Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Wig, Anime Tears and Batman!

ayo all!

i've just recieved two awesome packages after i finally went back to shopping on ebay after being obsessed with aliexpress for such a long time!! and it's greaaaat! let's get straight into the new things!

first off is this amaazing wig that i bought from ebay seller hohfashion 

priced at $20.99 (including shipping) 

usually i don't buy things that have extra shipping costs but i was just so in love with this wig that i had to have it regardless!

i've honestly been wearing it since i bought it and i love how beautifully soft and high quality it is!
i will definitely be buying more wigs from this seller, especially if they're all this soft and comfortable to wear!!

secondlyyy i found another amazing seller called 365-buy-2011  
again, as you all know i don't usually buy things with shipping costs buuuuttt i'm so keen to get back into the harajuku fashion way of dressing everyday and so i took a risk for these two items - and boy it paid off!

i'm always really worried when i buy things like this online because i don't have a small chest and i'm always thinking that it wont fit over my boobs or it will look ridiculous. 
 partnered with these worries i also don't have a flat stomach ( or at least a stomach that i'm confident in showing in anyway) 
aaannndd with crops i'm so nervous that if i wear them people will judge me all the time..

however i partnered these two shirts with a high waisted skirt and looks pretty good! ( actually wearing in the wig picture above!) 

angles are everything... ahahahaha! 

i've got  few more things on the way! so keep posted for more pastel goth / harajuku style things! SO READY TO BE BACK IN THE AMAZING FASHION! 

if you're angry because i hardly type reviews at the moment then you can see where i post often on
youtube (strangely enough!)

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