Wednesday, 12 February 2014

★ feb - inspiration! ★

hihi! mini here!

so, i felt a tad awkward waiting for such a long time for my items to arrive ... so i thought that i would do a post about my most inspirational person recently and so, here that is...

for the last couple of months i have to say my biggest fashion (and dream lifestyle) inspiration comes from this girl - "Andi Autumn"

                                                                                       ☆what i love

firstly, i absolutely love the combination of fairy kei and street style plus decora accessories that she wears.
i love her hair and the style of wigs she wears - they're like, the same wig but differently styled and i really love the variety of hair styles she wears. 
she wears plaits and the long sleek blonde look, but frequents more quirky styles like the twin buns and crazy-luscious curls or pony tails that stick straight up!

i totally adore the way she does her eye make up and her contacts and her co ordination in her outfits.

(these are my favourite photos of her - so far)


                                                                          ☆how did i discover her? 

i came across Andi's amazing fashion sense through tumblr, where i came across a picture of her with a huge(r) inspiration of mine Eva Cheung (aka: Eva Pinkland). as soon as i saw her i was obsessed... outrageously obsessed i immediately had to find her on every social media outlet possible.... #fangirlmuch


                                                                       ☆how does she inspire me?

aside from her amazing style, make up skills, shoe collection, jacket assortment and awesome hair i love what i've seen of her lifestyle in hong kong.
she seems to be able to dress so eccentrically but the outfits always suit her, hair make up and all.... 



okay, so that's my first inspiration blog post about my inspiration from Andi Autumn, i will try and post one every two months maybe, or every month depending on how inspired i am at the time ^.^

okay, so until my items arrive - peace out.

mini xox

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