Thursday, 21 August 2014

cosplay update! ☆* o(≧▽≦)o *☆

ayo gg!

weeew!! i feel like i've been really inactive for a while and it's because of many reasons, but mostly at the moment i'm just waiting for my orders to arrive! 
and i'm trying to save money. and i'm at uni. and i was really sick for two weeks. and i'm trying to get a job. and i'm sad. and ..... well enough of that. 

So! i think it's time for just a general post about how my cosplays are going at the moment! 

i'm currently in the process of making my first from scratch cosplay ever! Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!  and boy is it turning out to be hard! DX 

i've stopped for the moment because i've reached a point of the costume where i don't really know where to go from there... so i'm just gonna show some photographs and some little comments about the things i've been doing! 

heere we gooo: 

firstly of course this is Dark Magician Girl! :D 

i have absolutely no idea how the hell to make her hat and those boots are freaking huuuuuuge!!!

i've had some trouble with my cape being too heavy as well so i've got to figure something out there...

got to make the arm guards and the wand/staff also. I have plans for the staff / wand it's just the arm bands i'm still thinking about! 

anyway, here's how it's looking at the moment!

there are a few creative decisions i had to make while designing and creating!

 one is that i've made my body suit with longish shorts because it's impossible to see what she's wearing aaand it just makes me more comfortable! 

I've got to remake the arrow on the back because mine is super lame, as well as make the arrows for the front and line the crotch arrow with pink.

if i can find a way to make the gem for the ches and line that sort of lip of material that would be great! but as i'm new to sewing cosplay i guess i'm having some issues with those kind of things! XD

well.... i know it's been a small update but it's been an update nonetheless!!! 

annnddd something great has happened! my skirt and corset for my Ursula cosplay has arrived!!! //squeeeee//

keen to get it on soon with or without a make up test!! it'll have to happen eventually! XD

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xox mini

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