Wednesday, 21 May 2014

california dream barbie sweatshirt review!

heya guys!

so here i am to start the reviews of the products i've gotten recently! and there should be four hopefully within the next two weeks! 

and i will be starting today with the receiving of an item i've had my eye on since i saw a similar one on a model that i really like! 
so eventually i found it at a price that i thought was acceptable and so i went ahead and ordered it!

so here is the product we will be kicking off the reviews with for the next fortnight!


California Dream Barbie Sweatshirt
$12.58 AUD 
fits size 8-10 AUS

i ordered this one from and it is a really great buy!

there was a really short time for delivery despite of course me living in freakin' australia which always feels like there is forever and a half between order and delivery but this arrived really quickly.

i'm really pleased with this sweatshirt - i wore it for the first time out the other week and i got a few compliments on it ! which is always nice right?

here are some awkward photos of me after i got home from my day of wearing my jacket! 

i apologize for the awkward face!

but you can see that the jumper is a really comfortable fit without being too tight - however i personally would have liked it a whole lot more if it was a bigger because i really like baggy clothes. however while that is my personal preference for clothing - especially sweatshirts, hoodies and jumpers, the sizing of this item is good also! 

while i found the product to be really amazing the only thing i found a tad off was the pink colour and that was because i see it not even as a classic barbie pink which was a bit of a "eh" moment for me.

however, the product is really comfortable and it's not expensive and it's really awesome and people really like it!

so i have nothing else to really say about this sweatshirt! it's exactly what i thought it would be and exactly what it looks like in all the pictures! i've not had any trouble with stitching or anything and i'm not really sure if i'm expecting any because the creation of the item seems real tight and things..

so to finish up here's just some pictures of the product ... :3

so, this is just the first of four total reviews i have at the moment! 
aaand i ordered something new recently so i hope you're all ready for that!

until then! <3 luff
mini xox

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