Wednesday, 16 April 2014

=^-ω-^= Supanova Pop Culture Expo Blog!

hey hey yo!

so, i'm pretty behind on blogging because last week i was super busy with preparing for Supanova and college work...

but i put lots more effort into Supanova to reward myself in doing well in a previous assignment and because a friend is making a film about me for her uni course! - when it's done i will link you to it!!

so, first off Supanova Saturday!
an early start and a long corset tightening session! Finally by about 10am I was ready and in the car with Casey chowin' down some maccas hashbrowns and we were on our wayyyy :]
We parked near the showgrounds because we needed to carry the filming gear - i did like all the work - gawsh casey!

Well, we had arrived and had met up with the rest of the filming crew, we set up just near the door to the main exhibition building (building 04) where we could see and ask people to come and be filmed for an interview part of the documentary!

While some people were being interviews i would run off and ask some people to photograph their cosplays and things - i had a really awesome day interviewing people, meeting some Lolita's which is something i'm trying to get into, making friends, photographing cosplayers and laughing at Casey's stress. 

During one of our interviews with cosplayer Tom, we were confused when another camera crew ran up to us and started filming our interviewing... and then suddenly they were filming Casey as she was doing the interview and then he ran behind us and began to film the back of our heads... 
After we had finished our interview they poached cosplayer Tom and interviewed him also! When Tom had left they said that we had a really good spot and set up because where we were people would come to us out of curiosity and things... then they asked us where we were from (as in filming coporation or channel or something like that) 

We told them we were filming for a University Assignment but some of the crew were doing internships at channel 31.... we asked them where they were from and they said the ABC (australian broadcasting corporation) .... we were so shocked!
And later on when we were told that we were on the news! And because the ABC guys had stayed around in the area we were set up in we are in the background of most of their interviews and shots ! Hilarious! I've taken some terrible photos with my phone off the screen - stupid i know... but hey it was really amusing!


you can watch that video here ->

and you can see the photos i took on the day here ->

after a big night's rest and a quick break at MoogleMummy's house it was off to bed with Karina in order to prepare for day two! 

Supanova Sunday ! -> I was cosplaying today as Fionna from Adventure Time! and during the saturday i was almost tempted to bring out my Harley Quin cosplay again instead because i saw so many Fionna's walking around on that day... but in the end i went with Fionna because i'd worked hard on my sword and there is a hole in my Harley pants... and cbz fixing them over night! XD

We took the train in on Sunday which is my preferred way to travelling to conventions in melbourne mostly because parking is expensive and finding a place to park is rather difficult...

We were originally going to meet up with friends at Flinders Street Station but due to some sadtimes they were late... While waiting for them a group of people came up to me and one of them was just brandishing his hands in the air and saying "WOW" at my costume! it was really nice of them because i wasn't feeling great about the cosplay because it's simple and stuff... but yeah... thanks random people ! 

after standing around in the station for a while my friends; Pikachu, Sailor Moon, Casey (not in cosplay... just as herself) and I decided that after we finished pulling faces in the photos people were not so sneakingly taking of us we would just catch the next train.... and we did! ~

And finally we were at Supanova! We bought our tickets and headed inside - I hadn't bought my camera this day because we were mostly planning on buying soft toys and jewellry! And my lord did we!! 

anyway.. moving on about the day! From distance and through the crowds we saw Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn from Adventure Time) and Veronica Taylor (Ash from Pokemon) as well as heaps of other stars such as; Freema Agyeman, John DiMaggio, Hynden Walch and Eric Stuart.

I bought a lot of adorable decora sort of style accessories as well as some nerdy things and a cute little donut plush pillow! i will be doing a post about all the things i bought in a future blog :3 with links to the stores that they are from and what the stall was like + the seller :] i would really love to work in one of those one day... a little accessories stall at supanova or something like that i would really like that ... maybe if i can make friends with someone who makes them.. or start making them myself... ohhh that made me feel all nervous...

After a very long two days it was finally time to get on the train and head home ... i'd taken photos with other cosplayers, friends and of course some selfies for competitions and just general fun !! The one above was my entry into a competition being run by a small store called Chubby Turtle... i didn't win though T_T but i still got a stamp :3

I cannot wait until the next convention that i will be attending - it will most likely be Oz Comic Con in July as i have a cheer competition and my twenty-first birthday and college so it'll be hard for me to get a new cosplay going... maybe i should re-wear my Harley Quinn since it was a very popular and fun one to wear! 

well! got sometime to think about it! 

until the next blog! - a review of some sort ! i've got lots to do! 

mini xox

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