Saturday, 25 January 2014

store spotlight -> MOOOH!!

hihi mini here!

time for me to share one of my favourite online stores!

the things i most admire about the store apart from it's super amazing and cute products is the prices are just right, there's free shipping , the transactions are easy and simple, and there is so much to choose from!

introducing - Moooh!! on Storenvy!                          

Apparels, shoes, jewellery and accessories at FREE and FAST worldwide shipping. Processing order time 12/24 hours. We ship within 24/72 hours from your purchase. Customer service 7/7 and 24/24 hours. We answer to your emails from seconds up to 6 hours. 

while this isn't a new store for people to be seeing i've decided to do a quick review and share of it's excellence because i've found heaps of items available here that i've seen elsewhere for ridiculous prices with added ridiculous shipping charges!

the first item i bought from moooh!! was one of the adorable and very sought after "Harajuku Cookie Sweatshirt"
$25.99 AUD
-> this is one of the product shots from the store! 
adorable i know

when my shirt arrived i was totally ecstatic! my outfits are predominantly black so this was the branching out into colour i chose - dramatic i know

the packaging was really simple - as it usually is for quick shipping internationally when it comes to single items of clothing, a plastic bag in another plastic postage bag.

as for the item itself, i didn't realise that it was kind of cropped in size and it was actually a welcome surprise for me when i found out because i'd just bought a new black high waisted skirt and together they just fit really well without me showing my milky white skin to anyone!

i am again amazed at the vibrance of the colours in the shirt - especially the blue in the icecream because it seems so different from the other colours i was pleased when i saw it really stood out against the lots of pink!

the material is really soft - i love how the sleeves are a tad too long for my short arms so i can pull them over my hands - so cozy!

the only thing i find a tad iffy about the shirt is that the pattern itself is blurry in some places - i.e around the ends of the sleeves - while it adds a nice effect to the shirt drawing closer attention to the designs in the middle i would have preferred an all over sharpness. 

here i am rocking my sweatshirt - imitating their model + sorry for potato quality it's 1am...

the second item i purchased from moooh! was an ultimately awesome tshirt of which i plan to get another and that was a "Harajuku Unicorn Go To Hell T-shirt"-> here is store product shot

$20.99 AUD

the shirt arrived in the same packaging as the other, simply and fast.

i loved the feel of the shirt it is a seriously amazing oversized shirt.

the pattern made heaps of people smile when they saw it especially teens and young adults but of course the occassional elderly person c:

the only issue i had with the product is that mine was left out in the sun in a ball on an extremely hot australian day, and when i retrieved it the plastic pattern on the front had melted together and i couldn't pull it apart without totally ruining the shirt.

this happened at around 40 degrees celsius so if that weather does come around to you make sure the plastic pattern is not touching to avoid melting together and sticking together, because it is extremely heartbreaking. 

as mention, i do plan on getting another one of these shirts to replace the one i lost to the treacherous australian heat. 

it comes in three colours, the black (as pictured above) pink and white. i am this time thinking of purchasing the pink one as i have now got the same pattern on a black jumper (and i am trying to stop wearing so much black clothing!)

so, there you have it... 
my good words about the storenvy store MOOOH!! - a true favourite of mine. check it out.

i'm actually falling asleep at my keyboard it is now almost 2am and i've been procrastinating all day - guess i'm paying for it now.

i will be doing another review within a couple of days of some products i hauled today from my favourite super store DAISO! <3

mini xox

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