Sunday, 31 May 2015

San Photoshoot!

hey everyone! 
the first day of my big weekend is over and boy i'm exhausted!

Saturday started off with a nice adventure out to the Yarra Valley to shoot my San cosplay! 

The cosplay i originally made for my little sister who didn't take it home with her when she left... rude.

soooo i fixed it up and added to it to make it better-er and thought to myself "hey, i know a great place to shoot this" 

So after gathering my guuurrrllsss and having a sleepover with WAY too much candy we headed off to Badger Creek to shoot!                                                                                           

I was very cold. I really need to start doing cosplays with, i don't know, maybe pants?!
Anyywaaaayyyy we went straight to work because we were so excited about the location and probably on a sugar high. 

after trekking through the bushes and being assaulted by ferns and sticks we had a small break and decided we'd brave the creek area for some cool shots! aaaaandd of course it wouldn't be a complete without someone getting wet. My toes were wet but that was nothing compared to Belly who miscalculated as she was stepping along the stones and managed to get herself into a position where she had to take two massive steps through the freezing mountain water to get to a safe rock.  She was a bit too confident i assume. XD

After the river we tried some crazy jumping shots just to shake up the dynamic but they were harder than we had thought so we gave up pretty quickly. Aaaaaannnddddd then we thought: "hey we have the red facepaint!" 
so to finish off the day we went with a sort of post battle San and got some cool pictures of that! :3 
Really looking forward to seeing the photos and the videos we took while we were there! I will be editing the behind the scenes videos within the next few days and you will be able to see that on my YouTube channel - MoogleMini! (who would have guessed that would be what it was called?!)

keep posted here as i continue my cosplay journeys :3 

mini xox 

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