Friday, 21 February 2014

☆AU - Shopping Spree. Contacts Review #2 ☆

hihi! mini here!

today i was lucky enough to receive a free package from AU Shopping Spree  in thanks for my last review on my green lenses!

 -> read that here!! 

anyway, yes! i was very excited for this gifts arrival!

here are some pictures of my package - i live in the same country as the store stock so it's really nice for once not having to wait weeks for my products to arrive! it also allows for things to be more adorable packaged which i love.

here is my envelope with my special little "complimentary gift" sticker

the pug is just so adorable!

shopping is without a doubt my cardio!!

when i'm not cheerleading of course!

here is my adorbale little package with the complimentary sticker again - the cutesy little pug again. i've never been a dog fan but pugs - get me everytime!

the same cute and simple wrapping tissue paper as last time, but with added totally kawaii rose paper tape! ->

here are my lenses! i am really thankful that they took notice of my blue eyes for these circle lenses. ^-^

and they look really great! clean and sealed in their containers which is promising - just like they were last time.

the blue is really nice because it's a little bit more sky than the grey of my eyes (in most light situations) and there is a bit more depth and excitement to my eyes when i wear them!

but what i love best is how much bigger they make my eyes look! my house mate ensures i didn't need my eyes to look any bigger... but i disagree big eyes are always wonderful!

anyway!! here is a comparison photograph .....

the left obviously, is with just one contact in and isnt the size difference amazing!?

and then my beautiful fullness with both contacts!!

ahhhhhh i have so much love for them!!!!!!! 

so that's my review of these beautiful, amazing contact lenses.

i really love them and i'm so thankful for them! 

i'm really excited to look at more of the products in the store other than the contact lenses now that i've stocked up! excited!

everyone should definitely check out their site and products!

i've just ordered another huge selection of items and clothes! so keep posted!

mini xox

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