Friday, 24 January 2014

Cat Jumper Review

hihi! mini here!

today is my first review!
and i will be addressing the item of clothing that i get the most questions about (seriously, at least 5-10 times a day when i wear it!)
and that item is.... *drum roll*

My Velvet Cat Jumper!

okay, so a bit of context!

i am a huge, crazy cat fanatic and i decided, as you do, that i just wasn't crazy enough and i needed a cat jumper. after searching long and hard for the craziest, quirkiest sweater/jumper i found this one! 
it was a really hard decision picking between the colours as i liked them all but i decided that i loved the contrast of the purple and green that i just went for it!

here's a selfie of me the day it arrived!

last year ... i know.... sorry cx

the first thing that really struck me about this jumper was the feel, oh my lordy! super, duper soft and velvety *drool*
the second thing was that how vibrant the colours were! i seriously thought that when they were printed, or shipped or something they would have faded.
even after having the jumper for 11 months, with wear and washing the colours are still fantastic!

a little thing i love about this jumper though is how perfectly cat-like the cat's face is! it's such a true expression of a cat that has no idea what's going on!
- what is on my head?
- why am i in space?
- i feel pretty though...

okay! so i purchased this jumper from ebay, as i said and the seller; enteryoon
was fantastically quick to ship the item, i waited about two weeks - which is normal for international shipping when you live in australia! 
the transaction was perfectly simple and clean , i paid using paypal and everything was seen to simply and without fuss!

all in all i think it's an amazing sweater/jumper and as i've mentioned whenever i wear it people love it and i get asked about it all the time! since purchasing one my best friend has also bought one and i encourage everyone else to buy their own and stop asking me!!

mini xox

seller - > 
price - > $26.98 AUD

p.s i actually got a job offer wearing this outfit at the end of last year - 
ripped black skinny jeans
light up sneakers
cat jumper
"great style and eye for the different"

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