not need this?

the cat is shooting lasers out of it's eyes and the triangle makes it look like it's wearing a party hat! cmon people!!!!

anyway, i didn't pay attention to any of the details when i purchased this - i literally just saw what the picture was and added it to my cart.. what can i say? i'm a huge crazy cat lady...

anyway, this bag fits my 15'' laptop as well as the charger and things i need for college... it's built strong and it looks damn amazing!

i also currently, while on holidays, use it for my cheer things such as shoes, drink bottle, jumper, hair supplies, snacks etc. etc... it's such a great size for daily needs.

$9.99 AUD

i purchased some leggings because i was getting seriously sick of wearing skinny black jeans all the time...  actually they all got holes in them T_T

as mentioned above i am slowly leaving the realm of constantly wearing black clothes and i thought these could help me with the trainsition! - boy was i right!

they're still dark - without being boring or solid and they're a great fit.
they don't go see through when stretched and they feel great to wear!

they can be worn as pants themselves (if you have a great ass, do it!) or they can have something with length worn over the top. it really depends on you and the weather! 

the final item i bought for my brother as a christmas present, it's his favourite cat picture on a jumper - genius.

$19.99 AUD
i know i'm the best sister ever.

if you think you don't need this you're wrong... look at his face

everyone needs at least two cat jumpers / cat related items of clothing and if this is one of them you're fantastic.

 anyway, that's a super long review - be sure to check out their products at East International Knitting Co, Ltd.

i'm expecting lots of products including some shoes soon, so keep an eye out for those reviews to come.

sorry no pictures just now, i'm exhausted from cheerleading. i'm sure you will see the clothes in some outfit of the day pictures in the future.

mini xox

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

reviews to come !

hihi! mini here!

just lettin' you all know that i went crazy with shopping recently and i've got lots of items on the way - which is exciting!

in the meantime i will be doing some reviews of some items i've ordered and received in the past- as well as some of my favourite items and things.

so keep your eyes out c;

don't forget you can also find me here
- - my fashion inspiration
- - seriously obsessed with selfies
- - i don't tweet much but i follow back ;]

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

store spotlight - DAISO

hihi! mini here!

a wonderful thing has happened here in melbourne recently, 
the opening of the newest branch of DAISO!

located on Flinders Street, opposite the station this DAISO branch has quickly become my favourite not only for location but for the layout of the store and, of course, the variety of new products i haven't seen at other stores!

i visited this branch again on friday with some friends for some before college preparation and some general awesome-hangout-times, which i can say, were definitely had!

i personally was after a few things, some i needed and some i didn't know i needed until i saw them!
but it's all totally worth it!

before i get into the details of the products and their adorableness i have to just say.... EVERYTHING IN DAISO IS $2.80  
not "from $2.80", but legit two dollars and eighty cents.


the first thing i really needed was a new pencil case - because my old one had an incident with a scalpel
i'm rather picky when it comes to pencil cases - but i was after something even more specific this time. 
i wanted something small, colourful, that could hold scissors (very important) and of course it had to be super kawaii...

here's what i chose!

an adorable little pencil box / tin.

it measures at around 17cm in length 8cm in width and 2-3cm in depth

while you may be thinking - "but mini, that can't hold everything you need for college surely!"

whoooaaa there, you'd be surprised how much fits in this baby! - inside i have a 15cm ruler, scissors, 6 colours pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, a mechanical pencil and two pens! 
plus i have room for a small glue stick!


as i mentioned above i needed something that could hold scissors and while this box DOES hold normal scissors, i had a moment where i saw and needed something i couldn't live without!


not only are they tiny and adorable, they are actually sharp and come with a tiny bow! -accessory to kawaiiness!

but so i don't have a repeat of my last pencil case problem due to sharp scissors, these little babies come with a cover for the blades for when they're not in use!! - love it.

and that little cover is covered in adorable things too - aaahhhhh *squeeeeeeeeeee*!

this is one of those items i didn't know i needed until i saw it! and even then i walked around thinking about them until i went back.

it was inevitable. i needed this amazing scissors.

the next item in my adorable purple DAISO basket was a serious need for me. as a wearer of fake eyelashes i was sick of using the small disposable vial things of eyelash glue, so it was time to get a considerable amount.

and i did.

the packaging wasn't as cute as everything else, but i think that is because eyelashes are a serious business!

one of the reasons i purchased this from DAISO is because most, if not all, their make up products are made in Korea and i am a huge fan of Korean cosmetics. i think that Korea knows what they're doing when it comes to that kind f thing and i've never been let down in the past... and nor have i now.

i chose to get white to clear so that i could easily see where i was applying the glue and how much i was putting on the lashes.

but there was also the option of getting clear to clear - but i'm rather blind so i'd probably get that everywhere.

the glue is really good, i used it last night on these babies - also from DAISO
though a different store and a different adventure.

i really love these lashes because they add a lot of volume to your eyes - just as they say, and they are a bit more out there (for australia) with the pointed / triangular lashes.

people often double take when they see me close while i wear these.  love them though. 

my next DAISO product was a wonderful purchase that i discovered when i was in japan in 2012. and since i got home i've been buying them from DAISO ever since - sometimes in bulk!

these vitamin C, lemon face wipes are so very, very refreshing!
they leave your face, neck, hands - wherever, feel tingly and fresh.

they remove make up easily and clear skin while providing it with vitamin C - which is really good for you!

the packet is totally adorable with it's polka dots and is resealable to lock in that lemony goodness. not too big either so you can put it in your bag and use the freshness whenever you like!

the best thing i love about this product is that they're not stingy with the amount of wipes in the packet!  
in, i guess i'd call them 'conventional', packets of face wipes there is about 15 - 30 wipes in the packaging but in this packet there is at least 120 wipes! - AWESOME!!

the last product that i actually needed in my shopping trip was something that i could store my small hair things in like elastics and bobby pins. and i have hella amounts of bobby pins #cheerleadinglyf

i was practically frantic as i found that this new DAISO branch has a Hello Kitty and Little Twin Stars dedication section and it was here in that section that i found something perfect for my hair things.

i chose this because it was clear - ish so that i could see what was in each pocket.
 (as you can see i've already started filling it!)

i've pinned it to my wall next to my decora accessories pouches - which is also from DAISO and it blends in with the wall due to the see through plastic leaving the little bows to look like stickers or small decorations on my wall which is something i really love.

i adore hello kitty, as you will come to see, and i love bows more than i love her so this was a really cute addition to my wall. 

the bottom left pocket says 
"bringing hearts together tied with a bow"

nawwhhhh <3

the final product i purchased on this DAISO adventure wasn't realllllllly needed... but it was something i'd been looking for for a long while.

and that's a face mask - and why wouldn't you buy one with Hello Kitty all over it?

it's a packet of three and they're made of a type of super soft felt (i think)

with a little Hello Kitty with a rose and another with angel wings as the tiled print.

they also had adorable face masks with Little Twin Stars print and there was a little bit of indecision as to which one to buy - but Hello Kitty won in the end.

AAAAANNNDDDD that is finally the end of the really long review on my DAISO haul from Flinders Street Daiso, Melbourne, Australia.

as mentioned above i'm a huge DAISO fan and seriously loyal customer so if there is a DAISO near you i really think you should check it out they're a worldwide franchise with amazing products for seriously cheap.

mini xox

Saturday, 25 January 2014

store spotlight -> MOOOH!!

hihi mini here!

time for me to share one of my favourite online stores!

the things i most admire about the store apart from it's super amazing and cute products is the prices are just right, there's free shipping , the transactions are easy and simple, and there is so much to choose from!

introducing - Moooh!! on Storenvy!                          

Apparels, shoes, jewellery and accessories at FREE and FAST worldwide shipping. Processing order time 12/24 hours. We ship within 24/72 hours from your purchase. Customer service 7/7 and 24/24 hours. We answer to your emails from seconds up to 6 hours. 

while this isn't a new store for people to be seeing i've decided to do a quick review and share of it's excellence because i've found heaps of items available here that i've seen elsewhere for ridiculous prices with added ridiculous shipping charges!

the first item i bought from moooh!! was one of the adorable and very sought after "Harajuku Cookie Sweatshirt"
$25.99 AUD
-> this is one of the product shots from the store! 
adorable i know

when my shirt arrived i was totally ecstatic! my outfits are predominantly black so this was the branching out into colour i chose - dramatic i know

the packaging was really simple - as it usually is for quick shipping internationally when it comes to single items of clothing, a plastic bag in another plastic postage bag.

as for the item itself, i didn't realise that it was kind of cropped in size and it was actually a welcome surprise for me when i found out because i'd just bought a new black high waisted skirt and together they just fit really well without me showing my milky white skin to anyone!

i am again amazed at the vibrance of the colours in the shirt - especially the blue in the icecream because it seems so different from the other colours i was pleased when i saw it really stood out against the lots of pink!

the material is really soft - i love how the sleeves are a tad too long for my short arms so i can pull them over my hands - so cozy!

the only thing i find a tad iffy about the shirt is that the pattern itself is blurry in some places - i.e around the ends of the sleeves - while it adds a nice effect to the shirt drawing closer attention to the designs in the middle i would have preferred an all over sharpness. 

here i am rocking my sweatshirt - imitating their model + sorry for potato quality it's 1am...

the second item i purchased from moooh! was an ultimately awesome tshirt of which i plan to get another and that was a "Harajuku Unicorn Go To Hell T-shirt"-> here is store product shot

$20.99 AUD

the shirt arrived in the same packaging as the other, simply and fast.

i loved the feel of the shirt it is a seriously amazing oversized shirt.

the pattern made heaps of people smile when they saw it especially teens and young adults but of course the occassional elderly person c:

the only issue i had with the product is that mine was left out in the sun in a ball on an extremely hot australian day, and when i retrieved it the plastic pattern on the front had melted together and i couldn't pull it apart without totally ruining the shirt.

this happened at around 40 degrees celsius so if that weather does come around to you make sure the plastic pattern is not touching to avoid melting together and sticking together, because it is extremely heartbreaking. 

as mention, i do plan on getting another one of these shirts to replace the one i lost to the treacherous australian heat. 

it comes in three colours, the black (as pictured above) pink and white. i am this time thinking of purchasing the pink one as i have now got the same pattern on a black jumper (and i am trying to stop wearing so much black clothing!)

so, there you have it... 
my good words about the storenvy store MOOOH!! - a true favourite of mine. check it out.

i'm actually falling asleep at my keyboard it is now almost 2am and i've been procrastinating all day - guess i'm paying for it now.

i will be doing another review within a couple of days of some products i hauled today from my favourite super store DAISO! <3

mini xox

Friday, 24 January 2014

Cat Jumper Review

hihi! mini here!

today is my first review!
and i will be addressing the item of clothing that i get the most questions about (seriously, at least 5-10 times a day when i wear it!)
and that item is.... *drum roll*

My Velvet Cat Jumper!

okay, so a bit of context!

i am a huge, crazy cat fanatic and i decided, as you do, that i just wasn't crazy enough and i needed a cat jumper. after searching long and hard for the craziest, quirkiest sweater/jumper i found this one! 
it was a really hard decision picking between the colours as i liked them all but i decided that i loved the contrast of the purple and green that i just went for it!

here's a selfie of me the day it arrived!

last year ... i know.... sorry cx

the first thing that really struck me about this jumper was the feel, oh my lordy! super, duper soft and velvety *drool*
the second thing was that how vibrant the colours were! i seriously thought that when they were printed, or shipped or something they would have faded.
even after having the jumper for 11 months, with wear and washing the colours are still fantastic!

a little thing i love about this jumper though is how perfectly cat-like the cat's face is! it's such a true expression of a cat that has no idea what's going on!
- what is on my head?
- why am i in space?
- i feel pretty though...

okay! so i purchased this jumper from ebay, as i said and the seller; enteryoon
was fantastically quick to ship the item, i waited about two weeks - which is normal for international shipping when you live in australia! 
the transaction was perfectly simple and clean , i paid using paypal and everything was seen to simply and without fuss!

all in all i think it's an amazing sweater/jumper and as i've mentioned whenever i wear it people love it and i get asked about it all the time! since purchasing one my best friend has also bought one and i encourage everyone else to buy their own and stop asking me!!

mini xox

seller - > 
price - > $26.98 AUD

p.s i actually got a job offer wearing this outfit at the end of last year - 
ripped black skinny jeans
light up sneakers
cat jumper
"great style and eye for the different"

Thursday, 23 January 2014

hihi! mini here!

hihi! mini here!

welcome to my new review and fashion admiration blog!

i have been asked lots recently on tumblr, instagram and in person about where i get my clothes and what places are good to buy from, so as a result i've decided to publicise my "secrets" and whatnot ^///^

shorts from - Factory 
shirt from ebay - koreapopfan
phone case from ebay - storexu

so watch this space <3

mini xox

as a bonus -> here's today's outfit of the day !