Wednesday, 23 April 2014

☆AU - Shopping Spree. Faslies Review! ☆

hullo ya'll!

today i'm here for a terribly over due review of a complimentary gift from AU Shopping Spree!


anyway! what i have is a beautiful set of TONYMOLY lashes, made in Korea for an amazingly stunning price of $5!!!

firstly - as you know by now i'm sure...
store product picture from the website! 
you can find the product in the side menu by clicking on 
"Beauty Products: Eyes""

some photos that i took then!  ta-daa ~~

i really love the little pattern on the box because at first they look like little dots but close up they're little diamond stars - if that makes sense...

i really love the pink behind the lashes too bcause white is so boring but the pink is that little bit of excitement! :3

plus i love pink so... yea :]

the back is all in korean !!! 
i love the korean writing system! i think it's just so adorable and cute! - aside from that the packaging i feel it a little bit too big - although i feel that about most eyelash packets... they always have too much space at the bottom i feel by at least a centimetre (sometimes more with other packets)...

 <- just a quick close up of the packaging showing the pink of the eyelash tray a bit more!

also included in the packaging is a small lash glue - i really love this in eyelash packets! i think it's especially good for people who are either buying their first packet of lashes or are unsure about wearing them or don't wear them very often! It's really great for those people :]

now! onto the actual lashes!

the lash style (i'm pretty sure ) is called Pin Up lash because of the varied lengths of the individual lashes - but these are a bit different from a classic pin up lash style because they have a small criss cross section of smaller lashes at the base for the look or fuller and more fuller lashes!

these lashes are rather natural in comparison to the ones i usually wear, i'm quite a false eyelash collector. i've been using them for years for calisthenics and now for cheerleading and i've recently begun wearing them on a nearly a daily/weekly basis.

awkward selfie timeeee!!!

//please excuse make up less face// 
so this is the look of the lashes up close- they look a bit odd because i'm not wearing eyeliner with them, but you can see how they make the base of the lashes thicker, and seem more full - especially when you curl them with your own and add mascara - which i haven't done here -which i probably should have.... but you can still see the effect the lashes have... kinda..

here is a close comparison of the right with the lashes and the left without - just my natural lame lashes.

so i've had to cancel two items i had ordered due to no communication from the seller - which i do not tolerate at all...

but i have got some other things on the way ... so hopefully! *pray for me*

and so those should be... arriving soon... 

so until then..

be cool / warm depending on the weather where you are.... gosh awkward ending...

now i'm going...

mini xox

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