Sunday, 16 February 2014

platform sneakers review!

hihi mini here!

today i finally received my dream shoes (。♥‿♥。)

i've always wanted some classic black and white converses - but with a twist of some sort...
maybe thigh highs? - don't really like the way they look on my thighs 

and since i'm really short why not platforms?! 

image from the website:

$20.27 AUD

i've been seeing platform shoes everywhere at the moment! they are especially common where i get most of my inspiration from; tokyo and hong kong street fashion!

what i like about these shoes is the simplicity in their design, i know it's very much like converse but they're (unfortunately) not converses (also, i have too many pairs of converses that are healthy!)

they're not weighted down heaps by studs and complicated bits and bobs they're exactly what you see- simple and classic.

i ordered my shoes from: 

Shenzhen Sunweb Technology Ltd.

here are my pictures :

 so, these shoes arrived unlaced in their box, but the laces were provided and that was super great because the lace length isn't the same as usual / normal shoes. they are in fact shorter, and that is the length of the laces in the box with the shoes! 


the first thing that surprised me about these shoes was how light they are! 
i have two other pairs of platforms and they're both rather heavy - i think it's the material the soles of the shoes are made of and these ones are super light! which is great because when you're wearing our platforms around for hours and hours while walking in the city your feet do get tired ... :( 

but not with these!

after realising how light the shoes were and throwing one at my house mate to prove so i admired the real black of the black canvas the shoes are made of.

the material is really very black, which is what one worry of mine was - that the material wouldn't be dark black but more of a grey or ashy black if you know what i mean..

but that wasn't something i had to worry about because the shoes aren't a flimsy black! 

and of course after admiring the shoes i put them on!

and boy was that an amazing idea! the shoes are really soft soled which i guess has to do with how light the material used for the bottom is.
they are also a little big too big for my feet (again, because of little me!) in most areas as least...
but that's fine because in winter i can wear big thick socks with them and i can wear socks over my tights as well ... which i love doing! so great!

the platform on the bottom is about 4cm high (just over an inch)
and made out of a type of foamy-plastic i guess... but it's easy to walk on and the grip is pretty good on most surfaces i've come across... 

overall i am really happy with the shoes and am thinking of investing another pair in the future.

i really encourage the purchasing of them by others and i intend of buying more from this seller - most likely.

so, there is a lot of purchases incoming so keep in touch ;D

mini xox

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