Saturday, 24 May 2014

Pink Diamond Flower Style Butterfly Pearl Phone Case Review!

heya everyone!

so i know that this wasn't included my list of things to review but that is because i didn't expect it to arrive before i'd done the other reviews!
but now that it is here i just have to review it because i need to share my excitement and happiness about this item!

so on with the show!

i got a new phone at the end of last year and i was a bit bummed that i had bought so many covers for my old one and would have to buy new ones! you will see in some of my mirror photos the simple hello kitty cover i had and i did love it don't get my wrong but it was time for a change and i needed something less simple!

so i had a look on, my new favourite shopping destination pretty much! and i found something that i could not resist!

and here we go! : 

New Fashion Pink Diamond Flower Style Butterfly Pearl Case Cover For SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 I9500 Cute Cartoon Jewellery
"Sunny Case Store"
$7.75 AUD

 So i was super duper excited to get this and as soon as i did i practically ripped it open! 

 so it was packaged up really well ! in two layers of bubble wrap over the initial packaging and i was really glad of that because with everything i'm always worried that something will go wrong during the shipping process.

but not today!

so, i am truly in love with this product! the designs are perfect and the colours are perfect and it looks great on my phone and i'm just obsessed! 

whenever i'm around friends i start saying "Stop what you're doing and look at my phone case!" and they're getting a little bit sick of it to be honest, but i just cannot get enough of this phone case!

the colours in my images are different from the store one above because of the lighting in my room (stupid tungsten lights!) but i can't get enough of it! 


something i really, really love about this delivery was that in the package came a smaller packet with glue and some spare jewels in case any are lost from the case! so you can fix it without it being ruined or anything!
oh my gosh people, i cannot get enough of this phone case!! seriously!!! i'm obsessed! 
i can't stop touching it and looking at all the little sweets and shapes on the back! 

i was a little worried that it would be hard to press the buttons on the side of the phone with the case being so 3 dimensional but there is heaps of space there and it's actually easier to press the buttons in this case than it was in the other one i had!

so i'm sure that i will be showing you more images of this in the future because i just love it.

i love it.

this case... i love it.

i love it.

aaaand that's all i have to say really about this product, i love it.

i hope to be posting another blog tomorrow on one of my favourite bags at the moment! keep an eye out!
+ buy one of these phone cases!

mini xox

i love it.

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