Thursday, 1 May 2014

★may - inspiration!★

heya there everyone! 
i can't believe how fast this year is going! s:
panicking a bit about college work !! 
but we must prevail! and we shall start with the monthly inspiration post! you can click >here< to check out last months post about Minori. 

 and today we will be talking about the stylings and products of 

Sebastian Masuda

 creator of 6%DOKIDOKI!!

6%DokiDoki is a boutique in Harajuku which has been one of the key players in the spreading of 'kawaii' fashion, style and culture around the world. 

What I love
I have a huge admiration for Masuda as i really admire his beliefs about fashion, culture and styles and how they belong to everyone.  I just cannot put into words how i feel when i have to describe what i love about him and his brand but if i had to narrow it down it would have to be the colours and the designs of the accessories, clothing and everything! (and the two shop girls Yuka and Vani!! planning some inspiration posts on them in the later months!)

Where did i discover him? 
i discovered Masuda's work originally in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's music video for Pon Pon Pon, 
in which the room Kyary is in was created by Masuda with items from his own collection! such a kawaii room! so bright and colourful and amazing! though i will admit that when i first saw Kyary's video i didn't know it was by him but after becoming more and more interested and addicted to Kyary i discovered her connection to Masuda and his brand. c:

How does he inspire me?
as i mentioned in the what i love section, i admire and am inspired by his feelings towards the sharing of the fashions and styles from Harajuku with the rest of the world and vice versa. I am so touched in his sharing of his brand throughout the world and his passion for his work as well as dedication to it. he recently did an art piece in New York and he travelled there to meet people and everything to see it done properly and so fans could meet him and the Yuka went too (i think Vani also) and it's just really amazing to see someone who is still dedicated to doing what they love after such a long time. 

one of my favourite shoots and interviews with Sebastian is here this video is really inspiring to me and the things that he says make me feel included in the Harajuku Fashion Culture despite being halfway across the world. 

if you like what you see here or are intersted in learning more and seeing the store and more about it, there are some amazing videos about Sebastian and the 6%DokiDoki brand here

and just to finish off are just some more links where you can find and support the 6%DokiDoki brand c: as always thanks for reading and i hope you keep an eye out for more reviews and blogs to come this month! i'm really hoping to spread out into more information about fashion things and whatnot so yeah... watch this space!

mini xox

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