Friday, 21 February 2014

incoming products #2 ◕‿◕✿


i've gone crazy again in finding new things to buy when i should be saving money for korean and travelling.... *sigh*

anyway, too late now cx

here is what you will be seeing reviews for in the future ... starting with what is still expected from my last purchase party - >

eyeball ring 

purple tinted circle glasses

white boots                             black mesh skirt              


purple strapped skirt

here's what i've ordered yesterday !!  (i have no self control!)

black cut off tee 

                              punk ariel jumper

black lace skirt 

                                        middle earth leggings


slytherin leggings 

                                                yellow flying eyeball skirt


haha i'm sorry!!!  

gotta try and pace myself with my spending ! 

so keep posted! - reviews are coming! 

in fact! i have a package at the post office so i will post a review on whatever that package ends up being when i collect it!

until then...

mini xox

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