Thursday, 5 March 2015

Rinoa Heartilly Cosplay update! :3

as most people know by now i'm making a Rinoa Heartilly cosplay. i am doing the version animated by Monty Oum in his youtube series Dead Fantasy.
i'm sure lots of people have heard that he passed away recently and i decided to do this cosplay as a tribute to him.

you can see me talking about it here -> Monty Oum - Tribute Cosplay

since announcing this i've made some progress for the cosplay and i hope to wear it to Supanova before wearing it to the meet melbourne cosplayers will be having in Monty's honor. 

so! the progress!

i made a tutorial and you can find it on youtube! [it was a very hot day and i was having a bit of a crisis while making this!]

first thing i made was my Silenced Tear!! as usual i started with reference pictures - which there was no shortage of! then a paper template which i simply transferred onto foam board!
i made the middle parts of my silenced tear from clear cellophane where i ironed a few layers together. to attach it to my arm i simply glued some elastic straps on the bottom.

Due to waiting for paint to dry and things the whole amount of time to make was about 3 hours! not bad!

 It was a long time before i was really inspired to look for the material for the skirt and duster cloak sort of thing. And i was disappointed to find that in all the fabric stores i searched i couldn't find a sort of knit material that Rinoa's appears to be made of... lame as fuck.
so i settled for something that was at least the right colour! The arm bands and duster cloak are made of jersey which i bought from spotlight!  I also slipped on my Silenced Tear just for a quick test! All was well... except how blonde i am! i made it up as i went along and all up including my tumblr break it took about an hour. i'm not entirely satisfied yet as the bottom part (to me) hugs my legs too much and i'd prefer it behind them so i will give it a little fix.

due to me doing the design in the Dead Fantasy series i also have to tackle a huge cosplay hurdle for me... wings! i remade my wing frames out of stronger wire and so far i'm just super happy with how the framing and shaping went! i will be filling the inside of the wing in with cardboard and more wire for extra strength before covering in white material and then eventually, feathers. At this stage I'm looking at making my own feathers somehow... 
i'm following a tutorial made by axcelleration cosplay (you can find on youtube!) she is super duper incredible and really motivating so check her out!

i've made my wings quite narrow so i wont be hitting people with them as i travel around the convention. but if they do end up being too much of a nuisance they are easy to take off. simply just pull them out of the back of the collar of the costume. 

That's all i have for now so hopefully this weekend i can find a box and make some more progress on the wings as well as get my shit together and make the skirt and put the small wing pattern on the back of the duster. 

to see more of my progress and cosplay related things you can find me everywhere...






until next time!

mini xox