Wednesday, 13 August 2014

☆ august incoming ☆

hi hi everyone ! ☆

so it's been a little while since i posted a blog because i've been trying to save money but i haven't done too well.... hahaha
because today i bought three things! o.O i have a problem and that problem is online shopping!!! DX

so i thought i'd do a quick little post of what i've ordered this evening so you can be keen for what's coming my way ! ! ! exciiiited!

first off i've ordered a new phone case! i currently have two for my Samsung s4 but one has to little on it and the other is a bit over the top and hard to put in my pocket! i like to rotate my cases so i've ordered this new one: 

i've ordered this adorable little case with a Twin Stars KIKI and LALA pattern on it! it's going to be the first case i've ever bought that has a front protection part on it! and i'm really excited!
i was a bit hesitant at first because all the photos the seller had were of cases on a Samsung NOTE 2 but there was an option to select it for an S4 - so i'm really hoping that i've done it right and i do receive the right case ^.^ i'm hopeful! ☆

okay, speaking of things i like to rotate! i really like to change my wallet / purse a lot because wellllll it's just fun! so i've found one that i had in my cart from a couple of weeks back while i was tab shopping! (it's like window shopping but on online!) and here it is :

wew! i've become re obsessed with sailor moon and i'm so pumped about everything about it again! it's amazing. it's like i've been reintroduced to a good friend! truly amazing! and it's super cute riiiight? ☆

aaaand the final thing i've ordered is something i plan on wearing everyday! so i have a huge key obsession and ever since discovering and playing through the first two kingdom hearts games many years ago i've been even more obsessed with them and the idea of having a keyblade is like my ideal weapon! *droooool* so, i've ordered this ! :

 weeeeeeew! i'm so puuumped! it's just a simple kingdom key because it's the most recognizable and the easiest to find online!
my favourite two are the Oblivion and the Oathkeeper but i also really like the lionheart! <3 

sooooo yessss ☆☆☆ <3 those are the things i've ordered! and i'm preeettyyyy exciiiited ^0^

you can find the things i've ordered heeeeree:

phone case:

sailor moon purse :

keyblade necklace :

well, keep posted for when these items arrive! :D 

mini xox

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