Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Harajuku Fashion Walk Melbourne OOTD!

on sunday the 27th of december we took part in the second ever harajuku Fashion Walk in melbourne!
and we had a super amazing time!

it was my littler sisters' first time getting dressed up in any kind of harajuku inspired outfit and i decided to let her take the reigns mostly in terms of what kind of outfit she wanted to wear. [then i'd wear something contrasting]
after some tumblr and googling research she decided on a more decora/colourful sort of co-ord and hit up my wardrobe to find somethings she liked.
afterwards her make up and wig styling was done by me!

we opted for a black shirt under her high waisted lilac mullet skirt - both from KMART. 
Also from KMART was the pink denim jacket that she had decorated with various badges i've been collecting from conventions and so on.

The wig is a blue long wavy one i bought to use for my Charizard Cosplay - with a small amount of decora bows from asian $2 stores in greensbourough + a Moogle bow i bought at a convention.

Her Hello Kitty face mask i bougth in a packet of many at Daiso. Jewellry is all mine - collected over the years and the Gun was bought then spray painted and bejeweled by Lily for this day especially!


as she'd decided to go in more of the colourful spectrum i found it easier to use what was left in my cupboard for more of a pastel goth, every day wearable look, that really fit in with melbourne's black-loving aesthetic!

I wore, for the first time ever, my Anime Eyes crop from ebay (you'll find a post about it from earlier this month) I wore this because it was a pretty warm day in the city and it is fucking adorable.

The black and silver wig i'm wearing is also featured in a previous online haul post! 
ONE OF A KIND - beanie also bought from Ebay to pay a small tribute to my love G-Dragon.

Black mullet skirt from the teenage girl section in KMART. 
[if you're sharp, you'll notice that it's the exact same skirt that my sister was wearing just in a different colour]

Pink Circle Wonka sunglasses from Hello Sweetie.
For a while during the day also, i was wearing a black long cardigan a friend leant me so i didn't get my pearlescent white skin touched by the sunlight.
Eyelashes from Daiso, make up from various places.
Pink skull bracelet from Off Ya Tree.
Rings from Lovisa.

We're both wearing Matte Black fake fingernails from KMART ($4 a packet!!)

Any questions about anything in the outfits or anything else please feel free to contact me

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