Sunday, 18 May 2014

amazing find! store spotlight! ♥

heya all! EXCITING NEWS!   (≧◡≦)

i know in my last post i said that i would be doing the reviews of the products that had recently arrived from my aliexpress order! and i will be doing them i promise it's just that i have found a really amazing store that i feel people need to know about!

while on pinterest the other night doing homework (i know it sounds strange but it's true!) i came across a website under some really adorable products and so after a while of it spamming my feed i was like : FINE i will look at this site!

and oh em gee! 

it's full of totally kawaii products and things that you see and just need - usually for no reason!
and the icing on the cake is FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING !

so, here i am at 4am freakkking out trying not to scream and squeal with excitement! 
i decided, it's time for sleeping we can look again later!

and i did again! just now! and i'm so impressed with this stores range and importantly how easy the site is to use!

i've gotten this far through the post and realised i haven't said the stores name! - how's that for excited?!
the online store that i am talking about is called and they stock really adorable items from Japan and Korea ranging from magazines and manga to bags to candies and snacks! with many other cute things in between!

aside from just having their own website this store can be found on pretty much every aspect of social media! - which i will link down the bottom!

i just thought it was important that people knew this store existed and checked it out.
i will without a doubt be ordering things from here in the future! - great for presents! - so look out for reviews and squealing! 

until later this week !

mini xox


p.s don't forget you can find me on all these sites also! just @mooglemini!

<3 ♥ <3 

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