Thursday, 28 May 2015

cosplay update! may! ◕ ◡ ◕

heeeeyyyy gurrrrllll! 
Pretty hectic this week trying to balance out the making of multiple costumes and the transitioning between two houses!  With some materials I need being in one house when it really needs to be in the other to be used! struggling!
Two planned photoshoots this weekend with two very different cosplays! 
Saturday is the spontaneously planned shoot of the San cosplay I recently fond while packing up my old house. The costume, I originally made for my little sister to wear to Armageddon in 2014. After finding it again in a box I decided that I would fix some imperfections and do a shoot with some friends! Pretty excited for this one!
On Sunday night I will be heading into the CBD with two friends to shoot our Punk renditions of some D.C BATMAN villains! I will be rocking a genderbend punk Joker that i've been working on all week for another event which takes place on saturday night!
many things happening! Two shoots should also mean two new videos! So should be super fun!
mini xox
p.s here's some sneak peaks of the Punk J! :3

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