Friday, 28 March 2014

little 'rebel' mermaid sweater review!


this is a review of my newest mindblowingly awesome jumper!

this is the store image of the jumper - 

EAST Knitting Fashion Y-210 Black 2013 women Harajuku Pullovers New Arrival mermaid Fish digital print Sweatshirt Tops

from the store - 

and you may remember (or not) i've bought from them before and loved it - so i returned and finally purchased this jumper which i've had my eye on for a while! 

i bought in a size L so it would be cosy and the sleeves would reach over my hands for extra warmth - mmmm snuggly!

however, despite buying a size L it's a bit smaller than how i'd imagined and hoped... it's most likely because of the difference in sizing internationally and i'm not exactly as small as i wish i was... but hey, who is these days?

anyway, let's get some product pictures goin'!

 wew! doesn't it look so great?! *geeking out* i'm super impressed with the quality of this pullover! 
+ sorry for the lame picture -> my sheets are black and the jumper is black and you just see what's happening ahahah derp.

my favourite detail of the product is the tattoo that says "Rebel Mermaid" because it's just so perfect for Ariel for obvious reasons - but still... gets me every time!

despite my fiddlesticks with sizing i love the feeling of this jumper and wearing it is rather nice. it's made of two materials - the sleeves are a different sort of material that is shinier and a little coarser than the main body of the jumper but it's nice and not terrible feeling at all... 

here i ammmm wearin' ma sweaterrr :3 
+ ma derpin' face.

anyway, that's all i really have to say in this review of the jumper.
it's cute. 
i ordered the wrong size.
it's amazing despite that.

now more products still on their way and i have some complimentary lashes to review also!

on top of that it's almost the first of april which means I will be writing a new blog post on someone who is inspirational to me :3

keep your eyes peeled

mini xox

Saturday, 22 March 2014

☆AU - Shopping Spree. face mask sheet review☆

herroo ^.^

so, in my last review i'm sure i mentioned that i received some complimentary gifts from AU - Shopping Spree when i ordered my hologram pony clutch bag ! 

that can be seen here - > 

moving on! the first gift i received from AU - Shopping Spree that i'll be reviewing was one that i legit used as soon as i had opened the package and found it inside! 

so, today's review is about this glorious product:
Etude House: I Need You Mask Sheet (Pearl Extract) 
we'll be starting off with the usual - > store's product shots and details!

"Essence mask contains pearl extract that promotes natural skin glow. Tension fit design for improved facial adhesion and comfort."

this product is worth $3 AUD and is made in Korea!

here are my pictures!  good ol' trusty samsung!

so, here we can see that the packaging is exactly as pictured  and i think it's really cute. it's pretty simple which is what you want really when buying skin care products - the front is simple and not confusing or overwhelming. 
and on the back there is the directions, ingredients etc etc.

it's very hard to use one of these and not look like a serial killer or something...

anyway, i'm afraid in my rush to use this mask i forgot to take before photos of my skin and what the product was like inside the packet and things. Anyway, this was my first time using one of these and i'm very happy with how it went! though at one stage i wasn't sure if i had a small face or if these things are made quite large - but i loved the cooling feeling of it against my skin. 

The mask itself smelt nice and wasn't really heavily scented  - which often throws me off some beauty products.

This product was amazing and really damp and it was incredibly soothing on my skin which was pretty upset from wearing lots of make up recently.

Something i really loved about this mask was how i could feel it working on my skin as i wore it for the 20 or so minutes. 
I could feel my recently cleaned pores closing and my skin tightening and absorbing all of the moisture from the mask.

here is my skin after around 30 minutes and i'd rubbed the remaining moisture into my skin - it felt plump, cool and hydrated to an extreme i really appreciated on this day! 


so, make sure you're all around this week for i'm intent on getting some more reviews out soon! including my second complimentary gift from AU Shopping Spree - some lovely lashes for my beautiful blues!

and of course i've got some posts on some clothes that arrived a couple of weeks ago!

unfortunately i have not yet received some items and they're causing me some worry so i'll have to send some emails and things...
and another unfortunate thing is that my new sunglasses arrived all bent and screwed up... so i've got some work to do other than homework!

but remember, there are things that have arrived and they're great! so keep your eyes and ears out for them within the week! 

mini xox!

Monday, 17 March 2014

hologram pony clutch review!

ayo gg!!

i have a new produuuct and it's aweessommme!!

so, i ordered a have received (super fast) an adorable little clutch bag that is in the shape of a unicorn... and it's made of hologram material - what up awesome?!

Hologram Pony Clutch - $32.00 AUD

as you can tell by the stamps in the images - this bag/clutch is from ->

AU - Shopping Spree! 

now, let's look at my photographs taken with my trusty samsung s3.... :3

 here is that darn adorable love heart tissue paper again! - my favourite!
and in this package i got an adorable little magnet with the logo of the store - the little pug face!
and a tagline - "keep calm and shop online" which gave me stiches from laughing so hard because... well that is so my life.

 also, i got two gifts for my to review...  which i will be posting later in the week ;D

 the first thing that got me excited about this bag is how fantastic the colour / hologram is! look at that darn shine! 

soo maanyyy pretty colourssszzz!!!!

i was also a bit surprised about how small it was, i will admit i was expecting something a tad bit bigger because, now i have to be honest, when i ordered it I didn't actually look at the dimensions and information about the product - i was actually just obsessed with the fact it is a shiny, colourful, pony (unicorn resembling) bag. and well, i needed that for... reasons.

here is a top view of the zip - and a new angle that shoes just how small the zip is my phone is probably the biggest thing that'll fit in this bag.

also! one thing about the zip is it's a tad temperamental, i think this is because it's still such a new bag, the thing is that when doing the zip up you have to make sure all the zipper teeth are horizontal to eachother and not sticking up slightly , otherwise the zip gets stuck and doesn't do up... that's my only irritating thing and it's going to fix itself.

okay, so it's advertised as a clutch and that's fine - but personally i'm ecstatic it came with a shoulder strap! and it's not just a plain boring strap it's made of the same magical hologram material as the main bag - which is awesome.

now, this actually arrived the other day and i took it to a house party on friday night, and wow the response was huuuuge!!
quick detail of the mane! 
it was catching the lights and showing it's amazing colours and moments and constantly through the night people were asking "mini, is that a bag?!" 
and i was repeating myself over and over about yes and i bought it online and it's awesome and i love it and no it's not too small and all these things. but people loved it! they thought it was the cutest little thing they'd seen in ages if not forever!

i've got heaps of photographs because i'm so obsessed with it! ahahha, i'm sorry! notsorry

if you're looking for an adorable little bag or clutch, trust me you are looking at this!

it's really great because it stops me carrying around all these things i don't need when i'm... well, like friday at a house party and all i need is my license, my phone and my keys.  

give me more of these bags! 

  selfies to finish! also, here's a sneak peak of my new hair colour! dark silver!

i think everyone should have one of these bags. ideally i would like another that has twice the holding size as this one - then i could use it for simple lectures at college... I'll have to look for something like that


more reviews this week including the 'complimentary gifts' i received from Aushoppingspree for reviewing! 

anyway, until next time! 

mini xox

Thursday, 13 March 2014

eyeball rings review!

annyeong! ★o★

so, i have received a bombardment of products in the last couple of days - 5 in one day!

but i promise that i will spread them out over the next week and few days.

because i have a LOT of homework to do at the moment, i'm going to start with a small item that arrived before all the rest so obviously it gets priority.... 

well, let's get into it!

New Harajuku Bloodshot Blue/Green Eyeball Ring Personalized Costume Rings Punk Rock Jewelry 2pcs/lot R029 Free Shipping

Sherry's Shop on
-> here is the image from the store! (one of the images at least...) 

and *drum rolllllllll*

my images!

$3.68 USD  / $4.06 (for two rings)

well, as you can see i've chosen blue eyeballs instead of green - mostly because my eyes are blue and i thought it would be cute! also, in my little package i got this yellow band thing which is cute because it's got little ears - i'm not entirely sure what it is but i've been wearing as a bracelet - cause why not?


<- here is the back! and as you can see they're totally adjustable and that's great because i can wear them on practically any finger. thumbs included!! - and that's exciting.

i'm very happy because as you usually are when you buy something off the internet without seeing it before you aren't sure if the q
uality is going to be great or whatnot - but i'm really very happy with the solidity that these rings are built with. they feel sturdy and trustworthy and they are!

I did receive two rings but shortly after opening them the cat jumped on my bed and one has temporarily rolled to freedom - but i found it after i'd taken the photos and since i'm putting off homework i thought i would just post some selfies of me wearing both on instagram or on tumblr.


so , here are my crazy selfies (with only one ring! thanks Snow!) 

i apologize for my post college face!

but i do really love these rings and this seller is amazing with a huge stock of amazing jewellery and harajuku accessories and who doesn't need those?!

i really love the rings, they have a cool real looking lens over the pupil colours that makes it so, so, so real looking and it catches the light just like actual eyes do!  which super dooper awesome....


you won't have to wait long for a new post because i have items LINED UP!

next will be on the awesome new Ariel (Little Mermaid) jumper / sweater that arrived the other day.

keep on the lookout for it.

mini xox

Sunday, 9 March 2014

slytherin leggings review!

heya friends!

so, on thursday i received another package! weeew!

HOT! SEXY! Womens Fitness SLYTHERIN LEGGINGS Galaxy Milk Supernova Sale Women Digital Printed Pants Free Shipping S106-374

US $7.75 - AUD $8.55 - mmmm dat model XD

The Black Pearl aliexpress store !

this was my first order from this particular seller and boy am i impressed! :3

okaaaayy so here are my pictures of the product! 
sorry they're lame it's 1:14am and i've been real out of it 
all day  
moving on!
 so, here they are! i'm afraid i was too excited about the arrival that i didn't take a photograph of them in their packet but still... here they are anyway...

so pretty and so super soft!
 i never really liked leggings especially on myself but these days i'm overcoming a huuuuuge mental block thing and wearin whatever da hell i want. 
including these!

they are super dooper soft as i mentioned and sliding them on is like an amazing soft glove.

i really love the sharpness of the print of the slytherin badge / symbol thing - i've forgotten the word - insignia?

anyway i love the feel of the material which like i've mentioned is super soft... 

  really happy with this purchase! like i said t at the beginning this is the first order i've made from this store and gawsh i am so impressed with the quality for the price!

and i'm sorry again for the awks mirror selfies ahaha my house mate wasn't here T_T

i'm also sorry about the bad lighting i've gotta start doing this in the day time instead of so late at night! ahhaha

okay, so i really, really recommend this seller because they have some really amazing products but for REASONABLE prices - and free shipping (super important selling point for me)

there's a few more things from the store that i'm interested in including maybe - > a joker swimsuit/body suit aaaand an adventure time dress.... but for a while i gotta resist spending money!!

until my next post ya'll
keep cool             mini xox

Thursday, 6 March 2014

middle earth leggings review!

annyeong!! hihi!

i've a new arrival! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

yes, that's right finally another review of something off my extremely large order list - so exciting!
okay, so the seller is heeerre -> 
Fancy E-Commerce Co.,Ltd

LG005 2014 new arrival hot women fashion digital printed Leggings black Milk Pants slim brand womans MIDDLE EARTH MAP

$8.99US / $9.98AUD

and this is it, I'll start as usual with a photo from the store -> 
ta daaaa - dem legs!

okay, so here are my product photos as well as my comments on the product - you know how it goes!   :3

so, here's my little package! it was really great how small they sent the leggings cause then they could just leave it in my letter box! and that was exciting means i didn't have to go to the post office and collect it on the weekend - which is a real drag.

so, anyway, i've opened the outside plastic to get the main business of the clear plastic pictured on the left! i really love the look of the product thus farrr - exciiiting ^-^
l! -no more packaging between me and my silky smooooooooth nerd leggings... XD

now i'm closer to the product i can see that the quality of the print isn't pure and super sharp which i like because if you have fat thighs or anything like that no one can tell like when you stretch a picture over a canvas that's too small... y'know... but i like it.

okay, quick selfie before we continue. i've got cheer tonight so i haven't washed my hair yet XD

also! sorry for the hideously dirty mirror, i've had to use my housemates as mine smashed T_T

also mirror selfies are entirely my forte but i promise to work on them for next time XD - unless i get a new tripod then i can start using my actual camera instead of my phone! but still... MOVING ON

now, these are so darn silky it's crazy i just wanna rub them all over my face - but - well but nothing! so sofft

i love putting them on because they just slide over my legs as i put them on - ahhhhhhhh that feeling *lip smack*

okay, i really love how long these are - cause i'm really short it's good for my because i can wear them as waist high or i can roll them up or wear them over my heels or whatever - the possibilities are endlessssssss 

another great bit is that these don't really have a back or a front - from what i've noticed...
so i can wear them with this side on the front - with mirkwood or i can wear them the other way with mirkwood on the back... awesome.
here's a close up of my favourite bit - with 
mirkwood over the thigh. hmmmm i love these leggings. 

okay, so i'm sure you remember that i still have a huuuuuge heap of clothes to arrive including another pair of leggings - Slytherin though :3
 yeaaahh nerddd

so keeeeep posted because i hope they will be arriving within the week... wew

yeaaaaaah reviewsss weeeww

also my inspiration posts are on the first of each month and i'm hoping to do maybe a style spotlight once a month or something like that so keep involved and watch this space!

mini xox 

Monday, 3 March 2014

white boots review!

mini herrre! :3 heehee!

so the first item has arrived from my massive orders list and it's these!

these white platform boots were ordered from ->

COWEE E-Commerce Co. LTD on aliexpress

the items description: 

Free shipping +platform boots with a single high-heeled thick heel platform shoes vintage women's shoes ankle boots martin boots.

the cost was 19.99 US 
or $22.41 AUS

the package arrived, a standard not very exciting - cheap to send international bag with the shoes inside a plastic bag inside.

while i'm used to my items arriving like this sometimes i would like a bit of something else in my packages - maybe like a little pamphlet about the store? i dunno... something else... but i also just like the briskness of receiving what you wanted without any jargon - i'm just hard to please like that.

regardless of the appearance of the package i was excited for the arrival of these shoes!

here are my images of the new arrivals !

... so, here they are! cuties!

in these photographs they look a little bit more cream than white - but i can assure you they are rather white!

something i didn't notice in the sellers photographs is the inside material ...

unexpected and welcome surprise !!

the laces aren't the same as the ones in the image provided by the seller but that's easily remedied... just change the laces!  i'm thinking of changing mine to black... because i think the contast will be really cool.... anyway i digress!

so, the feel of the shoes... 

the slope of the heel is steeper than i imagined and this with the super fluffyness of the inside makes my foot slip forwards so my toes hit the end somewhat when i walk, but it's not terrible!

another reason for this is because i'm hesitant when ordering shoes online and i usually order the size above mine just in case - and so i can wear super thick or lots and lots of socks in winter...



anyway, as you can see here - i am wearing the shoes!

simply with jeans as that's what i was wearing at the time ahahah - i do intend to wear them with stockings and socks so i will probably post an image of that at some stage in the not too distant future ... if not here then on my instagram maybe - mooglemini
or tumblr - where i'm also mooglemini

pretty much you can find me on any social media site as mooglemini...

it's how i live.

anyway, keep posted (as usual!) for more reviews coming possibly this week!
and my last post here about my inspiration for march 2014 ! -> Juria Nakagawa !!

lots of loves and cuddles and kisses