Wednesday, 25 June 2014

oz comic con and cosplay plans! ♥‿♥

howdy ya'll!

i know i haven't been posting too much recently. mostly it is because i've managed to stop myself buying things in order to save for Oz Comic Con next week! squeeee!!! 
i don't know if people know or not but i love to cosplay! and this year is hopefully going to be a cosplay full year for me! 

it's already been supanova and i'm sure you saw my rundown post from that - if not you can read that here -> POST

wew! okay, so i thought that i would do a post about my planned cosplays for the rest of the year starting with Oz Comic Con ! (next week!!!!)

My friends and I will be attending OzCC on the Sunday (6th of July) and for this day I will be wearing my Harley Quinn cosplay from Batman: Arkham City video game!

I wore this cosplay last year at Armageddon but I had a cheerleading injury and so my broken hand was in a cast so i didn't get to do all the cartwheels and things i hoped i would.... so i'm excited to wear it again!

here is a picture from 2013 ! It needs a bit of reworking but i was really having a great time! I made the leggings and the singlet myself! i was so proud! and i was really happy that people liked it! 

I will have to bleach my roots again by that time! In this picture i had dyed the ends of my hair the respective colours but my cheer coach wasn't happy about that! XD so hairspray / hair chalk it is this year...

I need to re do the paint on my bat or i'm hoping to get a gun this time around... so.... the cosplay will be improved.

also, thanks to my friend Brent for taking this picture for me! :3

my friend Kiz is also going to be debuting her female Vincent Valentine cosplay that she's been working on for quite some time! 
my apologies for the potato phone photo. T_T

Also in the planning for this years cons is a disney villain cosplay duo with my friend Kiz. ♥‿♥ dream come true seriously

we're hoping that we will end up with a little group at some stage because, well... the more the merrier and possibly more recognizable!  - always important!

We're really excited about these cosplays as we're both pretty big disney fans... we were originally planning these cosplays for the Cosplay Formal in September this year, but sadly for us we had a clash of occassions that night and so we've decided that we will go ahead with the putting together of these cosplays and just wear them to cons for a while :3

Kiz will be portraying a formal Maleficent of sleeping beauty and of course the new film Maleficent, and I will be a formal Ursula from the Little Mermaid!  I've also recently convinced my friend Vic to do a Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland :]

Here is a general break down of the plans for the costume! I will be ordering the dress, i have some basic sewing skills but nothing anywhere near what would be needed to create the desired outfit... i am hoping that i can find some better earrings and necklace for the costume because with the necklace especially it is rather important for identifying the character. 

So far, those are the plans for the year! in case of problems i have my back up Fionna cosplay from Adventure Time which i wore to supanova this year. 

if you're going to Oz Comic Con on the sunday and you see me or us come over and we'll get a photo together :3 i love meeting new people! 

until next post..

mini xox

Thursday, 12 June 2014

EyeCandy's GEO Forest Pink Contacts Review!

hiya everyone!

so i'm here with a first time review from EyeCandy'!

i've bought two things from this store and they arrived yesterday! hooray! but today the blog is just about the contacts i ordered !! 


Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 15.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.4 - 8.6
Power: plano 
Duration: 1 year disposable 

So here are the contents of my little package! :3 
it was really cute and it came with a little booklet about contacts for people who are first time buyers and wearers of contacts or just for people who needed some more information about how to insert and take care of their contacts. 

also with them is that adorable little card saying EyeCandy's - it's a special card for keeping track of the expiration dates of your contacts! super cute and helpful!

 inside the small package was the two contact vials and a simple contact case! here are the contacts in the vial , sorry about my creepy hands, i had to hold my arm up in the air to get the light on the contacts because my room is DARK LIKE MY SOUL - i'm just kidding.

it was a painfully long time waiting for the contacts to soak before i could put them in and i was very impatient. 

but when i did put them in it was a surprisingly trying task, these contacts were really flimsy and thing and didn't hold their shape and i had a really tough time to get it to sit on my finger without it folding in on itself and concaving.

after a little struggle with one and a larger struggle with the other contact i had them in and i was very excited and happy. i only have naturally coloured contacts really, green and blue (and my sharingan but they're for special times!) so getting a colour like this was a bit of a step for moving forwards into wearing colours like purple and things.


so the first image here i've only got one contact in - which is kind of obvious in my opinion! but still... just one!

so here's a contrast photograph with one of the contacts in! 

i do really like them thought they're not as pink as i'd hoped they'd be but i am happy with them! i think it's mostly just because i have large eyes.

but i think my eyes look pretty cool in them! 

definitely hoping to get some really good purple lenses at some stage because i feel that they'd look cool on my blue eyes! 

if you know any brands or designs that'd be good let me know!

find me on twitter, instagram and tumblr by searching for mooglemini and until next time - here's some pictures of my face! 

mini xox

Saturday, 7 June 2014

personal update june ◡‿◡✿

hey there everyone!

i'm just posting a quick personal update about a various amount of things including some fashion related things as well as some person stuff that i would like to get off my chest somewhere and of course some news that will effect my posting for a while. 

and we will start with the things that will effect my blogging for - at the moment an unknown time. unfortunately i have broken my phone screen and at the moment i'm unsure as to how long it will take to fix. 
this is a bit of an issue as i'm sure people have noticed but i prefer the convenience of using my phone to take my product shots for reviews and things. so i'm going to be using my camera which i find is more time consuming -  but it is good because i did want to start using my camera for quality reasons ... so that should end up being better in the end :]

next up we'll talk about the fashion things, then if you don't want to read about my personal issues you can just stop there! 

so my confidence and things has recently taken a huge hit and so recently i haven't been wearing the style and clothing that i would really wear. however to remedy this i've been window shopping - RETAIL THERAPY TIME - and so i'm hoping some new shoes will make me feel better as well as some dresses and some other various items that i've had my eye on for some time.

also recently i've felt a style shift coming and while i'm still totally addicted to the decora fashion i seem to be drifting sort of back into my black and dark clothing stages - most likely because that's where i always felt most comfortable. however, i feel that resorting back to my black obsession is losing all the progress i made coming out of it so i'm hoping that i can try living in pastel gothic sort of fashion for a while - since it's kind of my ideal style combination of colour and black with accessories and whatnot. so it's sounds promising. :3

finally the personal things..

unfortunately i've been really ill recently - mostly mental but what sucks most about being sick in the head is that it makes you sick throughout the rest of your body. i've been unable to eat a good healthy amount and i've been unable to sleep at night, which is an issue i've had for a long time but it's getting worse now. 
as a result of this sickness i'm losing self esteem, motivation, confidence, strength, will to live and just generally losing my ability to care for myself and others.
this is seriously effecting my college work and hobbies such as blogging and cheerleading. college is almost over for the semester but because of my illness i'm having issues getting together a mid year folio in order to pass and for cheerleading we have a competition coming up and i just don't have the energy or will to really try. 
i just thought it was important that you guys know that i will be here and there will my posts and i'm hoping to be able to whip myself into doing a post at least fortnightly until my motivation comes back. 

until that time.

mini xox

Monday, 2 June 2014

june inspiration! ◕‿◕✿

hiya everyone!

so as today is the first of the month i will be postin an inspiration based blog but to start off i just wanted to shout out to my friend Casey, whose birthday it is today and i wanted to say that i had a damn great time at her party the other night! 

okay, and continuing onwards!

today i want to focus on the amazing outfits (and legs) of 2ne1's Park Bom!

Park Bom is a lead vocalist of the K-Pop group 2ne1 and if you haven't heard their music you should get on that ! 

aside from having kickass vocal talent Bom has a truly amazing style that i can't get enough of! (in fact the whole group does!)

Bom usually wears a short dress in order to show off her legs and i'm glad she does! she always looks so amazing and beautiful and doll like.

Her style is so chic but also kind of punky or grungy - which is something i really admire and wish that i could find similar products to achieve the same style - it's been a huge issue for me because i want to look punk rock chick and cute at the same time and i just want to look like all these different styles at the same time and it's so hard!!! how does Bom do it?!!

 i truly cannot seem to handle how stunning she is!

aside from the amazing dress sense and style she wears - whether it is by her design or not I am blown away with how good her hair looks!

Bom's hair - like many k-Pop stars changes often and whether or not it is by use of a wig or hair dye and scissors she still always looks so stunning!

While i think Bom can pull of any hair colour really i'm smitten with how she looks with the rich red velvet hair - as pictured above.

 As well as the rich red I adore Bom with black / dark brown hair and the sort of teal colour she rocks in the 'It Hurts' music video.

While i really admire the stylings and fashion of Bom it's hard to really blog about her and not talk about her legs! 
Bom has legs that i would really kill for they're beautiful!
Long, slim yet toned and well just generally to die for in my opinion.

Unfortunately there isn't much i can think to say in terms of how much i love Park Bom...

apart from, well, everything!

if you haven't hear 2ne1's music before they're seriously awesome and you can do that here 

i'm hoping to blog again soon i know i said i had some products to review and i still have them but i've been busy getting ready for (what feels like ) everyone i knows 21st birthday - including mine!

i know exciting right? i turn 21 on the 28/6 ooooohhh!!

anyway, keep an eye out for some posts in the not too distant future! 

mini xox