Monday, 3 February 2014

AU - Shopping Spree. Contacts Review!

hihi! mini here!

i have discovered a new seller of wonderful things!
and as a bonus they're in my country! - say whaaat?

AU - Shopping Spree

after finding the store i was really happy to find that i had found it in time for australia day specials! weew aus!

and so, i have purchased some green contacts which i have wanted my entire life for a fantastico price of $14.00 - with free shipping within australia as a celebration for australia day. (26th of january for those who don't know)

i've always dreamt of having some sort of piercing green eyes and finding this product called "Vivid Green" sounded terribly promising to fulfil that dream to some sort of degree. 

i was really excited about finding the store, especially the contacts, mostly because as i said it was in my country as well as having reasonable prices and cool products. super exciting.

it was a pleasant surprise finding my package in my letter box so soon. i didn't expect it because practically everything i order ships internationally which can take up to and more than two weeks to arrive. 

the package contents were really adorable! 

here is what was in my envelope/ parcel!i was given a small case for the contacts
a little advertising piece 
and a little picture of a pug that says 
"shopping is my cardio" - hilarious

the contacts are comfortable and truly amazingly coloured  "vivid green" 

here is the comparison image next to my blue babies.

these are the second pair of contacts i have purchased but the first i've purchased over the internet and i'm not unhappy - which is nice.

the one thing i'm confused about with these contacts is that the pupil space (is that what it's called?) is very large...
i don't know whether this means i have small pupils or something, but in most lighting situations you can see a huge amount of my natural blue under where the should be green.

i have decided that this is kind of cool, and if i wear the lenses out at night and things my pupils with be bigger anyway, so the blue will not be seen as much anyway.

however, i am not put off... i still really enjoy the green and intend to buy from the store again :]

overall i find this product satisfying and give them a 7/10

i've recently gone shopping mad .. and am expecting upwards of 8 or 9 items.
stay tuned c;

mini xox

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