Wednesday, 27 August 2014

contact me ! ☆* o(≧▽≦)o *☆

ayo allll!!

today i thought i would just make a post about where you can find me on social media - incasepeopleareintersted.

on all sites i update with pictures of new fashion buys, cosplay related things, kawaii things and nerd and geek related things i've purchased! 

i do try not to double up on things in most places... but sometimes things are just too good to not share everywhere!

so let's start offff with

☆facebook:  this is a really new page that i just made recently, i really wanna get my stuff out there so if you could clicky n like that'd be great! even better if you share! 

☆instagram: i've got a heap of misc photos on my instagram, including photos of the day and cosplay updates! 

☆tumblr: / now, i have two tumblrs as you can seee! the first one (mooglemini) is my fashion inspiration blog where i reblog outfits and things i reallly love. the second tumblr (miniwebbcreative) is the tumblr where i post my photography and mixed media work - including both college and personal works. 

☆linkedIn: i'm really new to linkedIn - in fact to be honest i had to make one for an assignment at college, but i'm more than happy to follow people back if they're interested! 

☆twitter: my twitter is pretty much exactly what you expect from a twitter... really cosplay and blogspot orientated :3

that's all i can think of just now .... :S 

i went shopping at minotaur today and i bought many wonderful things! expect a post about that tomorrow or in the days to come! - still waiting for my wallet, phone case and necklace that i wrote about the other week!

also lots of progress at the moment on my ursula cosplay! so look around! (there's already some pictures on my instagram and facebook!)

mini xox 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

cosplay update! ☆* o(≧▽≦)o *☆

ayo gg!

weeew!! i feel like i've been really inactive for a while and it's because of many reasons, but mostly at the moment i'm just waiting for my orders to arrive! 
and i'm trying to save money. and i'm at uni. and i was really sick for two weeks. and i'm trying to get a job. and i'm sad. and ..... well enough of that. 

So! i think it's time for just a general post about how my cosplays are going at the moment! 

i'm currently in the process of making my first from scratch cosplay ever! Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!  and boy is it turning out to be hard! DX 

i've stopped for the moment because i've reached a point of the costume where i don't really know where to go from there... so i'm just gonna show some photographs and some little comments about the things i've been doing! 

heere we gooo: 

firstly of course this is Dark Magician Girl! :D 

i have absolutely no idea how the hell to make her hat and those boots are freaking huuuuuuge!!!

i've had some trouble with my cape being too heavy as well so i've got to figure something out there...

got to make the arm guards and the wand/staff also. I have plans for the staff / wand it's just the arm bands i'm still thinking about! 

anyway, here's how it's looking at the moment!

there are a few creative decisions i had to make while designing and creating!

 one is that i've made my body suit with longish shorts because it's impossible to see what she's wearing aaand it just makes me more comfortable! 

I've got to remake the arrow on the back because mine is super lame, as well as make the arrows for the front and line the crotch arrow with pink.

if i can find a way to make the gem for the ches and line that sort of lip of material that would be great! but as i'm new to sewing cosplay i guess i'm having some issues with those kind of things! XD

well.... i know it's been a small update but it's been an update nonetheless!!! 

annnddd something great has happened! my skirt and corset for my Ursula cosplay has arrived!!! //squeeeee//

keen to get it on soon with or without a make up test!! it'll have to happen eventually! XD

keep contacted by following my blog, instagram, facebook and my twitter!

xox mini

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

☆ august incoming ☆

hi hi everyone ! ☆

so it's been a little while since i posted a blog because i've been trying to save money but i haven't done too well.... hahaha
because today i bought three things! o.O i have a problem and that problem is online shopping!!! DX

so i thought i'd do a quick little post of what i've ordered this evening so you can be keen for what's coming my way ! ! ! exciiiited!

first off i've ordered a new phone case! i currently have two for my Samsung s4 but one has to little on it and the other is a bit over the top and hard to put in my pocket! i like to rotate my cases so i've ordered this new one: 

i've ordered this adorable little case with a Twin Stars KIKI and LALA pattern on it! it's going to be the first case i've ever bought that has a front protection part on it! and i'm really excited!
i was a bit hesitant at first because all the photos the seller had were of cases on a Samsung NOTE 2 but there was an option to select it for an S4 - so i'm really hoping that i've done it right and i do receive the right case ^.^ i'm hopeful! ☆

okay, speaking of things i like to rotate! i really like to change my wallet / purse a lot because wellllll it's just fun! so i've found one that i had in my cart from a couple of weeks back while i was tab shopping! (it's like window shopping but on online!) and here it is :

wew! i've become re obsessed with sailor moon and i'm so pumped about everything about it again! it's amazing. it's like i've been reintroduced to a good friend! truly amazing! and it's super cute riiiight? ☆

aaaand the final thing i've ordered is something i plan on wearing everyday! so i have a huge key obsession and ever since discovering and playing through the first two kingdom hearts games many years ago i've been even more obsessed with them and the idea of having a keyblade is like my ideal weapon! *droooool* so, i've ordered this ! :

 weeeeeeew! i'm so puuumped! it's just a simple kingdom key because it's the most recognizable and the easiest to find online!
my favourite two are the Oblivion and the Oathkeeper but i also really like the lionheart! <3 

sooooo yessss ☆☆☆ <3 those are the things i've ordered! and i'm preeettyyyy exciiiited ^0^

you can find the things i've ordered heeeeree:

phone case:

sailor moon purse :

keyblade necklace :

well, keep posted for when these items arrive! :D 

mini xox

Friday, 1 August 2014

☆Give Me Sass box products☆


so as i mentioned in the other post i have recieved my Give Me Sass box from Hello Sweetie! (until recently they were called Ausshopping Spree! their new name is so cuuuuute (★o★))

okaaaayyyy so here we go: 

 let's get sasssyyyy!!! :D

  Pink Eye Candy Sunglasses ~ $15
  Black Kitten Socks ~ $7

Etude House: Lash Perm Volume Mascara ~ $19

Etude House: Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk ~ $5

Black Bow Skeleton Hair Clip ~ $4 

VW Inspired Ring ~ $3.50

 Sweet Treats Pink Earrrings ~ $5.50

Etude House : Every month cleansing foam : Avocado&Butter ~ $13
Etude House : Essential Mask : Shea Butter ~ $3.50

Etude House : Wonder Pore Soda Powder ~ $2.50

Etude House : Beauty Samples! 
~ Happy Essential Cream
~ Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream
~ Know Your Body - Soft Cream Scrub
~ Collagen Moistfull Cream

Black Studded Platform Boots ~ $29

Black Whatever Forever Tee ~ $25

 Sassy Kawaii Unicorn Tee ~ $29! 

and that is the wonderful contents of my amazing, amazing sassy box! :D

i love it so so much and i'm so pumped about using all the products inside - infact i've already used some XD hehehe! i'm pretty in love with everything in my box - and i'm so excited about it all... i think everyone should get one ;3

there are other smaller boxes you can get too if you're not yet ready for the serious sass (maybe build yourself up? ahaha)

more reviews of each of the individual products as well as some outfits with the awesome shoes and tees XD (how stunning is that unicorn one?! oh em geee)

so keep an eye out for those reviews a comin'!!

if you're interested in getting a box of your own or following the seller and checking out more of their products you can heeerrreee ->

until next time ya'll

mini xox