Friday, 1 August 2014

☆Give Me Sass box products☆


so as i mentioned in the other post i have recieved my Give Me Sass box from Hello Sweetie! (until recently they were called Ausshopping Spree! their new name is so cuuuuute (★o★))

okaaaayyyy so here we go: 

 let's get sasssyyyy!!! :D

  Pink Eye Candy Sunglasses ~ $15
  Black Kitten Socks ~ $7

Etude House: Lash Perm Volume Mascara ~ $19

Etude House: Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk ~ $5

Black Bow Skeleton Hair Clip ~ $4 

VW Inspired Ring ~ $3.50

 Sweet Treats Pink Earrrings ~ $5.50

Etude House : Every month cleansing foam : Avocado&Butter ~ $13
Etude House : Essential Mask : Shea Butter ~ $3.50

Etude House : Wonder Pore Soda Powder ~ $2.50

Etude House : Beauty Samples! 
~ Happy Essential Cream
~ Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream
~ Know Your Body - Soft Cream Scrub
~ Collagen Moistfull Cream

Black Studded Platform Boots ~ $29

Black Whatever Forever Tee ~ $25

 Sassy Kawaii Unicorn Tee ~ $29! 

and that is the wonderful contents of my amazing, amazing sassy box! :D

i love it so so much and i'm so pumped about using all the products inside - infact i've already used some XD hehehe! i'm pretty in love with everything in my box - and i'm so excited about it all... i think everyone should get one ;3

there are other smaller boxes you can get too if you're not yet ready for the serious sass (maybe build yourself up? ahaha)

more reviews of each of the individual products as well as some outfits with the awesome shoes and tees XD (how stunning is that unicorn one?! oh em geee)

so keep an eye out for those reviews a comin'!!

if you're interested in getting a box of your own or following the seller and checking out more of their products you can heeerrreee ->

until next time ya'll

mini xox 

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