Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Go To Hell T-Shirt review!

hihi mini here!!

so as i mentioned a couple of posts ago i had bought a t-shirt that said go to hell! with an adorable picture of a unicorn surrounded by bright colours! aaaanddddd - it melted in australia's "totally amazing" 40 degree heat!


i was really thankful when, after sending my review to the store i bought it from  moooh!! - on storenvy, i received an email saying that when i bought my new shirt i would get a discount. 

and so i quickly took up that offer because - well who wouldn't?  i was really upset about losing the other one which was one of my favourites.

anyway, i re-purchased the shirt in the colour of 'lavender'

as pictured, it is awesome.

and it's bright and colourful and big and awesome. 

and it was free shipping - my favourite selling point.

the original cost of the shirt is ...

*looks it up*


- however i got a certain amount refunded to me thanks so much to the store owner! ;D

now, what i really love about this shirt is how colourful it is!

the print is really vibrant but doesn't manage - somehow - to take away from the brightness of the lavender of the shirt.

here i am rockin' it, today when it arrived today! - + a peak at my new tattoo!

seriously lovin' it.

excited to wear it all the time - see how vibrant it is!

this time i swear to keep it away from excess heat and i suggest others do the same because recently my house mate and i have realised that patterns printed in this plastic-y sort of material on clothes melt together lots.
it happened to my batman underwear and singlet in the wash - when we washed them in hot water.

so, yea, keep an eye out for that happening and wash in cold or medium water and keep out of extreme australian heat!

still expecting more products in the coming weeks, i'm off to queensland this weekend but i shall return!

so, until then... 
well, you know, continue with your business...

mini xox

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