Wednesday, 27 August 2014

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ayo allll!!

today i thought i would just make a post about where you can find me on social media - incasepeopleareintersted.

on all sites i update with pictures of new fashion buys, cosplay related things, kawaii things and nerd and geek related things i've purchased! 

i do try not to double up on things in most places... but sometimes things are just too good to not share everywhere!

so let's start offff with

☆facebook:  this is a really new page that i just made recently, i really wanna get my stuff out there so if you could clicky n like that'd be great! even better if you share! 

☆instagram: i've got a heap of misc photos on my instagram, including photos of the day and cosplay updates! 

☆tumblr: / now, i have two tumblrs as you can seee! the first one (mooglemini) is my fashion inspiration blog where i reblog outfits and things i reallly love. the second tumblr (miniwebbcreative) is the tumblr where i post my photography and mixed media work - including both college and personal works. 

☆linkedIn: i'm really new to linkedIn - in fact to be honest i had to make one for an assignment at college, but i'm more than happy to follow people back if they're interested! 

☆twitter: my twitter is pretty much exactly what you expect from a twitter... really cosplay and blogspot orientated :3

that's all i can think of just now .... :S 

i went shopping at minotaur today and i bought many wonderful things! expect a post about that tomorrow or in the days to come! - still waiting for my wallet, phone case and necklace that i wrote about the other week!

also lots of progress at the moment on my ursula cosplay! so look around! (there's already some pictures on my instagram and facebook!)

mini xox 

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