Saturday, 27 September 2014

sailor moon purse review!

hiya everyone!!

so today was a truly amazing day at Animaga in Melbourne! and i will be creating a short blog about that shortly! expect it tomorrow or after... but not too much after i promise :D 

buuutt this post is all about my current purse / wallet that is totally amazing and super kawaii.

2014 new Hot Sailor moon Tsukino Usagi cosplay wallet harajuku women girls kawaii long style purse Free Shipping


it is a really great buy! it's pretty strong which is something i didn't expect! i've bought purses similar to this one and within a really short time of buying it the area about the push stud was tearing but that is no to be seen at all in this purse and i've been using it every day pretty much since i bought it.

these pictures were taken the day it arrived and as you can see i've already put my things in it! most importantly my Dark Magician Yu-Gi-Oh card.

but yes, this is a really amazing purchase. and it's super cute and i get heaps of compliments when i use it. 

more reviews to come :3  and a run down of todays escapades at Animaga.

see pics of my costume here - > 

mini xox

Thursday, 25 September 2014

keyblade necklace review

sorry this is really late and behind and everything but i had a cheer competition and then i've been working my a$$ off to get my Dark Magician Girl cosplay ready for saturday! those ontop of college work i've been really swamped!!

but here we go!

as you would have seen in a previous blog i purchased a Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Keyblade Necklace from aliexpress!!

aaannnddd i love it! i love it so much i wear it everyday. seriously i do!

Anime Kingdom Hearts Sora Key Blade Keyblade Pendant Necklace

i purchased it for $5.00 AUD annnnd oh my gosh what a bargain! 

here are my pictures of my beautiful keyblade : 

when i first ordered it i didn't even notice the little diamonds on the handle. but i love it all so so much.

it's so simple yet so amazing and i really suggest everyone who is a square enix / disney fan checks out Kingdom Hearts if you haven't already!

and has some really amazing (good quality!) products for really affordable prices.

so make sure you check it out :D

here's a super bonus for just this blog - i've been working super super hard on my dark magician girl cosplay and i'm nearly done! and thank goodness because animaga is THIS saturday! i will be making a video blog of our experiences at the convention as it's going to be it's first year ever! :D

so keep posted for that... if you're interested in seeing more cosplay stuff you can check out my facebook page!

or my instagram

or my twitter  

my next post will be about this amazing Sailor Moon purse i purchased earlier in the month! :D 

mini xox

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

little twin stars phone case review! ^-^

ayo everyone!

all my little packages have arrived!! :D 

hooraayyy!!! :3 and we're going to start with the phone case! :3 i didn't really need a new case but i was pretty keen to get one of those cases that protects the screen also!

so, first off this is the product picture on the site and the items listing on aliexpress:

New Lovely Cute Little Twin Stars Cartoon Leather Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

$9.26 AUD

you may notice that it's not the same images as the one i posted in the previous blog! and that is because the seller contacted me saying the one that i had originally wanted was unavailable and said i could choose a different one!

here are my images of this gorgeous little case! 

seriously this case is just totally adorable, affordable and great! it's made really well and the magnet is really strong. it has two little card sections in the left side so you can put maybe your license and money card in there if you want to go out without a bag! genius! and totally cute!
love it!

if you are looking for a cute case the item listing that i posted above has other patterns also available for galaxy Note! :3

be sure to wait for my next blog on my keyblade necklace! :3

mini xox