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★ april - inspiration! ★

hihi dear friends! it is the first of the month! which means a new inspiration post! 
and today's blog will be about ★Minori★

if you missed last months inspiration blog post about Juria Nakagawa you can read that here!

i have a feeling this is going to be a very long post as today's inspirational subject, Minori,  is one of the biggest influences on me not only in ways of fashion but also in my art and appreciation for new styles and things. 

okay, introductions!
Minori is a Shiro-Nuri artist and designer in Tokyo who is often photographed by the Tokyo Fashion Blog. 
Minori is well known for her dedication to Shiro-Nuri - the fashion of painting the face in pure white make up and her extravagant and formal attire ranging from lolita inspired to traditional kimono styled fashion.

what i love
when it comes to what i love about Minori, the list is practically endless! I will have to start with the unique and jaw breaking detail she puts into her outfits and make up daily!  i've found from studying and researching not only for this post but in general out of interest (and obsession) that nature is without a doubt one of the biggest influences on her make up detailing and accessories which is amazing. the way she is able to combine her influences like nature and things into her daily wear is truly amazing and inspiring to me. 

aside from Minori's outrageous talent for make-up you cannot talk about her incorporation of influences and styles without looking at her clothes.
Minori is probably mostly known for her wearing of lacy garments and it's true that these are mostly what her outfits are made up of- but that's not all!
some of my favourite outfits of Minori's have been not as lolita styled as her usual or mostly known outfits have been.  

as you can see in these two outfits there is indeed lace but it's not the prominent design element.

i'm truly inspired by Minori's ability to create amazing outfits combining such an array of styles from what i can see and name i'd say that in these three outfits there are elements of steam-punk/Victorian era fashion, lolita, pirate-y fashion, fairy kei, jacobean stylings, as well as touchess of a number of gothic styles. 


where did i discover her?
honestly, i have forgotten where my first encounter with Minori was but i have a strong suspicion that is was through Tokyo Fashion Blog - whether though it was on their facebook, instagram or tumblr i'm not certain.

but i can definitely say it was a love at first site feeling and you too can find Minori's works and outfits and interviews and other things at these places ->


how does she inspire me?
i'm fairly certain i haven't stopped saying this since the post started!

Minori is a huge inspiration for me in terms of combining different styles into a new one and this goes for both make up and clothes, accessories also. 

On top of all the inspiration and ideas Minori has given me just by being herself, she has also created in me a new aspiration to be as true to myself and unique as i am and wish to express through such ways as outfits and make-up just as she does.  This message from Minori is sent in her interview video with Tokyo Fashion Blog " Minori's World - Japanese Shiro-Nuri Subculture Interview & Photo Shoot"  (watch that here www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwi5OhZJmFI

where Minori tells to the camera that the only way to succeed in what you want is to do it and believe in yourself and keep at it despite what other people think of it.  in order to remind myself of this i watch this video at least once a month or as much as i need the encouragement - because it seems to mean a lot to me to see that someone who has become as famous as her felt the same way i do and did. 

aside from being an amazing designer in terms of fashion, Minori has utilised these skills she has into art and photo pieces and these have truly inspired me in terms of what i want to create in my own photography which i will hopefully be able to undertake this year at college. 

aaaand that's all i can currently think to say about dear Minori and her amazing style.

i don't seem to be able to put into words the kind of influence this woman has in and over my mind but i'm sure if you look around and watch that video i linked just above you will fall in love also.

there are two items that i'm still waiting for the arrival of, if they take any longer i will have to message the sender - they're both coming form the same online store so i'm sure they'll be somewhere... :/ right?

also i will be attending Supanova on the 13th of April (in melbourne) in cosplay (Fionna the Human from Adventure Time) and i'm hoping to post a blog about that and my experience when i get home - including a haul i'm sure!

lots of love until then guys.

mini xox

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